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Do Your Part – Keep Marijuana Edibles Out Of Children’s Reach


medical marijuana brownieIf you’ve seen some of the edibles packing, you’ll understand why a child might confuse a medicated brownie with a normal one. They don’t understand the writing so that won’t stop them from trying to eat it. There are parents, doctors, and school workers that are upset about the fact that medicated treats seem to be getting into the hands of children in the state of Colorado.

It was reported from Children’s Hospital Colorado that there were 14 children that were seen in the emergency department between October 2009 through December 2011. Before the year 2009, there were no reports of children ingesting marijuana. The kids that did eat marijuana infused food were said to be sleepy and slightly disoriented and one was reported to have trouble breathing. Since eating cannabis has such a different effect then smoking it and children are so much smaller, it’s difficult for their small bodies to handle the high doses of THC that some medicated treats contain.

There was one young girl named Evelyn Hernandez, age 2, who was playing on the lawn of her family’s apartment building and stumbled upon a cookie in the grass. She managed to get in a few bites before her mother took the cookie away. A few hours later, the little girl was drowsy and having trouble walking by herself. The parents took her to the hospital and she tested positive for THC. The young girl is fine now and seems to have suffered no ill effects from eating the medicated cookie.

If you do purchase medicated treats, it is very important to keep them out of reach of children. Colorado is trying to push through new packaging that will make the treats very difficult for a child to get to but sometimes, the treats are dropped or left unattended and unwrapped where a child could get a hold of them. It’s important to keep all kinds of medication away from children, unless they’re using it under doctor supervision.

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  1. OrionElectra on

    Here’s an idea.. don’t have the stuff around and don’t get high while you are parents of minor children.

  2. Ellyn Williams on

    If you are going to have edibles in your home and you have children or grandchildren in the home, keep it away the edibles away from them. Because of their little bodies, they can get sick. Be responsible parents….Your children should always come first…always!

  3. If you have kids in the house, or visiting, edibles should be out of sight, not only reach, and never eat them or put them away when kids are watching either. This is common sense, folks. Out of sight is out of mind for kids. Edibles should be in a cupboard that can be locked or childproof, just like the cleaning fluids. Duh. Remember when you were a kid – did you ever climb up on the counter to find the “goodies”?

  4. The thing parents need to remember is calling 911 for your kid who consumed cannabis will most likely get you investigated by CPS, who may take your kids. While it may be hard to see your kid trippin balls. It’s a far better outcome then your kids being taken away by CPS due to an accident.

  5. It is the amount of cocoa that makes it dangerous. Halloween candy is mostly other ingredients. Dark chocolate is more dangerous than milk chocolate. I have seen dogs with chocolate toxicity and it can definitely be fatal. Marijuana toxicity in dogs is real, too.. we hospitalized a dog overnight on fluids after injesting pot, he was disoriented, falling over, urinating on himself, and close to seizuring. So, on the same lines, keep your edibles away from kids and dogs.

  6. the whole “chocolate kills dogs” thing is overblown. when I was a little kid, our dog ate my ENTIRE haul of halloween candy. fucker didn’t die.

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