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Did The Pharmaceutical Industry Block Medical Marijuana For PTSD In Colorado?


pharmaceutical companies medical marijuana patentThere are countless testimonies out there from veterans who describe how medical marijuana has helped them deal with PTSD. I have posted several articles about the topic over the years, and so has just about every other marijuana media outlet, and even a lot of mainstream media outlets. There are so many testimonies out there that I think it’s beyond obvious that medical marijuana helps those that suffer from PTSD. Dr. Sue Sisley is an Arizona physician who is pursuing research on PTSD and medical marijuana, and has also been traveling the country championing medical marijuana for PTSD.

Earlier this month Dr. Sisley was in Colorado where there was a push to add PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions to become a medical marijuana patient. Several states have added PTSD to their qualifying medical marijuana lists, and many thought that Colorado would do the same. Sadly, that proved not to be the case. Colorado is a national leader in many ways when it comes to marijuana, but helping people that suffer from PTSD is not one of them.

So with so many testimonies out there from people that suffer from PTSD and get relief from medical marijuana, the testimony of a physician who is heading up the research to prove that PTSD helps sufferers, and many other states having already added PTSD to their lists, how did the effort fail? Dr. Sue Sisley thinks it’s because of the heavy level of influence from the pharmaceutical industry. Per Westword:

Sisley has her suspicions about what happened behind the scenes at the Colorado hearing, where of the fifty-plus speakers, only two testified in opposition to the proposal. “Several members who voted ‘no’ cited the fact that APA and other organized medicine groups oppose this initiative,” she says. “I am concerned that these organized medicine groups are heavily influenced by big Pharma….. Obviously, Pharma has a vested interest in suppressing these initiatives because they have the potential to harm their ‘business model.'”

Representative Jonathan Singer has offered to run another bill through the Colorado Legislature that would add PTSD to the list of MMJ-approved complaints, “but I think the best approach is probably to go through the court system, as we did successfully in Arizona,” Sisley says, noting that several Colorado attorneys agree:  ”So look for a court case this fall.”

Whether it be via legislation, or the courts, for the sake of PTSD sufferers in Colorado, I hope that this gets added sooner than later. There is simply no reason why people should have to suffer when there is something that is safe that they can consume, and is widely available in Colorado.


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  1. I suffer from ptsd fibromyalgia mygrains bulimia bpd ibs and have taken my fair share of pharmaceutical medication wich has lead to deformities in one of my children and possibly in my other child not to mention the horrible side effects and zombie like affects you get.and yet my symtoms still remain for over 20 years i tryed there way.yet there way only leads to total control of my non controllable life filled with pain and misery yet the only thing that helps there afraid of why because it puts those of us with no control in the driver set of own lifes and without our support of failure their financial institutes will crumble police pharmaceutical and government our strenths will be there weekness we dont wount teardown any one we just want to be able to do what is best for all of us lets work together and do what is best for both ends don’t stop to tell us what is wrong for everyone when you have all the control give it back to the people that Is human humane an American .

  2. Karen Ferguson on

    I know what I did….I hit “show comment.”
    Go figure. My friend, Brad, who works at an Apple store, said “Women get onto their computers and they want to FLY!! over them as fast as possible while learning at the same time!” chuckle. That is so true. So, we press so many buttons. Oh.well. NBD…dig it.

  3. Karen Ferguson on

    It’s there. I pressed some button…and it came back. chuckle*
    You’re here. I’m here. The gang is all here!! YAY!. I need to go to Seattle HempFest! :-)

  4. PhDScientist on

    For some reason my comment is now marked “waiting to be approved by the Weed Blog”, 17 hours after I posted it.
    I have no idea why anyone would do that..
    Can you still see it on your screen?

  5. PhDScientist on

    Why did a comment of mine posted 17 hours ago go “pending” and now say “waiting to be approved by the weed blog?”
    I post comments as a public service and as an advocate for Cancer patients.
    I’m confused as to why anyone would want to suppress my comments.

  6. PhDScientist on

    We need as many people as possible to call the white house comment line, their senators, and their congress men/women and ask that Marijuana be removed from schedule 1 immediately.

  7. If everyone calls or writes their Representatives, they can’t ignore us forever.

  8. What’s sad is the fact that they BITCH about all the people USING “Chronic Pain” as their complaint to obtain a medical card. Yet, just like you said, they could “get help under chronic pain”. What’s sad is that they classify SO many things under this heading. Then BITCH when people use it!

    If Prohibitionist had to tell everyone what ALL ailments are covered under this heading that they made. People wouldn’t BITCH about how many people are patients through Chronic Pain. My 5 Back procedures are classified as Chronic Pain.

  9. I wish it were that simple, but after years of efforts, thousands of dollars on postage sending letters to politicians, I’m convinced that our political system is corrupt, and is infested with money greedy politicians, who are protecting big-pharma and the private prison industry. Sad to think that we don’t even have one of them that will stand up and repeal the 80 year old evil lies that created cannabis prohibition. How can government “supposedly” controlled by the people allow this to happen? The oligarchy is the problem!

