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Dispensaries Offer Free Medical Marijuana To Fire Victims In Northern California


white fire og marijuana strainI rail against greedy people in the cannabis industry all the time, and I feel rightfully so. There are a lot of greedy jerks in the industry, and I will continue to complain about them whenever I get a chance. But I also like to highlight situations where the opposite is occurring. There are a lot of great people in this industry, ones that are full of compassion and truly care about cannabis patients. We are seeing people like that on display right now in Northern California, where dispensaries are giving free medical marijuana to victims of fires in Northern California, an area that was hit very hard this last summer. Per the Los Angeles Times:

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Northern California are giving patients affected by a hugely destructive wildfire up to $200 in free cannabis per patient for the next week.

Through Oct. 7, two marijuana-related product companies, Care By Design and AbsoluteXtracts, are offering free products at five dispensaries in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol and Lake County, the companies said in a joint statement.

The companies produce cannabis oil, sprays and vaporizing cartridges, among other products.

In total, the company donated $20,000 worth of medical marijuana and medical marijuana products. That is obviously something that the companies didn’t need to do, and the dispensaries didn’t need to do. But they are doing it anyways, and that’s something that needs to be commended and celebrated. Please support the companies and dispensaries that are doing this. This is a very cool thing!

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  1. My heart breaks and bleeds over the needless pain and suffering prohibition of Marijuana causes. This year 1.6 MILLION Americans will be diagnosed with Cancer — and half of them will eventually die of it. Medical Marijuana is a life saving medication. 82% of Oncologists want their Cancer patients to be able to use it to ease their pain and suffering — for Cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy Marijuana is a “Wonder Drug” and a “Gift from God” — ask any Cancer patient that’s used it.

    As a country, we can’t wait until 2016. We need Marijuana removed from Schedule 1 now.

    Too many Americans who need it, including American Children with Seizure disorders, are suffering and dying — needlessly.

    We need to address this issue NOW. The 2016 election is too far away for Americans, including American Children, who are being denied the life-saving medication they need to survive.

    They’re suffering and dying — needlessly.

    We need action on this issue NOW.

  2. Fuck yeah man, that’s probably one of the main reasons politicians don’t like marijuana because it makes people nice and nonviolent and violence is something that they profit off of… who knows maybe with legalization America will finally be able to go 50 years without a war. I guarantee the meetings between countries will be a lot more friendly if they spark up a few joints while they discuss thier problems.

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