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Does CBD Help Treat Acne?


cannabidiol cbd cannabis marijuanaJust about everyone that has gone through their teenage years has experienced acne at one point or another. For the few that haven’t, congratulations for winning the genetic lottery. I know I had my fair share of acne growing up, and even at the age of 33, I still get acne from time to time. I have tried many things to get rid of it, with varying levels of success. A new study was released that suggests that CBD can help treat acne. Per The Joint Blog:

A study published recently in the Journal of Clinical Investigation and the National Institute of Health has found that the cannabis compound cannabidiol, often referred to simply as CBD, may provide a potential treatment for acne.

The study concludes; “Collectively, our findings suggest that, due to the combined lipostatic, antiproliferative, and antiinflammatory effects, CBD has potential as a promising therapeutic agent for the treatment of acne vulgaris.”

CBD never ceases to amaze me. While I don’t like CBD-only legislation, I do very much support CBD in general. It is a very versatile cannabinoid that I think should be legal in every state, especially because it doesn’t induce euphoria like it’s fellow cannabinoid THC. If you suffer from acne, and you can get your hands on CBD oil, I encourage you to give it a try and post in the comments if it worked for you or not so that others can benefit from your experience.


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  1. Hi. What concentration of CBD in oil or water is recommended as a topical to reduce oil production? I have had ridiculously oily skin my entire life and had great results with spironolactone and ultra-high vitamin B supplements, but the side effects were unacceptable.

    I am thinking of purchasing water soluble nano CBD and/or high-CBD oil, but have no idea how many mg of CBD to apply topically. The oils range from 50 to 250 mg per ml of oil, and the water has 20 mg per ml.

    Any thoughts?

  2. I have suffered with acne for years, so I did some research to find a product that could help my skin. RxCannaCare.com has CBD products that have helped improve my skin, and I haven’t been happier. I highly recommend CBD oil for acne.

  3. I know this is an old post but I’ve been using high CDB cannabis oil on my skin for just over a week now and the results are stunning. I just add it to the cotton square I use to apply my toner (lavender and chamomile hydrosol with witch hazel). I mean serious cash crop if these results continue. I use the same oil mixed with arnica oil for fibromyalgia pain. I’m so glad Oregon legalized the stuff. It’s amazing.

  4. How would you recommend treating acne, boils, etc. with CBD oil? for example, topically or via drops under the tongue.

  5. So where does one actually purchase cbd in the correct form to put on ones face for acne treatment. Or i guess oral contraceptive?

  6. Captain Obvious on

    I found more luck googling “cannabis anti-microbial”
    *Notice cannabis is an anti-fungal and anti-viral as well.

    Also. I do see a new drug was just approved to fight MRSA called Dalvance. Hopefully, it doesnt cause it to mutate further like the other meds. (we will find out what it really does when it gets off patent/beta testing) Clinical trial data says it was as effective as vancomycin in stopping infections. The cannabis study in 2008 found cannabis was as effective as vancomycin in efficacy too. The US Government has known this since the 50s. If I recall a study in the 50s that even confirmed efficacy similar to vancomycin. Though I cannot get any study info to show on my pc to reconfirm. (could be user error or pc though) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14411912

    Vancomycin was from the 50s as well. Today Vancomycin still is one of the most expensive antibiotic meds. Not to mention it has long term side effects/damage and miserably nauseating/painful while taking.

    I have a hunch that the 2008 study inspired some research being conducted now to replicate and confirm some findings and hopefully soon more data will get published. Any competent research scientist wanting to make a name for their-self is probably all over it.

    If the US continues to drop the ball by denying research or controlling what benefit research gets approved, I am confident the research will always continue in 3rd world countries as it always has. They have the most to gain since most in the world cannot afford vanco or Dalvance (both physically and in $). Those are meds never made for the majority of the world to use.

  7. I didn’t know that cannabis was an antibacterial, so thanks for that. Looking at a 2008 study, it indicates that this potential (to address antibiotic resistance) “has not yet been investigated.” But it goes on to say that “All five major cannabinoids… showed potent activity against a variety of… (MRSA) strains”

    Don’t see any current research in this area after a google search… you’d think somebody would be working on this.

  8. Captain Obvious on

    Cannabis is an antibacterial and also a vasodilator. Therefore. food/white blood cells can get to the acne site along with the antibacterial properties. I am not sure if they can officially say (researchers) it was due to low cannabinoid levels yet. However, researchers have been recently announcing probiotic skin therapy to be the cure. As it happens, giving someone antibiotics may in fact cause the acne as it kills all the good bacteria on your skin. Your skin, like your entire body, needs good bacteria to maintain its ecosystem and balance. Hence, the rise of the mutated superbugs from too much antibiotic use.

  9. High CBD hemp oil is available now, legal in all 50 states!! Check out holistichopefl.com for CBD rich products shipped right to your door!

  10. Captain Obvious on

    Cannabis has already been proven against huge acne boils from mutated superbugs like MRSA that antibiotics cannot kill. This is the most commonly under-diagnosed issue as it carries significant legal baggage with not many tools for doctors to provide a cure or control the disease.

    FACT: More Americans die every year from invasive MRSA infections than from HIV/AIDS or H1N1 flu.


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