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Disabled US Marine Corps Veteran Faces Life In Prison For Marijuana


Kristoffer Lewandowski marijuanaOklahoma has very, very harsh marijuana laws. Get caught for marijuana two times, any amount, and you could be facing up to 10 years in prison. Get caught selling any amount, and you could face life in prison. Commit a marijuana crime within 2,000 feet of a school, public park, or public housing and receive a double period of incarceration and fine, and a mandatory prison sentence (per NORML). If those penalties don’t alarm you, they should. Those penalties should alarm anyone. Putting someone in prison for the rest of their life because they got caught growing marijuana is an enormous injustice, and an enormous waste of public resources.

Some Oklahoma politicians say that marijuana laws in Oklahoma don’t need to be reformed because the laws don’t really result in people actually getting arrested for personal use, possession, or cultivation of marijuana. But that’s exactly what’s happening to Kristoffer Lewandowski. Kristoffer Lewandowski is a 100% disabled US Marine Corps veteran, and is also a husband and father of three children. Mr. Lewandowski served three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Lewandowski suffers from severe PTSD, and grew and used marijuana to help with his suffering.

In June of 2014 Kristoffer Lewandowski’s wife and neighbors called police to get help for Kristoffer, who was experiencing a PTSD flare-up. But rather than assisting the disabled military veteran, the Oklahoma police that responded instead searched the home for drugs, and found six marijuana plants that weighed less than an ounce total. I think we all know how this sad story ends. Kristoffer Lewandowski was arrested and charged with felony cultivation, which carries a potentially life sentence in an Oklahoma prison. To make matters worse, Kristoffer Lewandowski’s family moved to California while they were fighting the charge, and the police there arrested him in an overly dramatic fashion. Per Truth In Media:

Earlier this month in Laguna Beach, CA, despite the fact that the Lewandowski family remained in contact with authorities connected to his Oklahoma criminal case, undercover police apprehended Kristoffer by surprise in a dramatic, guns-drawn raid while the Lewandowskis were picking up their children from pre-school, as he had unknowingly missed a prior court date while in the care of a Veterans Administration psychiatric hospital. Whitney Lewandowski, who noted that the undercover officers who picked him up had been following them since earlier that day and could have chosen a different time to make the arrest, said, “To be picked up like that, we’re all blown away. Especially in a pre-school parking lot where all my kids’ friends are, their parents are. Everyone’s witnessing this, and it was horrifying.

The Truth in Media article has a great interview with Kristoffer Lewandowski’s wife which gives more details about how the case came about. Kristoffer Lewandowski is currently sitting in a jail cell in California waiting to be extradited to Oklahoma where he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. The family of Kristoffer Lewandowski has started a crowd funding effort to help with legal costs (you can donate at this link here). The family also started a petition at Change.Org, and a Facebook page where you can learn more. What Mr. Lewandowski was doing would have been perfectly legal in many states in America. What is happening to him is just plain wrong. Please sign the petition calling for Oklahoma’s Governor to step in and do what’s right and free Kris.


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Johnny Green


  1. The man who saved us is in prison just for treating his PTSD with marijuana… VA medical officers also provide such things to veterans in war and even after coming from war. They should be arrested for making addicted veterans.

  2. If you refuse to pay taxes, do you also refuse to drive on public roads, cash your welfare checks or use the city water supply? If not, shut up.

  3. I’m with you on Rand for same reason, consistency.

    I think the current day progressive calls for gun registration and prohibition of classes of guns are similar to the prohibitionist actions of the progressive era. Currently there’s like 5-10% of people complying with gun registration requirements in NY for semi-auto rifles. If guns were required by law to be registered and we had the same low rate of obeying the registration law like NY, will the progressives change their position when tear-jerking stories of families torn apart and kids going to CPS because mom or dad uses an unregistered gun to stop a criminal act of violence? No, probably not, not until churches teach members to obey the law of the land and the majority of conservatives register their guns and then, well, that’s when progressives will have a proclaim that the law is awful and it’s the fault of conservatives. Laws passed for feel-good reasons generally don’t work out well for society when it comes to prohibition of *dangerous* things because of the *potential for danger*, it’s the same propaganda message used in every prohibition bandwagon.

