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Did You Watch Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s ‘Weed’ Documentary On CNN?


dr sanjay gupta marijuana cnnLast night was the much anticipated airing of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s documentary ‘Weed’ on CNN. I have read a lot of comments on social media and in the comments sections of many outlets, and it seems that the reaction has been mostly favorable. What was your reaction? Do you think we will see more people in Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s position come out with videos like this?

To me, no one on the documentary said anything that hasn’t been said before – cannabis reform supporters have been saying these things for a long, long time. However, the messenger of the message was Dr. Sanjay Gupta, which holds more weight with a lot of people that were either on the fence about this issue, or were outright against it, which is significant. Below is video footage of a Google hangout hosted by Americans for Safe Access immediately following the broadcast of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s ‘Weed’ documentary on CNN. Please post your responses and reactions in the comments section so that we can keep this conversation going:

“Join Americans for Safe Access as we continue the discussion begun by CNN and Dr. Sanjay Gupta documentary “WEED”. The Google Hangout will feature many of the same guests in the documentary as well as additional experts in the medical cannabis field.”

Full episode below:


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  1. I want to know who he is too. Hard to believe this artist doesn’t make a bigger effort to use the show to promote himself, he must be really successful not to need any extra promotion.

  2. Concerned Mom on

    My son is paralyzed from a MC accident and has horrible muscle/body spasms. The only thing besides the nasty Oxy that can help keep them under some control is MJ. I watched the CNN show about the low CBD strain produced in Colorado and think that it may be more beneficial for my son’s issues. Wish I could get in touch with the growers for a trial run of their product.

  3. nickolai jensen on

    its those without intelligence that are looked down upon when they smoke it ive seen someone who was a moron light himself on fire when high i put him out tho and even cooked a vegetable stirfry and steak and bean stew for dinner their hey i know how to get stoned lose weight and its by walking alot and eating healthy foods and by interacting with people on the intellectual level not the sexual and delinquent level…. plz excuse my spelling

  4. I use to smoke allot of weed when I was younger as most teenagers I know did, and none of us ended up with mental issues or turning to criminals etc like some people I know seem to think that is does.

    1 of my friends has been smoking it since he was 14 years old, and he is now 58 years old and the whole reason he smokes it is because it helps to reduce the amount of fits he has, and also helps to reduce the amount of pain he is in all day.

    For me I found that I actually enjoyed my food and drink more and that’s drinks like Orange Juice etc not Alcohol, and I even though I generally ate more each day than I do now that I don’t smoke it what I did find also when I was smoking it, was that I enjoyed exercising more than I do now that I am not smoking it.

    The thing is people will always have there opinion that it should never be aloud to be made legal etc and it will cause nothing but a massive increase in crime etc, but those of us who have actually smoked it and those with some intelligence know different.

  5. Blatant-Truth on

    Well one reason for that is that Gupta was playing the journalist role and not the scientist role. He was framing the issue and presenting his findings, which you have to admit were largely positive. He did state that he was convinced by the evidence that he was seeing, didn’t he?

    I agree that it is sad that it has taken this long to have a high-profile admission or retraction of this kind, but at least it has happened. I believe this will be too big to ignore for a lot of people, and will prove to be a turning point.

  6. Blatant-Truth on

    Exactly, man. It is CRIMINAL (or should be!) to deny medical help to sufferers—especially young children—in the face of overwhelming evidence of its benefit.

  7. My VA doctors are shills for Glaxo Kline antidepressants, Cannabis is a proven antidote to PTSD. But no one pays doctors to promote cannabis, so…

  8. In the psychiatry handbook, it states that 5-10% of the population can become addicted to anything, like walking in circles in their back yard! While it may not be a healthy practice, there is no direct negative impact from either behavior. To rob good People of their freedom because of the intangible “harms” of any behavior by such a minority is unconscionable, IMHO. http://responsibleohioans.org for real freedom in Ohio!

  9. Abolish Holders OftheLight on

    However, scientists say 0.87 percent Cannabidiol (CBD) make-up in the Bud negate the down sides of THC. therefore eliminate the possibility of psychosis etc.

  10. We watched the full vid. Thanks for linking it. All i can say is this…..

    After watching the show… If you are still against mmj then “shame on you man!!!”. Shame on all of us for allowing all those small children with that same illness little Charlotte has – to die. They did you know. Shame, shame, shame on us.

    But at least now she has the hope of life. Thank you Colorado. You done good! And thank the brothers too. Imo you are saving lives!!!!!!!! What else really matters.

  11. Ed. If we are going to start allowing people to say marijuana can be addicting, then we must at least expect an explanation of the consequences of that “addiction.”

    Some “addictions” are good for us, like breathing, eating nutritious food, exercise, sex, etc. Could marijuana consumption belong to that group? I don’t see how it could be classed with the harmful group.

  12. I too took issue with the “definitely addictive” punt, but at least he put it into context by showing the addiction rates for other substances, especially alcohol. It’s important for people to be aware of the fact that alcohol is MORE addictive (if that’s how they wanna play this game, quantifying addiction). I would have been happier, had he included caffeine in his comparison — I believe the addiction rate for caffeine is almost as high as alcohol and not nearly as low as cannabis.
    Look on the bright side — if it moves to Schedule III, the NIDA loses its monopoly over research. Research into the benefits and *SAFETY* will proceed unabated by the DEA/NIDA. Keeping cannabis schedule I is paramount to continuing prohibition. Once that keystone is removed, the entire prohibition complex will come tumbling down.

