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Do You Live In A Marijuana Friendly City?


sour diesel marijuana strainIs Your Town Or City Marijuana Friendly?

As many TWB readers know, Ninjasmoker and I operate out of the beautiful city of Eugene, Oregon. Ninjasmoker and I have long felt that Eugene, Oregon is one of, if not the most marijuana friendly city in America. Eugene, Oregon is the current home of federal medical marijuana patient Elvy Musikka and Eugene was the city that the legendary Jack Herer lived the last years of his life. Ken Kesey was a Eugene area fixture and his well chronicled bus is still located in the Eugene area. The Mayor of Eugene, Kitty Piercy, is a pioneer in marijuana policy reform. Below are some excerpts from the Register-Guard which explains why I make that claim:

“Local medical marijuana advocates have at least one friend in high places. That would be Mayor Kitty Piercy, who will attend the Global Marijuana March rally Saturday at the old Federal Building at Seventh Avenue and Pearl Street.”

“Pro-pot Web sites are buzzing about Piercy’s upcoming appearance at the event as well as her decision to issue a formal proclamation marking today through May 6 as “Medical Marijuana Awareness Week” in Eugene.”

“Eugene has always been a place for for lack of a better word marijuana enlightenment,” said Allen St. Pierre, executive director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, or NORML, based in Washington, D.C.

“But for a sitting mayor to come out and be this public about it is really rare,” St. Pierre said. “Not many of her peers are coming to events about reform.”

Local medical marijuana patient Jim Grieg who serves on the Willamette Valley NORML chapter’s board of directors met with Piercy two years ago and persuaded her to declare a “Medical Marijuana Awareness Day” in Eugene in 2007.

Grieg, a 57-year-old Eugene resident who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and uses a wheelchair, returned to the mayor’s office this year to request that she issue a proclamation in support of medical marijuana programs.

“It didn’t take a whole lot of convincing,” Grieg said. “I think she’s really shown some leadership qualities by doing this.”

Piercy, who said she has a friend who used medical marijuana to gain relief from symptoms associated with ovarian cancer, realizes that some people might criticize her decision to publicly address the issue.”

How many other metro areas in America can say their mayor is as awesome as the City of Eugene? While medical marijuana communities across the nation are getting harassed, Eugene dedicates an entire week to medical marijuana awareness. One of my favorite quotes about Eugene is from Ninjasmoker. We were at Skinner’s Butte Park in Eugene smoking pot in my car and I asked him if we should be more discreet since a cop or narc might roll through.

Ninjasmoker said, “I’ll put it to you this way, I have smoked here at least once or twice a day for like two months now, and I’ve never seen a cop, not once. I have seen dozens of people smoking pot over by those trees, and I saw two hippies having sex by that bike path over there, but I have never, ever seen a cop.” I think that statement can be applied to much of the Eugene area.

What about TWB readers? What do you think makes a town or city marijuana friendly? Do you personally live in a marijuana friendly area? I hear that Ann Arbor is amazing, and that Missoula shares a lot of the attitudes and demographics of Eugene. At the international level there are a lot of marijuana friendly areas in British Columbia, Canada, and obviously places like Amsterdam. Please leave comments below so that travelers and re-locators can benefit from your knowledge.


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  1. Land of the free ! Too bad other states won’t end prohibition and follow the states like Washington and Colorado, Shelly just don’t cross that border to Oregon or you’ll be hung

  2. And over an ounce you face a ten year sentence. A crappy state to visit or live in as far as I’m concerned

  3. I’m hear you on that, Oregon is a policed state, And the police will violate people in every way. You have no rights as far as the police are concerned. A rotten state

  4. I learned this the other day in school which kind of ruins 420 day for me which is that 420 is also hitler birthday :( fuck!!!