  4. Valid point. Jimmy Carter did flip flop on the topic starting the era of reaching into other counties to drop paraquat on plants. Historically, both parties have been friends with prohibition. Conservatives are the main block supporting it today, doesn’t mean they all do. I trust Rand Paul more than I do Hillary on this issue, although I think she would keep the same posture. Most of the lack of progress in Congress is the GOP. Feinstein is still out there in left field too. I don’t trust Jeb or Ted Cruz or Donand Trump though. I will vote for Rand Paul if he get’s the nomination. I don’t even agree with everything he says. But he’s honest.

  5. Conservatives don’t like change by definition. Progressives should start putting more thought into the things they support. Like the prohibition laws during the progressive era and marijuana tax act in 1937 passed in a congress that had 75% democrats in both the house and Senate.

  6. NEW gofundme page to help Kris. We had to do it through the “Weed for Warriors Project” to get around their rules as to why they took the other page down.

    Here’s the address for the new page to #FREEKRIS


    Thanks for your patience!

  7. Prohibition is supported and maintained almost completely by the GOP. You can’t deny that and expect to be taken seriously. Nixon created the CSA of 1970 and Reagan funded the Drug War. Even today, we see reform in Blue states, and Reefer Madness in Red states. Rand Paul and a handful of the current Republican party are even living in the same century. It is a fact, that the majority of those who continue to oppose both Medical and Recreational marijuana are Republicans. I’ll vote for Rand in 2016 if he doesn’t get stabbed in the back by the Texas bunch. I’ll still vote for him or hi Dad if they run as Independents.

    This actually should be a Republican issue. Prohibition is Big Government socialism. It is Federal infringement of personal liberty. It creates a black market, and enemy of free markets. There is nothing Republican about marijuana prohibition. But the fact remains that the modern drug war was created by Republicans, and it is being protected by mostly Republicans today. Change is welcome anytime. Just the facts Doc.

  8. I appreciate your focus and work for Kristoffer Lewandowski and veterans. Still, it is worth noting that Oklahoma is a very Republican state, maybe civilized Republicans have a particular responsibility to vehemently protest this to their fellow Repubs. On the other hand, I don’t hear national politicians of either party protesting this crap, which they certainly should all be doing, most forcefully

  9. “I’ve been involved in this situation since it happened.”

    Of course you have. You voted for Bush and supported the Iraq war where this man got his PTSD.

    “Kris NEEDS help BAD! His family is living off of HIS disability.”

    He wouldn’t be disabled if it wasn’t for GW Bush and Dick “We’ll be greeted as liberators” Cheney. You know, those guys you voted for. Twice.

    “THAT paycheck doesn’t go far at all in a family of 4”

    Gee, maybe we should vote for people who would raise that disability pay. Or not send him to war in the first place. Or even better, how about you stop voting for the party in which a vast majority thereof supports this horrible drug war.

  10. Who’s in control of the House, Senate, and Governorship of OK?

    The law in question is Okla. Stat. tit. 63, § 2-401 (2015). See that 2015 there? That means it passed THIS YEAR with Republican majorities in the OK legislature and a Republican Governor.

    But you stay AWESOME, OK? Anytime one democrat does something bad, you blame all the democrats, but whenever Republicans do something bad, you say “This isn’t ABOUT Democrat or Republican.”

    How typically Republican.

    Oh, and BTW… where did this courageous man get this PTSD? Oh, right… In IRAQ. You remember Iraq, don’t you Jetdoc? That country that had no WMD and no ties to 9-11, even though the entire fucking Bush administration told us they did?

  11. Karen Ferguson on

    I totally agree. And, the only crime here are by those who imprisoned Kristoffer Lewandowski.

  12. This isn’t ABOUT Democrat or Republican. We’ve got a Marine with PTSD facing LIFE in prison for possessing less than 1 ounce. To be TOTALLY honest, he’s facing LIFE for less than 3 grams! ALL 5 of the plants were 2 inches tall. They at first tried to charge him with the weight of the dirt, containers etc… But found that wouldn’t fly!

    This’s about helping one of America’s FINEST! Veterans in this country make up less than 3% of the people! HE and his family don’t deserve this treatment!

