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Do You Wear Marijuana Related Clothing?


marijuana tshirtDo You Buy Marijuana Clothes?

One of my prized possessions is a t-shirt with a huge marijuana leaf on the front of it. I originally bought the shirt my senior year in high school (1999) to piss off my principal. It has created more conversations for me than any other piece of clothing that I own. Whether I’m in a grocery store or doing something else around town, I always see people staring at it. Many people ask me where I got it, and I always use that opportunity to encourage people to vote for whatever marijuana initiative is going in Oregon at the time.

I’ve always told myself that if/when I start making good money, I’m going to buy enough marijuana clothing to have an entire wardrobe. I want marijuana hats, marijuana hoodies, marijuana t-shirts, and I even want marijuana shoes and boxer shorts. I dream of a day when I can afford a custom, tailored marijuana suit to wear to events.

Do you wear marijuana related clothing? Do you want to win free marijuana clothing? Of course you do, doesn’t everyone? Whether you attend marijuana events, want to make a political statement, or just want to look good to other marijuana consumers, wearing a sweet marijuana shirt or hoodie is a great way to let people know that you are 420 friendly. The holidays are coming up, and marijuana clothing items make a great gift. I know anytime someone gives me a weed hoodie for a present it definitely makes me happy.

Below are some awesome examples that you might want to consider getting your hands on. The company that makes them is having a contest. ‘Like’ their Facebook page between now and Christmas, and they will choose three people at random and give them a free clothing item. The company that makes them is also having a Cyber Monday sale on their shirts, check them out!

marijuana tshirt

(Click here to buy this marijuana shirt)

marijuana hoodie

(Click here to buy this marijuana hoodie)

marijuana tshirt

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marijuana tshirt

(Click here to buy this marijuana shirt)

marijuana tshirt

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marijuana tshirt

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marijuana tshirt

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marijuana tshirt

(Click here to buy this marijuana shirt)

marijuana tshirt

(Click here to buy this marijuana shirt)


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  1. Cutting edge, non agressive cannabis clothing >>>> local company based out of Colorado, ONE OF MY FAVORITES! LOOKING CHIEFTON AF

  2. “Trust your hunches (^scammer^). They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.”
    Joyce Brothers, brainyquote

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  6. Down Under pro Marijuana on

    i’ve got around 10 t-shirts, i’ll snap them up when ever i see them.
    favorite 1 would have to be
    (God made Weed, Man made Alcohol.. Who do you trust)

  7. He didn’t have the right to search as for probable cause so my charges will be dropped” nope… doesn’t work like that either

    Actually that does work. If police search you without probable cause and find something incriminating The charges wont stick. Maybe its not like that in every state, but I know here it is. I actually have gotten charges dropped because there was no probable cause to search.

  8. I myself would say something to anyone that is wearing a MJ shirt i love meeting new ppl,, i went to a falls party didnt know anyone but my cousin ,but i had some really good MJ and the end of the night i was really good friends with most of them :))

  9. @Don, where you been lately? The cops don’t need much to constitute probable cause anymore, if they ever did. That said, I do lile canna-clothes! Just wouldn’t wear in public setting. At least until it’s legal. I bet lots of States will follow CO and WA in 2016. Especially after they see how much money the States make just from taxes alone. Add in licensing fees, etc…. I believe CO is projecting 70 mil in tax revenue.

  10. >Get Pulled over
    >Marijuana shirt
    hmm, not too bright of an idea. Unless of course you NEVER have marijuana on you (Not saying that the OP carries around weed all the time) but yeah, most stoners do lol

    OHH, and try pulling “You have no right to search” yeahh… that doesn’t work all the time
    Most people who say “Just say you have no right to search” have NEVER been in the situation themselves and are just talking out their asses. Let me be clear – IT DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT!!!! Cops will do whatever they want -_-

    And more importantly do you think anyone gives a rats ass about a person who goes around wearing a marijuana shirt?
    Dude – “Judge, he violated my rights”
    Judge – “You’re wearing a marijuana shirt dumbass”

    AND ALSO, once you get caught, you’re caught. You can’t pull a – “He didn’t have the right to search as for probable cause so my charges will be dropped” nope… doesn’t work like that either

  11. There was a good article on AlterNet yesterday about what to do if you are stopped by the police. Let’s see, she said there were three phrases you needed to remember, ummm… Okay, I’m gonna have to go back and read that article again. I should probably get those three phrases laminated on a card I can carry around.