  5. Tulare county Ca.. I’ve been a medical marijuana user here for three years and never gotten any flak other than once being ask to put out a joint on private property (Kmart parking lot). The big dispensary here in Goshen has full support of the Tulare Sheriffs dept, and has never been shut down in the past three years. I always smoke outdoors, and when I travel to L.A. I often just walk down the sidewalks smoking, never had anyone say anything to me.

  6. I live in Baltimore Maryland. In the city police have better things to do than harass people about some weed. You know murder and whatnot. But the county is totally different. With md state police monitoring I95 if you get pulled over and have herb you are most definitely going to the clink.

  7. I’m from Aachen, Germany (Cannabis capital, most of the smuggling from the Netherlands happens here) and I’d say apart from the police forces it’s a quite MJ-friendly city, but even among them I know some officers personally and they don’t care that much (Quote: “What joint? I don’t see anything.”). Pot smell at every streetcorner and you can smoke in public without anyone being offended by it. Glad I’m not living in 100% drug war state Bavaria, I guess I would be in jail for years by now; oh how I love my state :D

  8. Oregon is terible They harassed me as soon as I crossed the border, searched my car with dogs in 100 degree heat as my kids stood crying. I had medical in Cali, but it meant nothing to them! Not going back there. Whoever says that state is weed friendly is wrong!!

  9. Oregon sucks! They harassed me as soon as I crossed the border, searched my car with dogs in 100 degree heat as my kids stood crying. I had medical in Cali, but it meant nothing to them! Not going back there. Whoever says that state is weed friendly is wrong!!

  10. I live around Chattannoga, TN. In the middle of the bible belt. I am able to find some nice medicinal grade cannabis, but there is a high risk when traveling with it.

  11. I wish I lived in a marijuana friendly environment! I live in Salt Lake City Utah. Being a daily recreational user it is very complicated but I still do it haha :) mary jane is worth the risk!

  12. Im in manchester – England, I dont worry too much walking round with it, take a little care but not much!

  13. Palmdale, CA is so unfriendly I think they paid guys to shoot up the one legal dispensary just to close it down.

  14. Here in Tucson, I don’t worry about getting busted smoking while out and about. Will stand right out on the street and smoke in some places.

  15. Michelle Michaels on

    Painkills2, thanks, I will repost. I appreciate the response from you. :-) Have a good one!

  16. That’s odd, they usually don’t censor on this website. Maybe disqus lost your post? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve posted something, only to check back 5 minutes later and it’s not there. Don’t ask me why. Why don’t you try again?

  17. Michelle Michaels on

    My comment was deleted? I thought we could share if whether we had a cannabis friendly city or not? Didn’t realize that only the positive was allowed. Please advise if I am wrong. Thanks.

  18. Now we need the Mayor of Grand Rapids, MI to do what the PEOPLE wish for him to do the same. As for now you will end up a felon in this city! The time for reform is now. Get informed and learn the truth. Seek out the Mayor and ask him for support for this issue. Decriminlize , Legalize and make it safe to obtain.

  19. I didnt think it could be better anywere else. Colorado has this MMJ thing going on and I’m proud to see them taking a lead in out right Legalization as well.Now Denvers mayor is setting 7 million aside for cannabis research. Absolutely NO WAY things are better for the Cannabis movement then right here in beautiful Colorado. Love it!

  20. Medicine Hat, AB Canada is NOT a ganja-friendly city. We have a higher number of police per capita than any city in Canada other than Ottawa, and our cops make $90,000/year. To put it in layman’s terms they’re racist, homophobic and just generally dicks.

  21. You saw two hippies having sex by the bike path in Butte Park? Uhhhhh, was that on December 2, 2011? And did one of them have really long black hair?