  13. I agree with you. However the 10th Amendment gives States the right to set drug policy. Nowhere in the Constitution does it give the Federal Govt even the POWER to make “drug policy”. All powers NOT enumerated to the Federal government by the Constitution will fall to the States! They didn’t have the POWER to prohibit it in the first place. Let’s not forget that this (prohibition cannabis) was just 8 years after they repealed prohibition of alcohol. I mean WTF thought THIS was a good idea? Did they NOT just learn a HUGE lesson?

  14. Karen Ferguson on

    Actually, Scott is dead-on right. Do your homework. Look up “projection” and contemplate that you may be a vessel for propaganda and are buying it. People that ‘feed’ people like you, like it when you expound and spread propaganda around. But it doesn’t make you look good. Trust me on that one.

  15. Karen Ferguson on

    Thanks for this post. I care and there’s nothing more to add. I agree….doubt if the chap actually cares….another troll.
    n. a mythical, cave-dwelling being in folklore as either a giant or dwarf, typically having a very ugly appearance.
    syn. goblin, ogre, bugaboo, monster

  16. Karen Ferguson on

    >>>>>Many conservative republicans honestly believe that smoking a joint sets up a séance with Lucifer himself<<<<

    I wish I had written this sentence. Sums it up for me….and made me laugh even though as miffed as everyone else. My concern is that these police thugs are acting out, lashing out, knee-jerk reactions and are as dangerous as they appear. This reminds me of the raid in Santa Ana where the thugs were caught on tape bashing the manager in a wheelchair and carrying on. This scenario, without a conscience, borders on sociopathic behavior.

  17. Karen Ferguson on

    Give Obama another minute, okay? He’s been busy.
    It appears that there is another assumption floating around in your post…..’boatload of freeloaders’….rather simplistic, isn’t it?
    May I suggest work in a homeless shelter. It awakens one’s consciousness.
    Homelessness & unemployment by some is just the tip of the iceberg…those are the symptoms.
    Dig deeper for the multi-layered problem.

  18. Karen Ferguson on

    Except for my friends that live there and their friends…..they are working on it. Me? I’d wanna move…and move fast. But, home is home to some and so be it.

  19. Karen Ferguson on

    And, knowing what I know about ‘big pharma’ meds, I would not have gone through the VA MEDFARM like he did. That alone takes courage, imho.

  20. Karen Ferguson on

    I’m so with you on this! Scratch the surface and I suspect you’ll find this kind of superficiality rampant. Or maybe Mike is right…simple idiocy.

  21. newageblues on

    He knew about the risks in serving his country. He didn’t know about the risk that people like you would stab him in the back when he got home..

  22. Yea like Oklahoma is a liberal state…lol. Its a damn Republican stronghold you fool.

  23. How hilarious it is to have a Republican talk about closed-mindedness.

    I’m quite familiar with the word quagmire. It came up a lot while your buddy Bush had us bogged down in Iraq.

    But what’s really funny is how you just dropped all the points I made. It’s quite revealing.

  24. He’d already been through the VA MedFarm and has what is called “treatment resistant PTSD”.

  25. Are you SHITTING me? 5 plants of less than 2 inches tall EACH! He’s a registered Medical Marijuana patient in California where he’s being treated for his PTSD. A 3 tour COMBAT vet with PTSD and you say it’s his own fault? How DARE you Flo? They had NO BUSINESS in his house in the first place. Instead of getting him the HELP that his wife called police FOR, they handcuffed him and took him to jail. Have you ever SEEN or KNOWN anyone dealing with PTSD? He didn’t get THAT on his own, so whos FAULT is it REALLY?

    He goes over there and ends up with a LIFE CHANGING illness, while you sit on your ass over here, and tell everyone how much you LOVE and SUPPORT the troops! If you loved and supported our troops, you’d be outraged at this! What have you done to support our troops more than just a bumper sticker or magnetic ribbon on you car?

  26. Thank you for your service. it’s terrible that veterans are treated this way. it angers me to read about this and see that a vet who just wants a normal life for him and his family is being imprisoned for a victim-less “crime”.

  27. when it’s between growing marijuana and depression, mood swings, and suicidal ideation, what other choice does he have? prescription meds that are highly addictive? this man probably saw terrible things in Iraq and Afghanistan things you and I are protected from except from in pictures and videos. he was doing it because he wants to live a normal life with his wife and kids after fighting for his country. hop off your high horse, asshole.

