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Does Justin Timberlake Use Marijuana?


justin timberlake marijuanaDoes Justin Timberlake Use Marijuana? Absolutely

One of America’s most well-liked entertainers just publicly admitted that he uses marijuana. That’s right, Justin Timberlake, boy band ingénue, actor, and all around nice guy, told Playboy that he uses marijuana to, well, relax. How refreshing to see someone dealing with the pressures of fame by using something safer than alcohol, instead of jumping on the crazy train.

From US Weekly:

“The only thing pot does for me is it gets me to stop thinking,” the Bad Teacher and Friends with Benefits star explains. “Sometimes I have a brain that needs to be turned off. Some people are just better high.”

Whatever his reasons, it’s good that someone with such a high profile feels comfortable sharing his experience with marijuana in public. No one should ever have to be afraid to disclose their marijuana use, and they certainly shouldn’t ever go to jail for it. Hopefully such statements by universally admired celebrities will help people feel safer starting that conversation.



P.S. – Anyone that has seen the movie Alpha Dog knows that he’s smoked marijuana for quite some time. You can tell when people in movies are true potheads, or if they are just actors. There’s a certain demeanor I suppose….


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  1. Thanks Justin for helping bring those that are stuck in 1920s idea of what Pot does if you smoke it. I have been smoking for 43 years .Instead of drinking and getting in trouble everytime I just smoke and it all levels out and I can relax. I don’t need half the prescription drugs either .But, I go get those also for when I can’t find any reefer to buy. Thanks for telling the world that took guts,.

  2. I can’t comment on Timberlake’s reasons for using (to “stop thinking”) , although I will say that cannabis has the opposite effect in my case in that it stimulates thought.

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