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Detroit, Respect Drug Law Reform, Says Former Drug Taskforce Leader


detroit marijuanaThirty four year police veteran Major Neill Franklin (Ret.), who oversaw nine drug taskforces and is now executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a group of law enforcement officials opposed to the war on drugs, is in town this week to discuss seemingly illegal actions by the Detroit police and the increasing militarization of police forces across the country as a result of the war on drugs. Franklin has been meeting with civic groups and working with drug war victims to investigate allegations of serious ethics violations regarding the Detroit narcotics division.

“After speaking with Detroit residents, it’s clear that ‘temptations for officers in settings where loose cash and narcotics are to be found,’ an issue acknowledged as a problem in Item 5 of page 45 of Police Chief Craig’s 2014 Crime Plan, still exist and are still creating problems for the community,” said Major Franklin.

Yet despite his efforts, Chief Craig has so far not responded to Major Franklin’s numerous requests to discuss the charges.

“I’ve traveled the world from city to city, talking about the harms of the drug war but Detroit is really ground zero. Here we are in one of the most violent cities in the country and police are spending their time conducting militarized raids on medical marijuana providers. Good cops don’t want to do that. They go into law enforcement because they want to stop violent criminals. But asset forfeiture laws and federal grants incentivize low-level drug arrests that destroy people’s lives and can lead to bad behavior on the part of individual officers who sully the name of the rest. Our police are being held hostage by the drug war,” Franklin lamented.

He said he would also like to discuss the department’s disregard for voter-approved initiatives reforming marijuana law. “One of the department’s stated goals is to improve community relations. You don’t do that by disregarding the will of the people who voted to legalize medical marijuana and decriminalize possession arrests.”

Please contact Darby Beck at darby.beck@leap.cc or (415) 823-5496 to arrange an interview with a law enforcement official opposed to the war on drugs.

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  2. Most Drug Tasks Force, are basically gang members with badges. Their main concern is not to serve the citizens, but to make money by raiding low hanging fruit. Citizens who grow 15-50 plants and just might have some money $35-100 thousand and a little bling… Bling the citizen bought in their communities and money made and spent back into their communities. After 30years of Reagan’s trillion dollar war on citizens , it should be obvious to all America, that it’s not working. This war on the American citizens is being fought by “leaders? !?” Who have the same mentality, as those whom sent 14 year old boys and60 year old men+ into the last battles of WW2. Time is now to end this psycho pharmaceutical McCarthyism hive mind approach to cannabis and hemp. Congress and Senate need to pass a bill legalizing cannabis and hemp nationally. This issue is not a criminal issue but a civil rights and state rights , jobs issue. Legalization of cannabis and hemp could fund our nation education system.Legalization of cannabis and hemp nationally now! And let the Citizens of each state vote on legalisation of cannabis and hemp

  3. It’s a sad day still that police and our government allows asset forfeiture to still go on. I suffer chronic back pains and nothing helps but strong narcotic pain meds or safer marajuana . I do not take pain meds. So I suffer. I do not use marajuana so I suffer. Our Mich med laws for marajuana do not protect enough people still get arrested. So I suffer as do thousands of people in this state and more through out the U.S. we must legalize it nationally.

  4. Robert Dewayne King on

    It’s all about the money ! They get addicted to the huge sums that can be confiscated (legally stolen) from the public because of “association” laws that can make you guilty even if you had no idea something illegal was being perpetrated ! You take that money source form them and you threaten their very reason for being cops in the first place !!

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