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Did Eric Holder Crackdown On Medical Marijuana To Distract From ‘Fast And Furious’?


Eric HolderDid Attorney General Holder Raid Medical Marijuana Dispensaries To Distract From ‘Operation Fast and Furious’?

A new book is coming out tomorrow, which suggests United States Attorney General Eric Holder raided medical marijuana dispensaries last year to distract from the investigation in Congress about ‘Operation Fast and Furious.’ For those of you that have been living on the moon this last year, Operation Fast and Furious was an ATF sting that allowed thousands of weapons to go to cartels – Google it, it’s important!

In Martin A. Lee’s new book ‘Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana – Medical, Recreational, and Scientific‘, the author explains “that when calls for special investigations into Fast and Furious and for Holder’s resignation intensified in October 2011, Holder played what Lee calls the “ace up his sleeve.” according to The Daily Caller.

“Ever since California voters approved Proposition 215, which legalized marijuana for medical use in 1996, law enforcement lobbyists had been urging the federal government to enforce prohibition and choke off the burgeoning industry,” Lee writes in Smoke Signals. “On October 7, the same day Holder wrote a detailed letter to Rep. Issa, defending his handling of the Fast and Furious affair, four federal prosecutors in California held a hastily organized press conference in which they threw down the gauntlet and announced the start of a far-ranging crackdown that would nearly decimate the Golden State’s medical marijuana industry.”

As SF Weekly was quick to point out, “Lee’s offering, which was widely circulated and read within the marijuana movement over the weekend, contains no “smoking gun”: no unearthed documents, no new testimony or other sources, not even an unnamed administration official (which was the basis upon which a July GQ article promising a rollback of the Drug War in Obama’s second term rested).”

I agree that the medical marijuana crackdown wasn’t the only thing that Holder was doing to distract from his inability to do his job, but I think it’s naive to completely disregard it. It was a policy flip flop of massive proportions, and I think some correlation is logical. With charges looming against Eric Holder, I’m sure we will at the very least get a new AG, if not some answers.


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  1. In the greatest show of arrogance and
    disdain any United States Attorney General has ever showed any citizenry, you’re
    dysfunctional elite, self-interested none-representing Attorney General has declared
    “WAR” on Medical Marijuana and the People of the Medical Marijuana States and you
    did nothing America!!

    You want Eric
    Holder and the DOJ to obey your State’s Constitutional Lawful Medical Marijuana
    Laws and they ignore you and you did nothing America!!

    You say
    stop the madness of handing out Millions of dollars of a bankrupted treasury To
    enforce your illegal Marijuana laws upon the lawful rights and liberties of Medical
    Marijuana dispensaries and their doctors and patients and they ignore you and
    once again you did nothing America.

    You say
    stop Eric Holder and the DOJ from making a mockery of your State laws and they
    ignore you, and now in open defiance of the “Will of the People”,
    they are preparing more task forces to
    come after more medical dispensaries, Patients and their Doctors.

    You say NO to using your money to bail out the
    failed and corrupt “War on Drugs” and they ignore you!

    If you’re self-serving Attorney
    General Eric Holder and DOJ were a Business they’d all be in jail by now!

    The biggest Traitor among you hold
    elective office as the United States Attorney General his Name is Eric Holder, only
    when he feels the almighty Wrath of We The People marching in the streets from California
    to New York shouting we’re Mad As Hell and we want our States Medical Marijuana
    Laws enforced, will they get the message, They Work For You!

    Wake Up America!!

    While you were playing with the toys
    of your consumer wealth, you lost much more than your bloated economy of living
    beyond your means.

    public servant Eric Holder has become your Master, violations of lawful state
    laws is Tyranny but you still look to government to solve problems, the very
    ones that they created the problem in the first place.

    Now it’s
    time to stick it to, Eric Holder and the Department of Justice,

    Require all Medical Marijuana laws
    passed by the Citizens be enforced by Eric Holder and the DOJ.

    Start first by removing the elite
    privileges that placed your none-representing representatives, and United
    States Attorney General and DOJ above you, not with you.

    Require all laws that apply to the State
    to be equally applied to the United States Attorney General and the DOJ.

    Require your State’s Attorney
    General to enforce your Medical Marijuana Laws and fight the overthrow of State’s
    Sovereign Rights by the Federal Government.

    Require your County Sheriff’s to get
    involved when there is a Medical Marijuana Raid in your County, the Sheriff
    works for the people, not the judges and courts. He can stop any unlawful action
    in his County.

