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Does Anyone Still Smoke Brick Weed


brick weed bammer marijuana cannabis schwagI ran into a person that I grew up with over the holidays, and we were talking about how we used to smoke brick weed when we were in middle school. For those of you that aren’t sure what I’m talking about, I’m talking about compressed, low-grade marijuana that comes from Mexico. You might call it budget, bammer, mex, etc. If it has seeds and/or looks brownish, then that’s the stuff I’m talking about. When I was a young teenager, I used to smoke it because it was readily available. My dad had it, friends had it, and it was CHEAP.

My, how things have changed! As my friend and I were discussing, neither of us have even seen bammer in over a decade. I vividly remember taking a stand when I was 15, and decided to never smoke bammer again. It seems like most of the people in Oregon took the same pledge in the mid 1990’s, because I haven’t seen a skunky brick since then. However, from researching forums and blogs online, it seems that the ‘Charlie Brown’ nugs are still working their way around the nation.

Consider this blog post a public service announcement. Please America, DO NOT SMOKE BRICK WEED. I have several friends that worked in the MJ fields in Mexico, and they assure me that bammer is riddled with pesticides, herbicides, and in some cases, actual human waste. Also, every gram of the budget menace is sold for the purpose of making cartels money. Could you imagine a debate about marijuana legalization that didn’t involve cartels? That is an argument that neo-cons cling to, despite the fact that it is significantly flawed. True herb heads know that their nugs have nothing to do with cartels. But, with Americans smoking bammer, neo-cons always have something to point to.

If you are looking for a New Year’s resolution, take a suggestion from me; cut brick weed out of your marijuana diet! There is so much good weed available on the West Coast, that there is virtually no reason to smoke bammer. Make a trip today!


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  1. I doubt it… I’ve had the “dank shit” here when Icould find it and its low grade in cali. Like 5 a gram bud threre

  2. I live in batesville and that’s all I can find. It really sucks cuz if I was still in cali I could get top grade dispensery shit for free cuz my uncle grows

  3. It will make you feel sick and put you to sleep when you were not even high…stay away from this cruddy junk!!

  4. Henry Ganesh on

    Brick weed from Thailand range from bad to very good. it depends on how good your contacts are. Hard tell the difference, but there are some very good brick weed out there.

  5. Luiz Cesar Leite on

    As a brazilian, I´m jealous of our brothers in Uruguay … Here we only smoke bricks, growing culture didn´t arrived here.

  6. They should try to make kush more affordable i smoke it when I can afford it but you got to admit its a little pricey instead of 40 for a 1/8 maybe 30 or even 25 sounds better


  8. He said medical marijuana you dipshit. Would you say the same to someone who’s having trouble affording his Vicodin or antidepressant?

  9. So Cal …..just grabbed 1/2 oz. fresh, Blooberry for $80 …$60-70 an eighth ??? …..haven’t seen any Brown Brick in 15 years ……we get green Mexi $50-60 oz …Mexi “Pretendica”,(2-3 times a year) which tastes skunky, looks like semi-flattened “Good” Bud $90-$100 oz. Most people that see it, Don’t believe it’s Mex…..Local Sticky Icky—Highest price Bud is $200 OUCH!! oz….I’ll smoke Mexi, GREEN—no old mildewed brown crap, that’s one or two seasons old…YUCK some of that shit is rotting and smells like
    ammonia …….GROW YOUR OWN

  10. Why the fuck are you even smoking weed if youre on food stamps? You probably wouldnt need the food stamps if you werent buying weed you fucking leech

  11. You’re getting ripped the FUCK off. Find a new connect god damn 140 a quarter. Im in North Florida and get legit Cali greens for 80 a quarter. Some of you people pay fool’s prices!!

  12. HA! Fool’s out here on the East Coast still pay those fool’s price’s! Its all about who you know.
    Im getting legit bag’s from Cali, with strain description’s printed on the bag. $220 per OZ. tighten up

  13. There is a reason to still smoke brick! Affordability! Unless you’re willing to pay for my weed, please don’t tell me what to smoke or where to get it! I live on $465.00 a month! That and Food Stamps are not a lot to survive on and no, Medicaid does not cover medical marijuana in Connecticut, which doesn’t even have a place to get Medical Marijuana yet!

