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Did Snoop Dogg Smoke Weed At The White House?


SnoopI have been a big fan of Snoop Dogg ever since I heard the song ‘Deep Cover’ with him and Dr. Dre, which they made for the soundtrack of the movie with the same name. By the time he was featured on Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ I was already obsessed with him, and when ‘Doggystyle’ hit stores when I was in middle school, he had already solidified himself as one my favorite music artists of all time. I have been to Snoop Dogg concerts multiple times, and one of my favorite Weed Blog moments was when I was in Denver in 2013 and got to attend a party that was hosted by Snoop Dogg.

While reading articles this week I came across an article on Marijuana.Com that talked about Snoop Dogg getting asked by Jimmy Kimmel if he had smoked weed in a White House bathroom. Below was Snoop’s response:

I said, “May I use the bathroom for a second?” And they said, “What are you gonna do, Number 1 or Number 2?” I said, “Number 2.”…The C.I.A. or the F.B.I. [asked]. The alphabet boys. So I said, “Look, when I do the Number 2, I usually, you know, have a cigarette or light something to get the aroma right. And they said, “Well you know what? You can light a piece of napkin.” I said, “I’ll do that.” And the napkin was this [puffs blunt].

I don’t know if Snoop was joking or serious, but either way, it’s pretty awesome that a stoner of Snoop Dogg’s caliber was even allowed at the White House. If I was there, I don’t know that I would have the balls to smoke in their bathroom, but then again, I’m not Big Snoop!


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  1. Go snoop your not the first you won’t be the last to burn one in the white house. The point is that you may have. Not everyone can say that or would dee to. My question is did Obama partake? That’s what I want to see is the Predident burning one

  2. Sorry Snoop, but you weren’t the first. Willie Nelson said he smoked on the roof of the White House when Carter was president.

  3. who gives a shit if he smoked in the bathroom? WHY was he at the WH? WHO was he talking to and WHAT was said? Articles like this dont do much to dispel the “stoners R stupid” myth.

  4. Beatle fan pot head on

    Snoop ripped off Bunny Wailer and now he’s ripping off The Beatles; (“We smoked pot in Buckingham Palace in 1965.)

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