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Do Cops Look For Colorado Plates To Bust Marijuana Users?


colorado plates marijuanaColorado has legalized weed and everybody knows it. Not like they’re keeping it a secret, right? While everything seems to be going very well there, things change once one crosses the borders in to other states… More specifically the illegal states, where marijuana use still isn’t tolerated. Simply because of the license plate on your car, cops find any excuse to pull Colorado residents over. And for one man who took a trip to Idaho earlier this year, this exact situation arose and became a huge issue of what the man’s attorney calls “license plate profiling”. First of all, all cops should be aware that just because the car is from Colorado doesn’t mean the driver smokes weed… Not everyone in the state is blazing now that the law says it’s okay. The police in Idaho weren’t thinking that when they pulled over Darien Roseen and not only unlawfully detained him but searched his vehicle for cannabis simply on the fact that Roseen had Colorado plates on his car.

The search was conducted over a year ago, January 25th, 2013 when Roseen (age 69) was on his way from his daughter’s baby shower in Washington state to his other home located in Pagosa Springs. The lawsuit was filed earlier this year, against the police in Payette County, Idaho. Roseen’s attorney said that his client was detained for hours while the cops dug through his Honda Ridgeline for the culprit of an apparent pot smell. Don’t forget that at this time, cannabis was still not fully legal in Colorado but just allowed for medical patients. The laws had recently passed in those states but the recreational cannabis wouldn’t be available for another year (effective Jan 2014).

Roseen was pulling off to use a rest stop around 11:40am off of I-84 when he passed a state trooper parked in the median. The trooper, Justin Klitch, followed Roseen to the parking lot and turned on the flashing lights, parked behind the truck, and walked up to the side of Roseen’s truck. When questioned as to the nature of the flashing lights, Klitch reportedly didn’t give the man a reason but eventually said that there had been no signal light used when Roseen pulled off in to the rest stop and that he had also hit two curbs when pulling in to the stop. Roseen insisted that he has used the signal and could not distinguish where the curbs were under the snow, not to mention he was distracted when the officer turned on the lights behind him.

Klitch refused to believe that Roseen was getting off the highway to use the restroom and instead, insisted that he had been attempting to avoid the state police. Klitch then questioned the driver on why his eyes were glassy and began to accuse him of transporting something “that he should not have in his vehicle”. Roseen admitted that he had prescription medication from a doctor but no weed. However, Klitch kept pushing, asking the man “When is the last time you used marijuana?” Again and again, Roseen said that he didn’t have any weed and had never even smoked. After being asked three times to search the vehicle, Roseen opened up a few places in the vehicle so he could “get back on the road faster”. But the officer continued to say that he smelled the plant and used that as probable cause to search the vehicle, holding Roseen in the back of his cruiser, transporting him to the sheriff’s office, and searching the Honda. Once at the station, Roseen was told that he could leave but couldn’t have his car because they hadn’t finished searching it. He was also given a citation for careless driving. There were at least eight officers that searched the vehicle from top to bottom and guess what? No illegal substances were found.

Plate profiling is something that Colorado residents really need to think about before leaving their state. As soon as you cross those borders, you’re immediately in trouble if you’re transporting marijuana. If you are a Colorado (or Washington) resident, please remember this when venturing out of your state. Do not carry marijuana with you in illegal states if you have certain license plates. Other cases have come forward to the same Boise law firm that handled Roseen’s lawsuit, complaining of similar treatment at the hands of officers. Don’t think for a second that it couldn’t happen to you. Please be safe (and smart) when traveling!

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  1. tripleplayallday on

    Best way to smuggle anything is with a cat in the car…cops hate cats n so do dogs…if stopped video tape the dog n your cat..especially the torment of your cat…also have a lead car at night with a loose headlight that is out…it will get pulled instantly…clearing the road ahead of scum bags with badges…say to officer..is that light out again….shit…….for a short cityhaul…lol…go during rush hour when lots of fender benders occur..cops busiest…also school of fish mentality…but to be safe…just dont bring it with you…not smart and not safe…not worth the stress or risk…happy travels..

  2. truthisyourtruth on

    Yes. I have done the trip 6 times and all but once pulled over in texas kansas and oklahoma. Pulled at night and day. Night. Assifer said my license plate lights where out after following me for 4 miles..i just pulled over…day time…following too close…another b.s. excuse..always warnings never a ticket..
    another time was for speeding 3 over….not kidding..every stop was serious questioning….where u staying..when did u leave…how many times do you take this trip..what road do you take to get here..blah blah blah…you have any marijuana or meth in your car. If your serious its a red flag..if u laugh its a red flag…everything you do is a red flag…time the stop with your phones video running..just put it on the dash..he has at most 8 minutes to keep you…have all your info ready when he gets to the door… Forces him to hurry..he knows the clock is running…after he says im giving you a warning…thats when he gets on your good side and he starts digging for reasonable suspicion by asking nice lil rehearsed questions…tell him..thank you officer i will get light fixed immediately..im headed to the nearest walmart to get a light etc. Then roll up your window a little bit..just a little..thanks again and roll it all the way up…seems rude but its your right. The stop was over.. if he questions you more…say to him… I would like to be on my way officer are we finished….say nothing after that…just sit there n dont say anything…if he continues to ask questions…say..i want to go now officer…am i free to go yet? At this point you should be let free if not then just sit there…and say ..i need to get back on the road….it takes guts but it will work. Do not sit there after a warning and be nice and answer questions..