  28. You can’t handle the truth if it happens to be out of sync with your close-minded viewpoints.
    No wonder the country is in such a quagmire (another big word that may stump you).

  29. “excuse/exclude the current administration for virtually everything.”

    Liar. There’s plenty I don’t like about this administration. But they have decidedly better than the alternatives on this issue.

    ” had total control of the house, senate and white house for their first 2 years and did absolutely nothing other than talk a good game about rescheduling–these are indisputable facts”

    First off, another lie. They did not have total control for 2 years. They only had a filibuster proof Senate for a few weeks.


    Second, the same could be said of your Republicans, who had the house, Senate, and WH for even longer in the aughts. While the Dems passed major health care legislation that’s lowered costs and gotten more people covered in their two years, what did your GOP do with 6 years? War and recession.

    As for states receiving the biggest government handouts, the heavy democratic states are far and away the biggest takers.

    This is wrong. I even provide a link to the proof. But you don’t care about facts.

  30. The voters (and non-voters) in Oklahoma let this happen. Apparently, they’re living some in some kind of time warp, stuck between January 20, 1969 and August 9, 1974.

  31. Mike Johnson on

    as a marine veteran myself, I am outraged at this treatment of a man willing to put his life on the line for the same assholes who are imprisoning him. Every person involved in this shameful treatment should have every thing in their lives examined to make sure they aren’t breaking the law themselves. I’m sure there are no Angels involved this moral travesty. Shame on everyone that supports this travesty. I hope the almighty is looking down and taking notes!

  32. I have no clue why your imagination and your rude attitude runs wild on this site, but you seem to habitually (sorry for the big word) excuse/exclude the current administration for virtually everything.
    They’ve been in control of DC for the past 7 years and had total control of the house, senate and white house for their first 2 years and did absolutely nothing other than talk a good game about rescheduling–these are indisputable facts.
    As for states receiving the biggest government handouts, the heavy democratic states are far and away the biggest takers.
    The fact that you seem to hate all republicans is your problem.

  33. Many conservative republicans honestly believe that smoking a joint sets up a séance with Lucifer himself. They don’t seem concerned about the harm caused by alcohol, tobacco, the abuse and addiction caused by Rx drugs, and don’t even get me started on the gun control debate. No, the above issues are not nearly as important as their marijuana witch hunt, which is based on racist views toward minorities who like to smoke marijuana.

  34. This is why I refuse to pay taxes (or pay anyone). My broke ass will sit on welfare, collecting EBT and Medi-Cal. If the fed’s want to bar me from having a job, it only hurts them in the long run. I’m not about resorting to violence, but when it comes to bleeding out the system financially, I’m down with that.

  35. Republicans are to blame. They passed these laws.

    ” check the overall stats in heavy Democratic states they’ll see how deeply the hole of debt has been dug due to the perpetual mindset of “everyone deserves free stuff, the rich people can pay for it.””

    What does that have to do with marijuana laws? Oh, and your’e full of shit too. A lot of the debt is for investments in infrastructure, which more than pay for themselves in the long run.

    Oh, and then there’s the fact that it’s the red states with their hands out…


    > The states with elected officials most likely to espouse anti-taker sentiments — i.e., Republican-dominated states — are the most dependent on federal spending, while returning the least to Washington in the way of tax dollars.

    But I honestly don’t know why I’m bothering to educate you, since you always run and hide from everything I have to say anyway…

    ” has never taken any substantive action that he promised numerous times”

    Bullshit, since you had to add the subjective qualifier/hedge “substantive.”

    Set up rules for banks in handling legal marijuana money. http://nyti.ms/1b80o2K

    Loosened the rules and allowed the 14 states that legalized medical marijuana to regulate themselves without federal interference. http://huff.to/eQfa7j

    Ended the idiotic ban on research. http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2015/06/marijuana-research-restriction-lifted-obama

    I got plenty more, but I doubt you care.

    “They rarely check anything, just immediately slam Republicans under the assumption they were to blame.”

