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Doctors In Pennsylvania Are Ready For Legal Medical Marijuana


medical marijuana doctorPennsylvania, like every other state in America, has people suffering from various ailments. Not all of these people can treat their conditions with pharmaceutical drugs, or don’t want to because pharmaceuticals drugs can be harmful. These people would benefit greatly if Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana. It sounds like many doctors in Pennsylvania are on board with it. I just read an interesting article about medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. It included the following quote from a doctor named Jason Bundy, who works for the Center for Pain Control:

It is well known among pain management physicians that there are few good options to treat nerve dysfunction (neuropathic) pain….The relevant literature suggests that cannabis can prove more effective in treating neuropathic pain than using higher dose opioids – all while incrementally decreasing the risk posed to patients.  Therefore, I am cautiously optimistic that cannibinoid products may help a certain subset of appropriately selected chronic pain patients.

The fact that the federal drug enforcement agency (DEA) still lists cannabis as a schedule I substance (i.e. no accepted medical use / high abuse potential) troubles me though.  Assuming Pennsylvania Senate Bill 1182 passes, I plan to educate myself more on the subject, focus on best practice consensus guidelines and be guided by the anesthesiology adage… start low and go slow… in my practice and for each patient that may receive a cannabis prescription with my DEA number on it.

There are quotes from other doctors in the article, both for and against medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. I encourage you to check it out if you live in Pennsylvania. Some of the anti-medical marijuana doctors need to do some research. I’m hopeful that Pennsylvania’s Legislature passes a medical marijuana bill this next session. A real medical marijuana bill, which legalizes all forms of medical marijuana, not just CBD.


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  1. Garret Collins on

    Please tell me when a doctor’s recommendation in SB1182 turned into a ‘doctor’s prescription’? These are entirely different meanings. PA doctors have no idea what patient dosing with cannabis requires. This simple change in wording could add years more to medical marijuana’s usage in Pennsylvania.

  2. “Therefore, I am cautiously optimistic that cannibinoid products may help a certain subset of appropriately selected chronic pain patients.”

    A “certain subset”? “Appropriately selected” by you? Still hooked on big pharma, doctor?

  3. There is all kinds of doctors out there that believe just as he does. Some lie him are not afraid to talk about it. Most of the country is aware that the drug schedule for marijuana is so full of shit. How can marijuana have no medical value when it helps with more illnesses than any other drug.

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