  14. One day when we can grow our own, then it will be just good but natural, no chemicals.

  15. As a matter of fact the last chunk i got in va had a piece of chewing gum in it. That was the point i really started missing headies. Now I’m greeting cron for the same price i was paying for swag back home.from someone i don’t really even know thanks to cl.

  16. I did back home in va. It was a last resort because something was better than nothing. But now that i live in a medical state i just get on craigslist go to health and beauty and find a “caregiver “ lol

  17. I would not mind spending more if it last me but I go thru it just as fast as I do reggie. Very high tolerance lol

  18. I don’t know where you’re getting that brown brick weed, but even here in south Texas I don’t get my schwag from Mexico. I get fluffy lime green seedless reggie from Colorado. Contrary to what people say online, some damn good schwag does come out of Colorado and it has for as long as I can remember. Occasionally I’ll come across some brick from Mexico but the cartels have lost a lot of influence and border security is tighter, so it’s harder to come by Mexican weed. Plus I can’t justify spending ten times more on something I’m just going to smoke. I like to smoke, I don’t like to spend a small fortune.

  19. Reggie is a whole lot cheaper. $25 for a half, less than half the price of your best priced dank. That’s why I can’t justify switching. I like to smoke but I don’t like to spend an arm and a leg to smoke.

  20. I’m from Lake Charles Louisiana and we call it stress or Reggie mostly everybody smokin killa now but its still fans of the stress around

  21. Foxeh Chandonnet on

    I feel old old old old old and im only nearly 30. I remember going to the shadiest dealers as a teen…and coming home with brown brick weed. Feeling so dang happy, regardless of the black crushed seeds i was picking out my bud. Regardless of how harsh it was, how much it smelled like chemical, or even how much of a headache it gave me afterwards. But these days? I damn the future! Because im not dealing with shady dealers anymore, i get all my weed from Highschoolers. Which blows my ever loving mind! These kids can get their hands on everything, and even have ‘trap phones’, ‘trap homes’…and in most cases, ‘trap families’…How does THAT work?! Not to mention they laugh at me, all the time. I’v been smoking half my life and they think im a dork, cuz i call it Shwag XD. And its better weed than i ever smoked. The ‘Reggie’ they get their hands on is ACTUALLY the color green. It blew me away.

    For me:
    Reggie is 2 bucks a gram (these kids sell it by the ziplock bag)
    Mids are 5 bucks a gram
    Highs are 10 bucks a gram
    Hardcore Medical Strains are 20 to 35 bucks a gram

    …Seriously, they wince and stammer off harder than if i started talking about My Little Pony. These Young Turks dont like hearing the word ‘Shwag’

  22. I gotta say I cant hate on the reggs im from chicago and that right there made me a lot of money not saying that kush dosent either but some people just dont like kush mostly old people I don’t know why but thats how it is

  23. Sondra Rene Eisenman on

    laughed at the cps caseworker and judge and prosecutor in texas. I would never buy the dirt weed in Texas. I just moved from socal . LMAO.

  24. I live in the middle of arkansas and that’s all you can find out here. And when you do find it its 20 a gram!! I was born and raised in california till about a year and a half ago and that being said 20 a gram is just rediculous unless its some top top grade weed.

  25. Nebakanezer Xl on

    I live in the most southern tip of Texas – Brownsville. All you need to go do to get some of that brick weed, reggie or reg is to walk outside your door and look for the most shady person and he will probably be holding. It’s cheap and I mean real cheap living off the border. I spend $55 and the dealer may give me a half a pound of the stuff or more if he’s feeling good. Personally, I smoke it here and there. I stopped more or less after high school and started spending the extra bucks for cream and kush when I went into college. Honestly, once you go to that finer green you don’t even really want to buy the brick stuff anymore – doesn’t do it for me anymore. Kinda tastes like shit compared to the other stuff. It doesn’t go down as smooth and leaves a bad after taste.

