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Does Anyone In America Still Smoke Canadian Marijuana?


canada marijuanaI Remember Smoking BC Bud

Every so often, I daydream about smoking Canadian marijuana. I remember back in the day, a lot of the super nugs on the West Coast originated in Canada. Some in California might try to argue that they have never let Canada weed infiltrate their state, due to the awesome weed that is grown in Northern California. I am going to have to ask those people to put their pride aside. All of the BC nugs were grown indoors, and although they weren’t uniform ‘super’ across the board (hence the term beast), EVERY nug I saw from Canada was superior to the outdoor I see coming up from California now.

In this time period that I refer to as the ‘BC era,’ the farther north you went on I-5, the better deal you got. So if you lived in Eugene you went to Portland, if you lived in Portland you went to Seattle, or if you were really smart you just skipped everything and went straight to Seattle no matter where you were at. The weed came in heat sealed bags, with mysterious numbers written in the corner. I remember the best weed always had the number ‘5’ in the corner. I’m not sure why they chose that number, but I know I was really excited every time I saw it on a heat sealed bag. And no it didn’t stand for Northern Lights #5, because I obtained countless strains in heat sealed bags, and the top strains always had a ‘5’ in the corner. I also remember buying it from people off of Foster Blvd in Portland, and it always had the ‘AAA’ in the corner. It was good, but it wasn’t a ‘AAA’ caliber. It was cheap though, and smelled like grapefruit!

Things changed in 2006 DRAMATICALLY. Everyone I ever knew up north went out of business. They didn’t know why they were so unlucky finding anything, until I explained to them what Operation Frozen Timber was about. At the time, these people figured it would pick up, as there HAD to be many other routes across the border. The last handful of years have proven them wrong. I literally have not seen 1 piece of BC weed since that bust. Many have tried to pass their weed off as BC super thunder, BUT I AM NO ROOKIE. I can sniff out a BC bud from a mile away.

So what’s up TWB readers? Do I have any people out there by the border that still get the ‘5’ or ‘AAA’ or ‘fill in the blank?’ Or do they even heat seal them anymore (two half pounds in zip lock inside of the heat seal)? Or is there just so much awesome marijuana in the United States now, that getting it from abroad seems ridiculous? Because that’s how I feel. I can get an ounce of the absolute finest from a zillion people right now, dirt cheap, and it’s the middle of summer. I love the West Coast!


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  1. Kyle Hardstaff on

    That pot still exists and is still mass produced, but because of the oil boom culture around the oil sands, customers started coming to the producers. In 2006, Alberta was the richest state or province in North America. Why bother with the hassle of the American border when you can send your pot one province east, mark it up like crazy and have complete control of the market?

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