  22. I highly doubt I was not behaving myself like a civilized adult human being. I give the respect to others as they would me. Being out of line I think not. But to alter a police report from the actual events that played out is typical of the Oregon State Police to gain a conviction. Yes I am calling them a bold face liar. As to admitting to my charges there’s no denying what was in my possession but for them to try to blow their case into a bigger charge than what there was is another thing. I’m not going to go into details but cops do lie. And Oregon State Police do it well. I agree yes carry less than a ounce and that is a misdemeanor. Thanks for your input Dav

  23. It depends where you are in the state and the police and the legal system usually don’t grant leniency to people who pretend to know more than them, and don’t behave themselves like civilized adult human being. the first time you get out of line with the police you seriously damage your chances at any type of break the moment you start flipping the officer shit. Which I’m sure no matter how you argue is the case here. also learn to obey all traffic laws and to not shuffle off the blame for your faults to other people. and also know the legal system carry under an ounce when you travel. that will ensure not getting a felony in most states, of course if you can’t leave with out less than an ounce stay home…

  24. I’m from redneck Nevada, moved to Cottage Grove OR, Eugene, Boise, Kennewick WA. and now Vancouver WA.
    I’m here to tell you…Seattle, hands down!
    Eugene comes in @ #2…

  25. Legalize Wisconsin on

    happened to me! fuckin porter county, got pulled over for having dreads and dressing like a stoner, officer couldnt give me a reason why he pulled me over

  26. Dear Medicinal friends the safest and weed friendly it has to be O’l sweet home San Fernando Valley Ca. they got more dispensaries then hospitals there literally in every corner.

  27. Traveled to Oregon to visit friends, Had over a ounce on me, Got pulled over by Oregon State Police for a traffic infraction they created in their own delusional mind. Needless to say I have a California medical card which is no good but in the state you reside (I knew this but have to medicate). Was facing two class B felony counts which carry a maximum 10 year sentence. I’m age 50, so it might as well been a life sentence. All I can say is stay in your own state with weed. Oregon showed no leniency. Except to force me to take Probation (which in most cases I’d never put myself in that position). I can honestly say Oregon is NOT a weed friendly state. BEWARE !!!

  28. Daniel McCarthy on

    Pinellas County, Florida is absolutely schitzoid when it comes to weed. They slap you with a huge bond and ratchet up the charges as high as they can, But if you get caught with “hard” drugs, It’s low bail or ROR. It’s still 1958 down here.

  29. Jim, was wonderful meeting you last weekend. You inspired me greatly and I will march forward in Wisconsin!

  30. Outraged, 
    contact me through the Voter Power Foundation office in Eugene.  I can tell you the names of the Peace-Health Pain specialist, and an Internist I see.  Both of them have signed my OMMP paperwork.Jim Greig

  31. Outraged, 
    contact me through the Voter Power Foundation office in Eugene.  I can tell you the names of the Peace-Health Pain specialist, and an Internist I see.  Both of them have signed my OMMP paperwork.Jim Greig

  32. Waco,TX is a closet smoking cannabis city, but 90 miles South down I 35 in a city called Austin Ucanrollitupanytime,TX. is a cannabis friendly city, as strange as that my be considering Austin is the capital and “RDP A. K.A. (Rick Douchebag Perry) is governor.

  33. This as far as Peace health hospital goes is Not true! I have been a medical marijuana patient for 15 years and have dealt with both cancer and HIV and am now being forced to choose between opiates or Marijuana which i use for different reasons one for neuropathy pain the other for nausea from the powerful antiretroviral medications sounds outrages but true!

  34. Mormon run Utah prohibits alcohol among its members, yet owns all liquor sales in Utah.
    Alcohol is a much harder drug than cannabis, yet Utah is very militant about marijuana. Plan on a strike force if you’re suspected of using.

    Utah is totally insane about cannabis.

  35. I live in northern Indiana if you get caught with a joint there will be lots of police cars you will be handcuffed and hauled away to jail with real criminals it’s a Fucking joke it is costing taxpayers lots of money and now there are places selling fake pot that can be harmful . The real dangers from weed are from making it illegal.

  36. i live in Trinity County (Hayfork, CA.); it’s everywhere here, but, there have been some huge busts cause of the lieing Feds…forget them; thats what the majority does here, right next to Organic everything..

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