  26. don’t sleep on the mexibrick lol.

    two reasons.

    most people i come across have little to no tolerance. that walmart weed gets them high enough. beer vs wine vs whiskey vs everclear.. ya know.

    personally… great source of seeds. people think that it’s bad weed but the genetics are actually quite good. it’s all about the grower. mexicans really know how to F up a good thing. but, with a good grower, those seeds can turn into some pretty decent quality bud.

    when i first started growing (just after Overgrow got popped), i was scared of ordering seeds + i didn’t want to waste money. i didn’t have quality connects which is why I started growing. mexibrick was always available.. 20-30 seeds in each ounce. i had about 150 seeds to play with. i ran through multiple grow trials. ended up going with a DWC. the final product… HALLUCINATED for the first time.

    granted, i took a break during the entire 4 month period (seedling, vegetation, flower, harvest, dry, cure). it’s not as potent as the other stuff i’ve grown after that but if you need fast seed stock to learn or you want to give it a shot, grow some mexibrick. you’ll be surprised at how good it CAN be when grown under more favorable conditions.

  27. I like to smoke the best I can get. But if the money is too low, you eithier settle for less or nothing.Some people would rather smoke brickweed than nothing,and others would settle for nothing before they EVER smoked brickweed. I geuss it all depends on where you’re at with it….

  28. Actually bought a bag of week in a coffee shop in ADam that so reminded me of ‘brick weed’ I was shocked when I smelled and looked at it. If its what your budget allows, so be it. Grow your own.

  29. You’re crazy. Im from Miami and the Cali buds flow like water. You just aint got the right connects.

  30. laughing at ppl who pay full price for kush….u gotta know right ppl…halfs for $100…..good Cali. bud

  31. Waste of time to smoke that stuff, just drink beer unless you can get done thing decent. Stop supporting the evil cartels

  32. well in Fl “bammer” or we call it “bobby brown” weed is all you can find usually. i agree that it isnt as good as the nice green fluffy pot but its a lot harder to find so a lot of people have to settle for whats available to them.

  33. I still get it, when I can’t afford the better … Had some ‘Cinderella’ Medical last night…can’t wait for recreational legality…it’s so overdue…and hopefully…there’ll be some Quality Control, like what I smoked last night (y)

  34. Alexandre Morais on

    Unfortunantely it’s normal that in brasil you smoke brick weed, dealers try to make every single R$ out of it and weed education it’s not that great in brasil :(

  35. Alexandre Neutzling on

    hahaha man, in Brazil we only smoke brick weed… we have the worst weed of the world and our country is very conservative, no perspectives to better times, my friends.

  36. Wayne Simmonds on

    Even this brick weed sounds better than some of the soap bar hash we used to smoke when i was a kid

  37. Most people just get what they can . For 140 a quarter or 80 for a ounce ! I don’t know very many people who can afford 200 a week to smoke, until its more affordable we will all do what we must !

  38. I’m in a non medical state and I took the time to build friendships and connections so that I would never have to smoke that cartel cash-crop ever again… just sayin’.

  39. well lets see 20 bucks one gram medical thats what 2 joints if your lucky right, or 7 grams for 20 bucks, can you do the math, medical is a rip off at these prices so there will always be “brick weed” until “medical weed” can be cheap enough and available to everyone.

  40. Florida is getting more good bud the past few years but still alot of cook’s weed (brown shwag) around for the day-laborer budget. Don’t wait for the law to change, start growing NOW and change the law!

  41. “*if your bud is really badly bricked and has a ton of seeds it’s most likely coming from a cartel”

  42. had some ages ago in the UK and about 6 months ago in Brazil, apaz it was jamaican rather than mexican, but its similar stuff. I dont mind it, nice tastey smoke and a mellow sociable buzz. nice when you dont want to be completely gone, and it makes a nice change in the UK when all you can get is high grade skunk

  43. No we get even worse shit than that in the uk..im in Scotland and can get any green need to smoke crappy hash called council asbits all thats around.

