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DFW NORML Hosts Dallas Marijuana March October 18th


dfw norml convention erik altieri marijuanaDallas, Texas – The Dallas / Fort Worth chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (DFW NORML) is hosting the Dallas Marijuana March on Saturday October 18th at Dallas City Hall (1500 Marilla St. Dallas, TX 75201) and Dealey Plaza. Working in conjunction with the city of Dallas Special Events Office and the Dallas Police Department, this will be an historic event for marijuana law reform in the Lone Star State where marijuana consumers and non-toking lovers of liberty alike will peacefully assemble, protest and march for a new approach to criminal marijuana prohibition.

Our last march brought nearly 3,000 attendees and we are expecting a similar turnout this Saturday in Dallas. Gates open at 1:00pm and festivities include speakers, vendor booths, food and live music. The march from City Hall to Dealey Plaza will begin around 3:30pm and participants are encouraged to arrive early to avoid traffic or parking troubles.

Speakers include Texas farmers, medical marijuana patients, attorneys, candidates for office, veterans, activists and an exceptionally brave nine year old girl named Alexis Bortell. For a complete list of speakers, sponsors and the official schedule of events, visit: www.dfwnorml.org/dallas-marijuana-march.

Merchandise will be available for purchase from DFW NORML as well as local businesses supporting the event. Food and beverages will also be available for purchase and restroom facilities will be provided as

Join us as we take back our hemp heritage at this peaceful protest and together we’ll continue ending cannabis prohibition one Texan at a time. Isn’t it high time YOU got involved? Do your part and contact your local TV, radio, print or web news outlet and urge them to cover the #Dallas420March.

External Links:
Official Event Page – https://www.facebook.com/events/1560538727508897
Join DFW NORML Today – http://dfwnorml.myshopify.com/products/individual-membership

Media Contact: Shaun McAlister, Executive Director at DFW NORML – shaun@dfwnorml.org



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  1. Man I want to tell you how stupid you are but I guess since you are thinking like the vast majority of people I can’t really do that. You are just as likely to catch Ebola in Maine as you are in Dallas, Texas. Two nurses caught Ebola over two months ago. They monitored everyone who might have been in contact with the virus for 21 days and cleared everyone. Do you think the virus is hiding in the gutters, ready to spring out and grab the first victim that comes closest to an open drain like an alligator? No one in Dallas gives a shit about Ebola anymore. Its not an issue.

    – a guy who lives in Dallas

  2. Even though a lot of planning obviously went into planning this event, it would be in bad taste at the present time given the current state of Ebola affairs in that area.
    People in that area are not going to be particularly interested in this march or its intended purpose when they’re so focused on the ongoing health concern.
    Flying into the DFW airport is definitely not on my bucket list for the immediate future.

  3. I am not sure Dallas would be on my list of favorite places right now. Be sure to travel in your biohazard suit. Heck if you do it right you can toke in it and no one would ever know. Talk about hot boxing it, LOL. Enjoy your event.

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