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DFW NORML Unveils First Pro Marijuana Billboard In North Texas


DFW NORML is one of, if not the most active NORML chapter in America. I have been a big fan of their work even before I co-founded this blog in 2010. Texas is in desperate need of marijuana reform, and DFW NORML is leading the charge. Below is information about a billboard that they just launched in Texas, which is a strategy that I hope other chapters do too:

The Dallas / Fort Worth chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (DFW NORML) is unveiling what might be called a “sign of the times” for marijuana legalization in Texas; its first ever billboard to promote its 2014 Global Marijuana March in Fort Worth. The billboard is the first of its kind in North Texas, if not the entire state, and will be located approximately .1 mile West of Anglin Drive; visible from the Westbound lanes.

dfw norml marijuana billboard marijuana march

The Global Marijuana March is a free event for anyone who’s fed up with the prohibition of marijuana as a medicine, religious sacrament, or simply a safer recreational alternative to pills, alcohol, and tobacco. This year marks the 15th anniversary of marijuana marches around the globe, which have taken place in over 800 cities, across 72 nations.

Through the generosity of local businesses, the respectful involvement of local government, law enforcement, members of our local media, and the community, DFW NORML will once again host its own Global Marijuana March. The annual rally proudly returns to Mambo’s Tapas Cantina on May 3rd, at Federal Plaza, in downtown Fort Worth. The free event will begin at high noon and last until 8 pm. The official march will begin at 4:20 pm, near the famous panther fountain, located at Throckmorton and West 9th St.

Texans are ready for a change and this is the day we march together for it! DFW NORML invites you, your friends, coworkers, kids, parents, grandparents, representatives, local media, and socially responsible animals for a day of music, speakers, vendors, food, prizes and of course – the march itself.

Plan to attend and do your part to help spread the word and together we’ll continue ending cannabis prohibition one Texan at a time. Isn’t it high time you got involved?

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  1. Wendy Davis winning the governor’s race would be a huge jump for some NORMLcy to return to thiis one time democratic state. I didn’t know that about jimmy Carter’s grandson. That is great news. Here they are grooming another damn Bush for politics with Jeb’s son winning (all you got to have is the Bush name – and to think George isn’t really a Native Texan) the TX Land Commissioner. When Ted Neugent moved here I figured there is no hope left. Maybe I’m wrong.
    The CO trip was a detour of about 200 miles after checking on a job north of Alamosa. I said there is no way I can be this close to this historic occurrence without traveling to a store. It was well worth it.

  2. Et tu Brute? ;-) Joking.

    I hear you. And yes, Texas is deep DEEP red. Keep hope alive, though. It’s not that Texas, as a whole, is beyond reasonable — the beyond reasonable people are the only ones voting. In all honesty, I think you have a realistic chance at decriminalization if Wendy Davis wins the governor’s office. Over here in Georgia, we hope replacing Nate Deal with Jason Carter, Jimmy Carter’s grandson, will position us the same way.

    That’s really cool about Colorado. I wish I could have been there. It sounds like a bold new world up there.

  3. I don’t know about decriminalizing cannabis in Texas. I have lived in north Texas all my life and have smoked pot for a long time. And yes, all the naysayers out there, I have held down a job since I was 14 or 15, graduated college, and generally had a pretty normal life. Texas has moved so far to the right I can’t see it ever being decriminalized here.
    I went to CO in January and it was the coolest thing to visit a recreational cannabis store (Pueblo). All of us normal, every day type citizens standing in line to purchase something far safer than alcohol. Struck up a conversation with several people around me. Two former military guys from Colorado Springs in front and one guy from somewhere around there standing next to me. I was in awe at how cool that was that we were all patiently waiting our turn. Nobody mouthing or belligerent in any way from waiting over an hour before getting out of the store. They have probably since sped the process up some but if it had been a liquor store with a bunch of drunks in line, there would have been mouthing and everything else.

  4. Roger Turner on

    I support you in every way I can I am a poor disabled person so dollars are not in the bag word of mouth is a powerfull alli drugs are a medical thing let the dr deal with it things between you and your dr if you rich enough to have one are private how does the law get mixed on the plate because we let them now is the time for all good men and women to give creadence to the voice that is calling for end to the prohibition and rise up in a multitude of voices heard in the night and in the light of day let none rest until it is done let not one weary eye close until it is ripped out like a weed laugh out loud it can be done with nothing but a voice

  5. Shaun McAlister on

    Thank you for running this story and for all the support you’ve lent to DFW NORML over the years!

  6. Other states lay claim to their roles in the national theater, like the candidate who wins Ohio usually wins the White House, “California leads the nation,” etc, but Texas leads the South. If Texas were to decriminalize (and all indications are they’re ready), then other Southern states would, too.

    Decriminalization in the South would be a very good thing — we have some drug sentencing in the South you wouldn’t call “draconian” because that description would be far too GRACIOUS. “Three Strikes” laws are draconian. In Georgia, we have “Two Strikes” because we won’t let the other states out-draco us (coincidentally, we also have a prison population bursting at the seams).

    Any movement at all in the South is huge, so I’m glad about the billboard, and I hope lots of folks attend the event.

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