  44. (Continued from last post) because of quantity. the best advice to take from this article is that if your bud is really badly bricked and has a ton of seeds it’s most likely coming from a cartel. I don’t care for the stuff cuz it gave me headaches. Best thing to do is save up some cash order some seeds and try it out yourself and only do enough for what you need. It’s not too hard unless you want to make the super dank but you would be surprised what you can get our of just a little care and some effort. And if you get the right seeds the genetics and make a big difference in maybe not quality of bud but possibly potency. Don’t condemn the man for trying to spread the word of good vs brick weed and the possibility of funding cartels with purchases of bricked buds just take the information so you can make an informed decision in the future of your marijuana purchases.

  45. Rezelent1 I live in Texas and we haven’t got medical or anything like that here but we have a healthy supply of what we call the super dank (stuff so sticky icky u can stick a chunk to the wall not like you would want to) and an even healthier supply of med-high grad or dro (short for hydro) though I prefer my bud organically grown most people still call it dro it just means well grown sensimillia no mater the growing medium. Now a lot of us do take matters into our own hands from time to time and grow a little personal but that’s not steady and it took a couple of times to get the quality we wanted. But there are people in every state that smoke every type of bud from the cheapest dirt to the best you have ever seen it all depends on where you are in the state and who you know. I know out in rural areas it’s really hard to find but you would be surprised what you could find out there, them rednecks can grow some damn fine weed if they want they just keep a low profile. Though I so agree that not all brick weed or schwagg as we call it is from the cartels I have a budy who’s dad buys from a dude he has been goin to for 30 years and he lives on a farm his schwagg isn’t bad not too many seeds and the buds still have a little fluff to them but that’s cuz he doesn’t brick to hard or dense probably since he doesn’t grow as much. The cartel’s weed is bricked because of quant

  46. I lived in ky for 11 years and i can say i had some decent mids here and there but i moved to tennessee 7 or 8 years ago and you can definitely tell a difference,in Tennessee we have loud and mids well atleast thats all ive smoked for the last 7 or 8 years,sour diesel,green crack,blue dream,but i wont lie i have had some brick weed but its very rare to find around here

  47. i agree with you totally.
    reggie always gives me a damn headache
    i would much rather pay $300 for some good

  48. i refuse to smoke midis or mexi shwag, the $10 a gram difference is not worth the headaches, heartburn and generally nasty moldy shit, id rather pay $300 (thats how much i get it in north atl) for an oz than $100 for some bunk shit that barely gives me a buzz

  49. Sorry, but when you are in a state that not even medical is legal *cough KENTUCKY cough* You take what you can get. And I agree with M.M. Ive had some pretty good shit that was broken from a brick. When all aspects of obtaining weed around here is risky and dangerous, you dont do a lot of complaining. And I refuse to pay $20 a gram for something I have no guarantee on. Y’all have been living in legal states for far too long! Step back to rural kentucky and see what that feels like, even in 2014!

  50. Seriously? you’re saying brick weed is from the cartel… well I hate to tell ya but that is just ignorant… There are so many growers in america that use this method to transport and store their goods. I’ve had killer bags that had nice little purple hairs no seeds, yet was compressed into brick.. But I know for damn sure I’m not going out and paying $20 a gram or sometimes even more for weed that was grown with chemicals (hydro) or hell any weed for that matter… there is no reason prices should be like that. Maybe…. if people thought about the customer before their pocket, we would not have this so called “crisis”… I think you should rewrite the article properly and put what you mean… The title should state please don’t buy weed from anyone but west coast suppliers so they and you can line your pockets with america’s hard earned money

  51. Some of the best weed i smoked came that way,in the 60s and 70s.The first green weed i smoked was Fallbrook red hair,now i smoke herijauna.They started compressing the weed in the mid 70s and i used to pay 90.00 a kilo.

  52. £180-£240 all depends on the quality i live in Manchester, UK, and for kush or haze we pay more like £220-£240 then its lower for blue cheese or cheeses or just some standard buds.

  53. Hard pressed brick weed is all about transporting a black market product that is bulky. Almost always it is an import. All Columbian and Central American weed was bricked in the 60s/70s. Thai sticks were hard pressed to make their trip. Later they skipped the sticks and sent Thai bricks (Often Cambodian or Laotian)

    Since the 80s bricks come over exclusively from Mexico, and go to underserved US markets or anywhere low cost weed has ready customers. For a time in the late 80s there was a wave of green sinsemilla in less hard pressed bricks. It cost half or less the price of domestic CA outdoor bud but could often pass as domestic. Spicy, crystally, and green, the best of it was astonishing. It didn’t last long, after the first wave or two, quality sank steadily back down to brown, seedy, moldy crap.