  13. Can someone pls tell me the name od the iranian american artist painting? I want to follow his art

  14. I thought it was a good start. Since Gupta is particularly respected and well known it is a step in the right direction. However, there was a lot left out. For example, the media’s complicity in the ongoing deceipt about MJ. Jack Herer’s book from 30 years ago, ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes’ documented the disinformation campaign waged by William Randolf Hearst, who stood to gain financially by eliminating his competition. Of course big pharma is against cannabis because it would kill most of their medicine sales. Although he was reserved on recreational use, his segment on habitual users (compared to newbies) having virtually no reduced ability to drive a car should help to start a re-evaluation of that long-held myth. He left the door open for recreational use by pointing out alcohol is much more addictive and dangerous. By setting out the facts that a) no one dies from either using or withdrawal from cannabis and b) the addiction rate of cannabis is less than alcohol, it will be hard for any jurisdiction to justify continued demonization of cannabis while embracing alcohol.

  15. Every time I’ve ever put weed down I’ve never had any withdrawal symptoms. Why do they say ridiculous sh!t like this about MJ???
    Other than the German stoic beyotch from NIDA I enjoyed the show. You have to be a closed minded moron to watch that show and not see that MJ has medicinal value.

  16. The Gupta show was good news for medical marijuana, but the same old story on recreational. It was particularly insulting with guests and Gupta saying “marijuana is definitely addicting.”

    Gupta even tried to say marijuana has significant withdrawal symptoms that compel consumers to keep smoking just to avoid feeling bad! This is a blatant lie that sounds like it came from the Drug Czar’s office.

    And using rabid prohibitionist and NIDA director, Nora Volkow, as a source? Give us a break!

    Recreational marijuana consumers need to wake up and not let our movement be taken over by medical marijuana interests. As we have seen in the initiatives, they are totally willing to throw us under the bus to keep their gold mine in operation. In fact, they almost have to.

    Once marijuana is totally legalized for adults, the average price for an ounce of marijuana will be $50 or less. This cannot sustain the medical marijuana industry at anything near the profitability they are accustomed to.


  17. I was pretty excited about the coming of this report, much like the anticipation I had when finally seeing Rocky for the first time. I was a little let down. If people who watched it also saw all the promo pieces on it perhaps some of the pieces would have been filled in. I know he had a lot more info than was presented and wonder what stopped him besides time restraints. I hope this will end up being part 1 of a series.

    On the other hand – I feel it was well presented and although much of it is old news do the likes of us that lurk here and places like this, many Americans were hearing this stuff for the first time and I am grateful it came from a trusted media doc to whom many of his target demographic look up to.

    The last statement made by Charlotte’s dad in the Google Hangout afterburn segment was powerful to me, as he said something like – “why wasn’t this our first option” with Charlotte’s malady. Why, indeed!

  18. i would have liked to see the harvard and ucsd studies brought out. thought it was a fairly lame story. still the bias. many of these addiction experts make a great living off of something questionqable. i.e. cannabis addiction. it was an ok start.

  19. The beginning by DR. Gupta is welcome. We hope to see his follow up after the responders to the opening are responded to by further details. The truth on medical applications include many many more uses with positive results. Baby Steps, more baby steps. Seventy yr drug war on canabis is ending. Watch for the furthering of truth in the issue.

  20. It’s totally unacceptable how our country treats cannabis research. They would rather murder that little girl with harmful drugs, rather than admit they are wrong about cannabis. If I had my way, government officials would be in jail for a looong time for this negligence.

  21. Kimberly Glanz on

    i watched the show last night and i have a few things to say about it, while i am glad that the doc is on board with weed, it didn’t seem to me that he really took any kind of position. the majority of the show was still to tell people that it can be bad for you, teenagers shouldn’t smoke it etc, if you are going to be for something, state your position and say why. i heard nothing from him. i also saw that yes it did help the little girl, but what about all the other people in the world that it helps. why wasn’t AIDS mentioned in any way shape or form? why is the national drug abuse place saying they are not the ones stopping all this, it is all the others. pass the buck is all that any of them are doing and will continue to do. if someone is dying does it really matter if they are taking something that can be addicting? no one cares when you are dying to fill you with perscription drugs that are more lethal and addicting then weed ever can be? for god’s sake we are still believing something that a dude told us from the 30s! even after all these years and all these damn researches and studies we are no closer yet?!! this is getting really sad

  22. Awesome, my biggest hope would be more Doctors stepping up, our government has no place in our medicine, I would gladly treat my Daughter who has JIRA with cannabis to control ths inflammation in her joints instead of the medicine I have to inject in her weekly, with side effects worse than the disease it is treating…..I DONT WANT TO INJECT HER WITH SOME THING THAT CAN LATER GIVE HER A “RARE LYMPHOMA” Please lets stop this madness if everyone could stop listening to our government & and read information yourselves, it’s out there, & it don’t take a lot of brains to see that its worth the research!
    I personally refuse most medications offered by my Dr. for my cronic pain from my degenerative arthritis I have lived with since diagnosed at age 7.I refuse to let the big pharmaceuticals win, in me becoming addicted to the “prescriptions” the Doctors so easily give out ! I watched a Dr. Perscribe my father (back surgery) triple scripts of percodan, diladad , morphine & demerol along with valium& tuinals for sleep …he became addicted but it was ok because it was “prescribed by a DOCTOR” YA IN MY STRONG OPINION CANNABIS IS MUCH SAFER THEN A LOT OF PHARMACEUTICALS!!!!! This needs to stop

  23. I thought it was amazing showing how much it helped that poor little 5 year old girl. Who wouldn’t want to give their children something that works so well?

  24. I think while he was at Mississippi university he should have mentioned that while the DEA has Cannabis listed as schedule 1, the university actually gives cannabis to 4 Americans that were grandfathered into a now dead program for people who were only benefited by cannabis. Overall I though his program was good especially for people who were on the fence.

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