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Do You Have A Marijuana Related New Year’s Resolution?


dabs dabbing concentrates butane hash oil medical marijuana2013 is in the history books, and 2014 has officially arrived. I’m extremely excited for 2014, because I think it will be a huge year for marijuana reform and the marijuana industry, and hopefully for The Weed Blog too. A new year usually means that a lot of people are making New Year’s resolutions, and since today is already 10 hours old, I’d imagine atleast a handful of people have already failed in sticking to them!

Do you have a marijuana related New Year’s resolution? I remember in 1995 I made a marijuana resolution to never smoke brick weed again. I was tired of supporting cartels, I was tired of smoking crappy weed, and since good marijuana was starting to flood my area, I decided to make the leap and only smoke quality marijuana. I’m happy to say, I’ve stuck to my resolution ever since then.

This year I’m making a resolution to blog as hard as I can on behalf of marijuana reform. I’m going to try to spread marijuana news and information as far as I can. I have always felt that one of the biggest obstacles to marijuana reform is that people just don’t know enough about marijuana. I have also felt that EVERY reform organization needs help spreading their message, and I intend to continue to help them in that area, but on a higher level than ever before.

There are still people that cling to reefer madness simply because they don’t know that there is so much scientific information out there. A lot of people don’t know that marijuana is as mainstream as it is, and once they see how much support there is out there for reform, they will get on the right side of history.

I’m going to try as hard as I can to not let life get in the way of my resolution. It’s tough, because the life of a weed blogger is extremely poor and frustrating, but I’m going to try as hard as ever to not give an F about the BS, and focus more on the task at hand. What’s your New Year’s resolution? Does it involve marijuana? If so, please share it in the comments!


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  1. My marijuana new years resolution is to no longer be a marijuana smoker. Instead Im going to become a marijuana voter. When I go to the polls and see how my Congress members and state reps voted on marijuana, I wont vote for them unless theyre with me. I vote in the primaries and make sure the most viable candidate supporting marijuana legalization gets my vote. When a marijuana bill is being voted on, I email my state reps and Congress members. Marijuana is not going to legalize itself.

    Im also going join NORML and MPP and donate a few dollars each month. Its extremely important that the consumers be counted and involved. Otherwise the opponents will attack and smear those organizations fighting for your rights and say things like…………………. “The push to legalize marijuana is astroturf” “its only about those who want to make money and not about the marijuana smokers” “This is not about them”…………….. “them” meaning “you”.

    Kevin Sabet wants people to think that the consumers of marijuana like you dont want or dont care about marijuana being legalized. Hes trying to persuade the public to reject giving you the freedom to possess, grow and buy marijuana in a store instead of off the street and then calling it a smart approach. His so called “smart approach” means you will be forced into treatment or go to jail. You wont be able to go to a marijuana store and enjoy what they have. You wont be able to grow your own without risking incarceration. Its absolutely crucial that the consumers of marijuana are the ones speaking out against him.

  2. To relocate to Northern California, to assist with the state relegalization efforts and to produce / breed medicinal cannabis.

  3. quality weed in VA. going@$60 for an eighth…can’t grow my own because in a big neighborhood’community'(not by choice) and I can’t afford hydroponic equip…so I toke up whenever I can afford to get it. Wish it was easier!!

  4. My resolution is to become more confident and comfortable about my cannabis use, and to spread more knowledge to others about the truth of this wonderful healing herb.

  5. This all sound like a business screw… Quality weed lol whats in in lol.. if it wasn’t for the cartels you wouldn’t of had weed…. Stop being a douch sales man and close that mouth too much shit is flowing

  6. My resolution is to become more active with the movement.
    I’ll do my best to help spread the word about TheWeedBlog. It’s a fantastic resource!

  7. My resolution is to stop smoking and start vaping/vaporizing ^_^ … unfortunately, mids/”brick” weed is the only thing i can afford in my part of GA , anything thats high-grade is considered “loud” and cost at least 15-20 per gram

  8. My resolution is to keep finding ways to lower my costs of producing MMJ to my co-op patients. We have contributing members and non-contributing members. Currently contributing members get a 24oz share for $800.00. We are in Oregon and grow some of the best outdoor strains available. Est. in 1998.

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