  54. bud smoker 1971 on

    you know that shitty bud you get in the brick weed well it’s indiana ditch weed we pick it sweat it brown compress it and send it south so don’t blame the mexicans it’s the good ol boys who live in places like starke and newton county who are making 100 a pound for the shit weed and after 45 years of smoking weed give me some good goldbud or some redbud the medical weed i’ve smoked couldn’t hold a candle to that bud

  55. Cartels will never stop they have their hands on good kushtoo w.e they can they will get their hands on it

  56. I just wanna say that I do think this article is a little ridiculous. Like, I’ve smoked brown brick weed that was grown on American soil. I would also mention a high times article I read and yes, they do grow some beuno mota but I don’t know what they do with it, cause they said it wasn’t ‘manly’ over there. Idk though I only get highs to mids around here and it’s pretty cheap. Coos County you can get good shit but for a bit dealers got cocky and thought they could ask 15 a g and I was about to go broke

  57. Were smokin loud down here in the Atl, if you bring brick weed you gettin kicked the fuck out

  58. What happens to the people on the east coast that have to pay out the butt for west coast weed. People cant afford 450 an oz. So yeah alot of people i know still smoke that junk.

  59. I am seeing on here that about the only places that have gotten away from “brick weed” are the states that have approved medical or recreational use of marijuana, but for the states who have not come around to the idea they are still having to buy “brick weed” due to it being the only thing that is readily available for people to buy. Now if you are lucky enough to find some good kush or some dro then the prices are so high tht to buy a 20 of it you end up getting maybe one blunt to some for that 20 you just spent or you can get a 20 of “brick weed” and roll up like 4 or 5 blunts, so you do the math on that one.

  60. Darryl Kassim Boyd on

    This article is stupid as fuck. Whoever wrote it is STUPID AS FUCK. Im so sorry that in places like, Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas,Illinois,Ohio,Pennsylvania and 40 more dont have legal weed dispensaries. Now if your stupid ass wants to pay for my 1200 mile trip and the marijuana i will come get some. Until then sit your stupid ass down and have several seats

  61. Yo im from Cali and im Mexican, i grew up smokin sess bud, stress, or “shwag” as some of you guys call it cuz it was so cheap..n its still cheap..ive grown my own BOMB bud for personal and i think backyard boogie or “homegrown” is still the BEST..ive bought ounces of chronic for outrageous prices n enjoyed it all..tha reason im writing this cuzz everyone LOVES talkin shit bout brick weed n love to emphasize MEXICO all tha dam time..we all know its from there, but motherfuckers just GOTTA point that out for sum reason..trust me ive met MAJOR players in tha herb industry from “MEXICO” n trust me ive seen them with WEIGHT n none of it was “BROWN”..they had pounds of chronic for $1250, purple haired shit for like $700, and pine smellin GREEN with very few seeds for $350..but by the time they sold it to the dude that sold it to the dude that sold it to the homeboy that sold it to people like you..they already threw a different name on it n shit! Im just sayn that GOOD herb is still grown in Mexico but the ONLY shit you guys hear about or see is “brick”..just call bunk weed bunk weed..anywayz just sum food for thought, blaze what you got maing..late   

  62. Isnt that “stress”? By the description it sounds like what we here in Cali call stress you call brick weed, I dont know how you guys could smoke so much of that it taste f.ing gross and it barely gets me a.slight head change, lots of connects here in cali for bomb stuff I prefer kush like most and I have some near everyday, im 16 and I dont abuse for those thinking all teens overdue it, and to hannah blu, you could always buy seeds from Cali and.start growing some plants, it takes a few months but It will be worth the wait when you have a bunch of nugs of some dank and its all free just for you;) I dont reccomend selling it but if you plan to then I advise you to sell only to your good friends. Happy Toking:)


  64. In AZ brick weed is still common but that shouldnt be too big a shock. The majority of people in my town smoke Mexican ditch weed because its cheap…

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