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Denver To Ban Unlicensed Dab Making


bho shatter dabs concentratesI have always said that butane hash oil (BHO) making should be left to the pros. There is too much crappy dabs out there right now for one, and it’s a public safety issue for two. I think that people that know what they are doing should be allowed to make BHO at home, but unfortunately, amateurs are ruining that right with every apartment explosion that occurs. Working with a dangerous material like butane is not something that every average Joe should be doing. Only people that can follow strict safety protocols should be allowed to make BHO.

In the City of Denver, a ban is being proposed due to the increasing amount of idiots that are hurting themselves and others with BHO explosions. It’s a sad thing, because most of the best BHO makers in Denver are not a licensed processor. This is going to be a classic case of a handful of idiots ruining everything for everyone else. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Denver is looking to ban residents from using explosive chemicals to create homemade hash oil, a move that could drive more consumers to dispensaries and recreational cannabis stores.

Mayor Michael Hancock has proposed an addition to city codes that would “prohibit the hazardous solvent-based extraction process by which individuals directly and indirectly involved are subjected to dangerous conditions,” according to a press release issued by his office today.

This should serve as a learning moment for people that don’t live in Denver and make BHO. Leave BHO production to people that know what they are doing. If you are trying to make BHO on the stove in your one bedroom apartment, chances are you are operating in a ticking time bomb. For the sake of your own safety, and the safety of those around you, turn your stove off, dispose of your BHO making ‘equipment’, and head to the store to buy some BHO. The BHO you end up consuming will be better, and everyone will be safer.


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  1. Not to mention the poisonous residue not properly vacuum purged, which is KILLING patients !!!!

  2. Thanks, Ron, I’m not familiar with the author you mentioned but his work sounds like something I would enjoy reading, I’ll check him out. A few years ago, I rented a documentary film that had been filmed in Morocco. I can’t recall the title at the moment but it was basically about a Moroccan family way up in the mountains trying to make a living producing Kif. It was fascinating to watch. It was produced by a German filmmaker I recall. It was quite good. The scenery was truly unbelievable too.

  3. delbert montegue on

    Bubble Hash is the shit…..no chemicals , no explosions, ready almost immediately..and it’s dabble (if done right)

  4. For anyone interested in more insights for kif I suggest reading the late author Paul Boles. A native of the US, he spent much (if not most) of his life in Morocco and acquired an appreciation for the drug. Its use is a common theme in his stories and novels, but might not be suitable for squamish readers.

  5. Yeah,I have to agree but I think that they should send me a couple pounds a month for quality testing procedures that I would perform gratis.

  6. There have been apartment and house fires similarly here in Seattle. One picture i saw looked like a huge bomb went off. I agree the BHO should be left to professionals. I actually prefer Kif (or Kief), myself as it’s a naturally derived product. Until just a few months ago kif was very plentiful and easy to find almost anywhere here in Seattle. Not so now. My guess is the BHO market has squashed the availability of locally produced kif due to it’s higher costs as it’s much more labor intensive to produce. Production is simple. NO Chemicals. Just screens or mesh of various size and shape). This is a real shame. And I hope kif production returns soon. For those unfamilier, Kif is historically a cannabis derived product which the Bedouins have made, traded and consumed in the North African Maghreb for centuries. I’m leaving for Amsterdam later this afternoon for a vacation. I’ll be curious to see if it’s readily available in the coffeehouse’s there. Anyway, I also find the taste of kif to be just fantastic. For Denver residents : Has Kif also become difficult to find over there in Denver since BHO suddenly appeared on the market in mass?. I use kif in a good quality vaporizer, such as an Aromed 2.0 (not in a pen as it’s a powder not a liquid). I mixed it with ground cannabis flowers. I don’t use tobacco as they do in the Maghreb and normally in Europe too. Great for chronic pain relief and sleep issues.

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