    See, that’s you, dude. Projection is a nasty thing…

  36. They rarely check anything, just immediately slam Republicans under the assumption they were to blame.
    If someone happens to take the time and initiative to check the overall stats in heavy Democratic states they’ll see how deeply the hole of debt has been dug due to the perpetual mindset of “everyone deserves free stuff, the rich people can pay for it.”
    Guess what; the people picking up the tab are those who are currently working or have worked through a successful career and retired, but either way they’re paying the bill for a boatload of freeloaders that have never taken the initiative to work or do much of anything productive other then learn how to automatically hold out their hand for more stuff.
    Having said that, I fully support rescheduling, but it has to come from the top down, as in the feds taking action.
    The President waffles around when forced to comment on the issue, but has never taken any substantive action that he promised numerous times during his election/re-election campaigns. .

  37. Exactly. They are acting like rabid dogs, no offense to that lovable species intended

  38. Doc Deadhead on

    you might want to check your facts, seems you are the blow hole here, prosecutor and judge are both Democrats

  39. The Other LA on

    Oklahoma politicians are all too willing to send these fine men into wars that we have no business fighting, and when they come back with the scars of war, they want to jail them for life for seeking relief with cannabis. Just goes to show that we have sociopaths, criminals and gangsters in power and nobody flinches.

  40. Captain Jim on

    Disgusting. The authorities deserve to be put behind bars. Not this disabled veteran who dared to grow plants to help himself. Wake up People!!

  41. As a Nam-Era corpsman…this just pisses me right off that the state of Oaklahoma is prosecuting a 3 tour Marine vet…wtf they they think he was over there fighting for our freedoms for…I just know it wasn’t a picnic…saw lots of troops return in hospitals all of ’69…all of ’71 I was stationed/homeported out of Bahrain…AND…I learned that mj/hash could alleviate the stress of being overseas…also…I’m a HepC survivor only because I toked marijuana all year long during treatment…that was all of 2000…
    The Gov needs to do better for its troops and stop treating us like spent dirt…

  42. Let’s just add INSULT to INJURY! Let gofundme know that the press they get from this WON’T be good. Johnny, THIS might be a good follow-up story. I’m sickened by this!

  43. I’ve been involved in this situation since it happened. (Weed 4 Warriors Project) In the article they tell you that the 6 plants weighed less than an ounce. The story is 1 plant was DEAD and the other 5 were 2 inches tall EACH! They were tented with foil.

    We’re presently in the process of finding him an attorney. There’s a couple good ones we’re hoping will take the case pro bono.

    The lawyer he was given by his Bail Bondsman, turned out to be crooked as a hickory stick. He’s so crooked, when he dies they’re gonna have to screw him in the ground! This lawyer tried to extort more money out of Kris and his family in order to get the charges lowered. When they said they didn’t have anymore money. The attorney allowed an ILLEGAL search of their home to go unchallenged. The police had NO BUSINESS going through their home. Everything happened OUTSIDE of the house. However after searching the home, WITHOUT a warrant mind you, that’s when they discovered the plants. At that point, they called to get a warrant for a search of the home. But they already had everybody handcuffed.

    They’re doing this mind you, to a 3 tour COMBAT vet, who just went through an unbelievable PTSD episode.

    Kris NEEDS help BAD! His family is living off of HIS disability. I dunno how many of you are Vets but THAT paycheck doesn’t go far at all in a family of 4. There IS a “gofundme” account setup in his name to help with his defense. PLEASE GIVE if you can! I’ll get the address and post it here as an edit to this post in a bit.

  44. newageblues on

    No, I won’t forget what Oklahoma is doing to Kristoffer Lewandowski or what Kansas is doing to Shona Banda. Good old boys using Gestapo tactics in the homes and schools of America. Boycott Oklahoma, boycott Kansas, until they grow up. Alcohol supremacist bigot control freak fascist thugs pretending to be a legitimate government.
    And boycott Kellogg for not caring that Michael Phelps drove drunk, but only that he used cannabis, and boycott Dish for firing a quadriplegic man for using MMJ.

  45. The Republican blow holes who thank anyone in a military uniform for protecting our Freedom, are the same group of Fascists that are persecuted this wounded warrior. He sacrificed his own body and mind as Marine. Now he is wounded and Republicans want to put him in prison for life. Where is the Fox outrage on this story? This doesn’t hurt just the Hero, but also his family, and every man and woman who served in his outfit. Oklahoma, that is still a United State Marine you are treating this way. We are not going to forget him or his family, or you.

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