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Do LED Marijuana Grow Lights Work Better Than Other Grow Lights?


Led marijuana garden growlight grow lightLED grow lights for your marijuana garden seem to have been popping up a lot lately in ads and articles. I only know one person that has actually used LED lights for their marijuana garden. It seems like LED grow lights are so much more expensive than traditional grow lights, which is why I think a lot of people haven’t used them. My friend that used an LED grow light setup on his marijuana garden told me that it worked great for the veg stage, but that it wasn’t as effective during the bloom stage.

He also pointed out that with such a high price tag (he got his for free somehow), it was hard for him to recommend using LED lights instead of other lights until the price was reduced significantly. Below is a video that High Times just put out in regards to LED grow lights. If you have used one before, or have an opinion on the matter, please leave comments in the comments section:

“Over the past decade, LED technology has created controversy in the growroom. The basic question: Do they work or not? LED lights certainly provide energy efficiency and generate lower heat than high-pressure sodium and metal halide lights, but many veteran growers remain skeptical. Maybe the LED operation at Rocky Mountain High dispensary in Denver, CO will change a few minds. Senior cultivation editor Danny Danko visits this impressive LED garden.”

heliospectra led marijuana grow light

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  2. I am using a UFO LED, grow light in a closet, for clones and seedlings, and the plants really grow fast under it, but I have never tried to bloom under the led light, but as a separate nursery, grow area its worth the cost to me.

  3. Choom Gang on

    Its obvious that they are not applying science very well in this set up. They could have gotten a much higher yield. I think DD was not that impressed either.

  4. Looked like the plants were close to finish, not impressed when you consider the money invested in this setup. I have grown green crack from clones many times, the main colas were a solid 3 ” thick after they dried. The same plants grown using the black box method yielded buds as big as a human head. These plants are pathetic.The only good thing about LED is low heat, they have a long way to go until I am sold.

  5. We use them for veg. When using LED’s during flower, the buds tend to be smaller. But for veg, they’re awesome. Pricey, but awesome.

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