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Do You Want To Consume Marijuana For A Living?


work for marijuanaI think it’s every marijuana consumer’s dream to consume marijuana and get paid for it. If you live in Denver, Colorado, you have the chance to do just that. OpenVape is hiring a quality control specialist. The details for the position are below. It’s times like this that I wish I lived in Colorado. The deadline to apply for the job is today, so if you are interested, you have to move fast:

Do you want to consume cannabis for a living?

Denver, CO January 17, 2014

The world is changing and we are at the cutting edge of that change. Our cannabis-related products set us apart from the competition because, as we say, “It’s what’s inside that counts.” We believe this is also true of our people. After all, it is what’s inside the company that counts to the customer and to each other. To prepare us for our rapidly growing business, we’re hiring like crazy and looking for smart, forward-thinking problem solvers to join our world-class passionate team. We are not a new industry we are doing industry in a new and different way.

Keep in mind we operate in a constant state of innovation, speed and energy. Be ready to bring your best ideas, your passion for cutting edge products, the desire to help us build an emerging world-class culture and your learner’s heart. There are no egos here, just an amazing array of people who are mission focused. What is inside you? It counts to us!

Position Summary: Cannabis Quality Control Specialist (CQCS)

We’re on the hunt for a Cannabis Quality Control Specialist to sample, evaluate and document details about our cannabis products. This is not a joke. We care deeply about the experience our customers have with our products and the CQCS will be helping guide us in our quest for the perfect experience. You will be consuming and evaluating the highest quality cannabis products in the world.

The ideal candidate knows the ins and outs of all forms of cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles and topicals. They need to be serious about strains and have a well-founded knowledge of medical and recreational marijuana here in Colorado. The position requires that you articulate the experience and evaluate the product. Additionally, you must be comfortable communicating your expert opinion.

To apply for this position, please do the following:

–  For an extra bonus – Create a 1-3 minute video demonstrating why your are the perfect person for this very special job. OR send us a picture shows why.

(Make sure to tell or show us that you are O.pen! Demonstrate why we should hire you and at the end say your name and “I am O.pen!” (It helps us also if you share this video with your friends. We like our employees to be connected)

–  Send your resume and letter WITH link to your uploaded video or photo to: jobs@openvape.com

– NOTE This is a full time position and you must be 21 or older to apply. Compensation is commensurate on experience.

Deadline is March 1, 2014.

Once submissions are approved we will select the top 20 finalists to visit our office in Denver for special interviews.

Source: OpenVape Facebook Page


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  1. why the FUCK dont any SF dispensaries, with all their millions, have this position? THEY COULD REALLY USE IT!!!(most of ’em dont even want PATIENTS with any cannabis knowledge)

  2. I would love to help save our world with you & open minds to the legality of why cannabis/hemp is the answer we all been looking for but most don’t know it yet because of misperceived lies that led us in the wrong direction along time ago..

  3. Pretty please let me know of any future opportunities. I just seen this… I’m very qualified, creative,an excellent cook in regards to edibles & such. I have a lot of passion & drive that I would love to help share to the forefront of my dreams becoming a reality.

  4. Didnt see this on Facebook till March 1st. Ive been smoking since 93 and reading HighTimes since 97. Things like this domt slip passed me. Thats weeding out at its finest. My tongue can taste C – AAA grade with efficiency. This post popping up this late… I taste burro caca!

  5. u guys r no offensr idiots if u believe postings like this, there is no way this is real or legit, there r tox tests to c how much thc is in bud and THINK about it…what r u gonna do? pinch a little off every single plant grown and then wait for u to come down? also 6 hours burn time for a brownie recipe is a ridiculous and tedious amouny of time if u actually have a life beyong getting stoned like oh sy family or friends or a job that needs attention

  6. I would move there just for the job ” this blue dream is heavenly, smooth and heady fragrence” I could do it! Retired nurse looking for a good weed job. I make my own butter to help with my back pain, swallow a teaspoon of frozen butter with my coffee in the morning ( cut up in pieces). This cuts out all those unwanted calories. And totally works. Keeps me off opiates with out all the side effects!

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