  3. My brother in law was a cop, he worked hard trying to do a good job, he was killed when he pulled over a gang member on parole in a stolen car. Not all cops suck like you did and your co workers, get over yourself. I’m sure you suck at what you currently do also Kirby.

  4. Actual there are things that can be done that would fly well below the radar. One just has to use their mind and be creative. Ever heard of “The Book of Dirty Tricks”?

    “but there’s basically nothing he can do about it without getting unfairly treated/fired without cause”.

  5. I wonder what all of the local criminals were doing since they had to know that with 8 cops tied up with “killer weed duty” that they had a “Coast is Clear” situation

  6. I’m sure his friend doesn’t condone their behavior, but there’s basically nothing he can do about it without getting unfairly treated/fired without cause. I don’t think there are really that many members of LEAP who speak out while in the force.

    I tried to have a conversation about it during a national guard pre-deployment interview (special circumstances, required psych eval, background checks, and interviews). I decided to be honest with them. They asked why I didn’t think it was bad, told them it was less harmful than alcohol and doesn’t harm anyone. I told them that the only things we should punish people for are actually harming other people. You know, what our laws are supposed to be. They started making up scenarios like “Oh, so I can just steal your stuff, it’s not harming you”. I tried to explain their fallacy, but there’s really only so much you can do. Yeah, that’s the level of intelligence you’re dealing with. “Oh, but you could be called to duty any time and you could be high”…”Yes, but I could also be legally drunk.”, etc.

    Ultimately, they did a drug test the next morning because a few people admitted to things (I passed) and decided to not take me – but they did take the guy who came into drill 2 hours late, still drunk, and then blew a .1 at 12pm at the hospital just a few months prior.

  7. Yes Karen they do. Be prepared for a cavity search, A female cop stuck her hand into my girlfriends vajayjay looking for contaband. None was found, we currently have a lawyer and are taking them to court.

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    Don’t drive stoned! Peace

  9. life on the line my ass, bla bla bla snivel. I was a cop, saw the REAL cop work. laziest job in the world. and a cop is the LAST person with legal knowledge.

  10. your cop “friend” is a bigger asshole than the others. HE condones their behavior.

  11. When “good cops” allow “bad cops” to harass, intimidate, abuse, and/or assault a citizen they cease to be “good cops.”

    Effectively there are no “good cops” or there would be no “bad cops.”

  12. Humboldt Star on

    True, however still be careful going I -40 through northern texas, folks get pulled and searched big time even if you look very straight.

  13. I have cop friends and even they would tell me that their is some cops that only care about feeding their huge egos. They don’t give a damn about nothing or just doing the right thing. Some cops just go out of their way to be dick heads just like the cop from Idaho. Which is to bad because their is some really great cops and they would of never gone so far as impound the car. They might of asked to do a quick search being the driver pulled over curbs. But after the all clear would of left him alone and went looking for a real criminal.

  14. Uncle Arthur on

    For one’s peace of mind, my suggestion for anyone coming from California going eastbound would be to avoid the I-10 and take the I-40 if you need to avoid the pesky “constitution free” checkpoints that within 100 miles of the “Constitution Free Zone”.

  15. you are 100% right but the fact is the cops in other states are all wanting to make a BIG BUST!!
    and they could care less about the people and all we can do is to know our rights and demand they do not walk on them. and what they do is called a knock knock warrant and it is as old as the hills

  16. Humboldt Star on

    Most entry positions as cops do not pay very much considering you are putting your life on the line. Most people that join want power and enjoy abusing it. Along with the white robes are confiscated drugs, money and no telling what else.

  17. Humboldt Star on

    Plates from CA, OR, WA are also harassed not just CO. This is total BS. Best advice is not to carry anything. Also beware if traveling 1-10 east through Texas, I-10 goes through a border checkpoint at Sierra Blanca Tx, There is no way to avoid it on I-10 east. This is where Willie Nelson, Snoop Dog and Fiona Apple have been busted.

  18. Those same cops probably have their white robes in their closets at home. Standards need to be raised on who can be hired for police work including the mental component as well.

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