  10. Remove this political cannabis stigma! There are over 650 veterans per month killing themselves, yet the present politicians will not tear down this wall! That is almost 8000 veterans suffering and dying every month!!! This is the definition of insanity! For Christ’s sake, HELP THE PEOPLE for once!


  11. PhDScientist on

    We need everyone who cares about this issue to call and email everyone in Washington who can get this horrible injustice corrected. Take a look at the July 22 issue of Newsweek and the article “Marijuana is a Wonder Drug for the horrors of Chemo.”

  12. PhDScientist on

    Thank you Karen,

    We need everyone who cares about this issue to call and email everyone in Washington who can get this horrible injustice corrected. Take a look at the July 22 issue of Newsweek and the article “Marijuana is a Wonder Drug for the horrors of Chemo.”

    Here’s a comment I’ve written about what people who care can do to help. Feel free to pass it on —

    We need national legalization of Medical Marijuana — NOW!

    Its a MORAL IMPERATIVE that Medical Marijuana be immediately legalized in all 50 states.

    For Cancer patients, for kids suffering from Seizures, and for so many others, safe, legal, access to Medical Marijuana is a matter of life and death.

    Ask any American who’s gone through Chemotherapy who’s used it. Ask the parents of any American kid with a seizure disorder who’s life its saved.

    We need the President to cut through the red tape and take personal action on this issue right now. We need Congress to pass the CARERS act too. Americans are suffering and dying — needlessly!

    Please call the whitehouse comment line at (202) 456-1111 and ask that the President have Marijuana removed from Schedule 1. Call and email your Senators and Representative as well and ask that they pass the CARERS act immediately.

    Call every day, and ask everyone you know to call every day, and to keep calling, for however long it takes, until the President, Congress or both take action. Please do everything you can to get as many people as possible to call and keep on calling.

    Do everything you can to help with this effort.

    With luck the effort will go viral.

    The lives of countless Americans depend on it.

  13. Karen Ferguson on

    well said! I was pacing around my office the other day and feeling exactly what you are describing…the immorality of NOT serving those in need of medicine!! Children w/ epilepsy, veterans with PTSD, depression/anxiety…the list goes on.
    Now I know why I was feeling so uncomfortable. I was outraged at the injustice, but I didn’t name it…’basic human decency.’
    Thank you. The solution is in your compassion which will move us to HUMAN DECENCY….hopefully past “basic!”

  14. Karen Ferguson on

    Right on…..one fellow veteran helping another. Nothing works better, imho.
    So glad you are out there for another one suffering from night sweats and no sleep.
    I applaud you and would be grateful for your help should I be in need of it.
    Best from CA! Remember, where I come from, “all use [cannabis] is healing use.” No such thing as “true medical patients”…We are all true, and some are medical…and some are ‘recreational-medical’ chuckle. Jack Herrer used to say “All use is medical use.” I believe in the needs of the endocannabinoid system. I also believe in your need to ask and receive what you [know!] need! Choice for all things.

  15. Karen Ferguson on

    I believe in the old adage of “follow the money.” Alas, I don’t want to be informin’ these chaps that what they are doin’ is not gonna work forever. Exposure is happening: people are becoming more conscious [i.e. pharma drugs treat symptoms not cause] as a direct result of this blog and many thousands of others in the ‘cannabis-is-healing’ movement.
    Twitter is the communication highway that we use to learn from each other & wave when we go by: I need it as much as I need to read these trusted news sources. It’s time for movement now! It’s time: where we show up, tell the truth, and not be attached to the outcome/s. It’s the good-karma-thing.

  16. AntiIgnorant on

    Of course, the pharmaceutical industry blocks any progress of the cannabis industry they can so they do not have to compete ?

  17. AntiIgnorant on

    Big Pharma stands to lose a lot of business if cannabis is legal and people can grow their own and/or buy it at family owned dispensaries. Big Pharma donates millions to anti-cannabis campaigns to protect their “interests”… which is to control how people view medicine. They do not want anything legal that cannot be patented and controlled by them because it works in its natural state without the need for labs.

  18. Robert Dalrymple on

    At least PTSD patients can likely get the cannabis they need with another indication like chronic pain. Its sad that true medical patients would have to do this. I really believe the tide is changing and I hope to be on the wave of change to help patients with PTSD through providing pure and consistent medication to the patients in my local area and to be an advocate for my fellow veterans suffering from the psychological damage of war

  19. Charles Braga on

    As medical patients we need strong congressional legislation to protect our right to medicate as we and our doctors see fit. Contact your senators and congressmen and demand protection. This is where the laws are made and we do have a voice. The more we speak out the louder the message will be.

  20. There would probably still be a role for shops that specialized in medicinal, for their specialized knowledge and more supportive atmosphere.

  21. PhDScientist on

    We need national legalization of Medical Marijuana, NOW!
    Its IMMORAL to deny life-saving medication to people who are suffering and dying.
    We’re Americans. We’re supposed to be better than that. This isn’t only a question of compassion, it’s one of basic human decency.

  22. Ideally, weed would be legal for all (adults), and as cheap as tomatoes (as it is not harder to grow). I.e. the whole point of medical versus recreational marijuana could and should go away. Everyone who wants it, for whatever reason, should be able to get more than enough at a very low price.

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