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Doctor Offers Free Cannabis Consultations To Breast Cancer Patients


medical marijuana doctorBreast cancer is a horrible thing. I’ve had friends and family members that have had breast cancer, and it is a difficult thing to watch. I can’t imagine what it’s like to go through. Cannabis can help those suffering from breast cancer. I just read an encouraging story about a doctor in Hopland, California that is giving free cannabis consultations to breast cancer patients.

Consultations will be between 12 to 4 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month at The Soil King Garden Center, 320 Santana Dr. According to the Press Democrat“According to Soil King owner Patrick King, “If we get busy, we will extend her hours to accommodate the needs of the patients, who will also receive a cannabis medical prescription good for one year.””

It’s awesome to see a doctor giving back to patients, which is not always the case in the medical marijuana world. I’d love to see more doctors offering things like this to suffering patients. If anyone hears of something similar to this, definitely e-mail me so I can help spread the word.

Below is a video that came out on NBC News talking about how cannabis can stop the spread of breast cancer. If you know someone suffering from breast cancer, maybe share it with them if you feel it’s appropriate:


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  1. Marijuana prices vary from state to state. As to how much it would cost to medicate with cannabis, that would depend on a lot of things. Beginning with how strong the medicine is in your locality. If you can find top-grade marijuana that is strong enough to alleviate your symptoms, you shouldn’t have to buy as much. Also, if you can use marijuana as only one part of a total pain management regimen, it would also be cheaper.

    You cannot order from another state, Rachel, sorry. I’m not sure we will ever be able to do that. If you think about it, can you order any other drugs from a pharmacy in a different state? Well, I think you can order Canadian medications, so maybe I’m wrong.

    The only other suggestion would be to meet as many young people as you can, as you move through each day, make lots of friends. Ever been to a rock concert? Heck, maybe even a James Taylor concert. Then, casually, ask about pot. Kids these days don’t think marijuana is that big of a deal, so you could have some luck here.

    MMJ patients can travel to other states, taking the risk of crossing state lines with medicine. I wouldn’t suggest that, but when searching for adequate pain relief, a lot of patients take risks. Really, life is all about risk, isn’t it? :)

    Good luck.

  2. @painkills2 – Once someone has the card, how much does it cost to get the MM? And in what state? Is it possible to order it from another state where it might be cheaper than here in MA?

  3. Does someone know the cost of MM, or the process of how to get it, in MA? my sister has metastasized breast cancer and shed like to try MM for paint, etc. but was told insurance doesn’t cover it and that it would cost at least $300/mo. She’s on disability, so doesn’t have the money. Any info/help would be appreciated.

  4. Desiree Manley on

    I have Lupus SLE and CLE… I’m tired of taking pills that can mess up my organs or steal my eyesight. I’ve been smoking marijuana before I was diagnosed with lupus in dec of 08… I get social security and what not but I can barely work and the only reason why I work is because I have no choice… it’s the only way I can provide for my son… marijuana eases my aches and pains and helps me sleep as well as makes sure never miss out on a meal everyday… If it wasn’t for marijuana, I would probably be starving myself without even realizing it… Legalize in Connecticut

  5. Pebbles Trippet on

    Yes, the every year re-up is for CA. Law enforcement pays attention to technical violations in case they can’t get you on anything else. They can and do claim a patient is illegal just from being a few days or weeks or months late in re-upping. They can take your plants and arrest you and tell you to take it up in court. I’ve heard this scenario time and again. The cop asks if you have a doctor’s approval and the patient says “No”, because they think their note from the doctor which has lapsed means they are no longer protected. They should say, “Yes” but that it has lapsed and they are getting it updated. Never concede on technicalities. The doctor’s approval stands as long as the doctor still vouches for you, late or not.

  6. Just wondering, do you know why Social Security is denying a Lupus diagnosis as a disability?

    Man, $250 for the card, which state is that in? That’s just outrageous. Here in New Mexico, there is not a fee to get the card from the state, unless you want to grow your own, then it is only about $30, I think.

    I sure hope legalization begins to bring the prices for MMJ down, as I don’t know what else would do it. I would never advocate for doing something illegal, but I have to admit, the black market is beginning to appeal to me…

  7. Pebbles Trippet on

    The annual requirement to re-up the doctor’s authorization is for the convenience of the county. There’s nothing in the law requiring a new approval every year.

  8. I agree. have m.s.,galaucoma a seizure disorder and have had cancer. I believe that smoking marijuana has helped my m.s. I’ve had it 30 yrs. and am walking without assistance of any kind

  9. I suffer from Lupus and unfortunately have Medicaid at this point because I am not able to work but keep getting denied by disability. I either can accept the FREE toxic meds that could potentially rob me of my eyesight over the course of a few years…OR like I have been doing; agree to see a doctor not covered by my insurance and pay $100.00 out of pocket every visit, which by the way, is on top of the $250.00 for the card itself. It is unfair for people such as myself. Just because I am considered poor, does not mean I deserve the “FREE” toxic treatment just because I am not able to afford the natural one.

  10. To obtain a MMJ card, the highest cost is to pay the doctor(s) for an annual certification. These laws need to change, as most MMJ patients have chronic conditions and should not have to pay hundreds of dollars every year for the privilege of being part of a program. These doctor’s certifications should only have to be obtained once every three years, and even longer for those with medical conditions that are incurable.

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