    Practice and Teach Jury Nullification in
    all unlawful and illegal Marijuana raids and court cases. Demand and require
    that the Federal Judge allow the State’s Marijuana laws be brought into
    evidence! Hold him accountable to the State Attorney General and the People.

    Jury Nullification is a Constitutional Doctrine
    which allows juries to acquit criminal defendants who are technically guilty,
    but who do not deserve punishment. This would be lawful action on the behalf of
    any Care giver, doctor, dispensaries
    and patients.

    Hold Eric Holder and the DOJ
    accountable, they are committing TREASON and TYRANNY against the people of the
    Medical Marijuana States, have him disbarred and removed from office for
    failing and refusing to uphold and defend the Constitutional Rights and
    Liberties of the People and the Medical Marijuana States.

    Last, but not least, start STATE PETITIONS for the IMPEACHMENT and REMOVAL of United
    States Attorney General Eric Holder!! If you don’t you’re allowing the Attorney
    General to commit Treason and Tyranny…If the People don’t come to the aid and defense
    of the Medical Marijuana States and their Attorney General you’re committing National
    Suicide America!!

    A Little
    Common Sense, by Thomas Paine & Chase Dattilo, Private Attorney General

  2. NoManTellsMeWhat2Do on

    They say God works in mysterious ways. Satan is much more obvious. There is a reason that cannabis is shunned even though it is adored (or at least tolerated) by the general public. The reason is Satan wants it to remain unused. The bible talks about a miracle plant created by our father to save the world. I’m not saying cannabis is said plant for a fact, but you don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist or scientist to realize pot is the most miraculous plant we know of at this moment.

  3. generalelectrik on

    I do not think Holder is going anywhere. Issa and friends took a long time to prepare this law suit, and the longer it took them the more they telegraphed how weak their case is.
    Their big headline grabbing stunt was voting for criminal contempt. Then the actual filing of charges, with another round of headlines, is for civil contempt. Civil contempt is a greater charge than if Holder’s meter ran out during the hearings and he got a parking ticket, but not much.
    Issa risks a hearing on this BS case against Holder. The “reasonable man” argument that he has done everything short of giving up documents regarding an ongoing investigation will probably carry the day. The judge is not going to be interested in humoring the Republicans that think this is going to bring down the president. This case and fast and furious genrally is made up BS that is not about what various parties say it is about.
    In conclusion, Issa has a lot to loose in the credibility department if the whole mess is exposed in court. Holder and the Pres. are laughing their asses off. Look at them; do they look worried? And the ditto heads, teabaggers and other assorted flotsam have not yet gotten the memo that Issa has already shot his wad over this non-event. Fast and furious is going away, but I can see how various parties and the press are not done with this turd yet.
    MJ busts to draw attention away from what? Trust me, Holder and the Pres. are not concerned about this case. The forces of darkness and evil are trying to peel the MJ people away with a divide and conquer strategy. Decide for yourself.
    The tie in that the “Smoke Signals” book alleges, that Holder scrambled to create a diversion from the fantasy controversy of F + F does not rise to the level of a bad joke. The funny part is that the press is running with this. It would be funny if it was not so stupid and obviously cooked up by the short bus riders.
    Holder and the President will prevail. I would not bet against them. The only way Holder would be fired is if they made a criminal charge stick. That door is closed with civil contempt charges.

  4. Medical Marijuana is under attack in the west. Democracy has caused these raids .
    The % of voters that do not support medical cannabis are a minority.
    Unfortunately ,they work for LEO,or the county/city.
    Articles flood the news , DEA raids , draconian prison sentencing.
    Remember back when the “Ogden memo” was released? people were ecstatic.

    California Narcotics association held a convention labeled “how to eradicate medical marijuana”
    Americans for Safe Access covered this event. I could not believe what was happening.
    Holder/Ogden memo stated 1 thing and LEO had other plans.
    DEA raids continued , Mark Emery was extradited ,
    San Diego has fought the fight as well , Montana , Colorado,Oakland all under attack.
    After Richard Lee headed Ca. prop 19 he was raided, Oaksterdam university was raided. Horborside and hundreds of other cannabis suppliers got raided as well.
    Most of the raids did not result in charges , they take cash,product,computers and smash cameras.shoot family pets.
    When will this government give up the fight against cannabis ?
    Marijuana has been as mainstream as apple pie ,and less toxic than tap water.
    How broke do citys/counties have to get before they realize cannabis is never going to go away, keep laying off teachers/firemen/LEO, when your city services get cut maybe they will legitimize the cannabis industry and utilize the new stream of income.

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