  12. Actually, that’s not the case. The “Probable Cause” complaint is never really accurate. Police need “Probable Cause” to get a warrant to search your property or person or, if they think a criminal act is in progress, they need “Reasonable Suspicion” to detain, search, etc, however in both of these cases the police must have, and be able to cite, specific evidence (circumstantial or otherwise) that lead them to their belief. A guy looking at a cop as he passes by would be a pretty hard sell to any DA.

    Remember that police aren’t gestapo. They have rules to follow as well, however KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! When a police officer asks for identification (except during a traffic stop where he/she has already established why they’ve detained you), ask them why, and if they can’t offer a reason, you simply ask if you may go. If they say no, you are being detained and they need to have specific evidence for that. If you are detained, the next thing from your mouth should be “I’d like to speak with my attorney”, and that is all.

    People get themselves into trouble by thinking police are their friends. They are not, nor are they your enemies. They are here to protect us from real bad guys and we should do our part to help them within the bounds of the Constitution.

    Just my two nugs.

  13. You’re talking theoretically. I’m talking real world. I just read an article recently where the cop said the reason they searched a car was because the guy was wearing a shirt with a mj leaf on it. Heck, I was watching Cops the other night, and the cop decided to pull a car over because the passenger turned and looked at the cop as they drove by. Probably cause is whatever the cop wants it to be. Knowing the law is certainly a good thing, but knowing how things work in the real world will benefit you as much if not more in the long run. If you want to break the law (and not get caught), don’t advertise it.

  14. Taking orders for medicinal Christmas edibles Christmas Cookies, Chocolate Covered Peanut butter Canna-Bombs, Canna-toffee, special orders accepted txt 1-323-400-4446 Discreet shipping worldwide.

  15. Nope,been a very low key smoker for about 20 years. Sadly such attire just brings unwanted attention.

  16. I own multiple pieces of MJ related clothing and wear them often. I was wearing my “Legalize” one, and entering the local Winco, a Taxi driver called me over. Thinking he was looking for directions, I strolled over and said “You lost, Bro?”. He smiled and said “love your shirt” and handed me a fat doobie. In return, I ran back to my truck and pulled out a nug of my best OG and returned the favor. I’ve met lots of people while wearing my shirts and some have become great friends.

  17. Wearing marijuana related clothing does not give the po-po enough probable cause to harass and search an individual, just as holding a medical card does not give them the right to inspect your premises to insure compliance with plant counts and finished goods. Know the laws, you’ll only benefit yourself in the long run.

  18. I have a “Life’s Major Priorities” t-shirt, but it doesn’t have a gamer’s symbol… The priorities pictured are food, bud, and sleep, in that order, with the picture of the leaf appearing bigger and in the center. I’ve worn it and haven’t gotten picked on yet. Of course, no one has said, “Hey, dude, like your t-shirt” or “Buddy!”

  19. I like the first two, minus the leaf. Make a statement to the usual suspects only. I’d love a leaf shirt, there’s probably one in my future, but not yet. It’s like wearing a target. How can a law officer resist the thought when at the scene of an accident, that “this person might be stoned”. Really, most anyone would think that if you’re wearing the “mark”. Not ready to go there yet.

  20. Wearing marijuana-related clothing = probable cause (remember, there’s a drug war exception to the Constitution). Not a good idea to openly identify yourself as a law breaker if you live in a non-mj friendly location.

  21. Slogans and graphics by men for men (or biker chicks), none of which I would wear.
    Since I’m not on facebook, I can’t very well click to win.
    Guess I’ll have to make my own…

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