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Does Marijuana Cure An Alcohol Hangover?


After a long night of drinking alcohol, can marijuana help get rid of that hangover?

We have probably all been there at one time or another – the night before was an alcohol binge drinking fest, and you are now paying the price today with a mild to massive hangover. Considering the amount of New Year Eve parties across America last night, I’d imagine there are more than a few people that are reading this hungover right now. You are probably desperate for ANYTHING that will make you feel better, right? Alcohol hangover symptoms include the notorious headache, upset stomach, and possibly aches and pains, plus who knows what else.

Most of the unpleasant symptoms experienced during a hangover are caused by two factors: the diuretic alcohol effect that causes the drinker to become dehydrated, and the toxic effects of alcohol poisoning of many systems of the body. Marijuana of course does not rehydrate you or flush alcohol poisons from your body.

However, it can help you indirectly by helping you eat. A commenter on a marijuana.com forum stated the following that I think sums it up nicely, “It doesn’t “cure” them… a hangover will stop once your body has rid itself of the leftover alcohol and been rehydrated. I use marijuana for hangovers because it cures my nausea and allows me to drink water (which I usually just throw back up) and get food in my stomach. It’s not a cure per se, but it definitely helps.”

I found one website called thedrunkpirate.com. The drunk pirate had the following to say about marijuana and alcohol hangovers, “I can handle the headache. It’s the nausea that kills me with a hangover. In case you don’t know it, Cannabis is prescribed to cancer patients in some states as a cure for nausea. Now I know that if you’re the type of drinker you say you are, chances are you have a friend who’s a pot head. Snag a doobie from him and stick it in a safe place (freezer) for the next time you have one of those nausea hangovers. You can wake up, take a few hits, and then eat your General Tso’s. Be warned: Don’t get too high. Being high and hungover is not fun.”

To me the biggest benefit to smoking marijuana after a long night of drinking alcohol is that it makes the hungover person more tolerant of their symptoms. Even before I have re-hydrated, and alcohol is still poisoning my blood stream, if I consume marijuana it helps my head feel better and the symptoms more tolerable. It’s not just that way for a hangover, marijuana has the same affect whenever I have almost any pain or ailment. Smoking marijuana makes me feel better every time.

One thing for all readers to take away from this article is that alcohol is literally poison, and it will make you sick if you consume too much of it. Compare that experience with marijuana, where the hangover is much less likely. I have personally never had a ‘marijuana hangover,’ but I have heard about it from other consumers, mostly rookies. How about for a New Year’s resolution, people promise to not drink alcohol next New Year’s Eve and just smoke marijuana. According to recent studies, that would result in less crashes on the streets and obviously would lead to less hungover people on January 1st!


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  1. Im really messed up after last nights party and i hate feeling nauseous!!! Though i prefer smoking weed other than drinking 110% of the time except last night of course But i did smoke weed this morning had a glass of OJ, peanut butter sandwich and feel good. Round 2 tonight … Jk

  2. I’m gonna be honest, I’m young and i definitely made a mistake last night. That being said I am feeling awful. Serves me right for being stupid but to help a little (as I already use marijuana as medicine for my anxiety) I was thinking of using some but I’m afraid the high will make it worse. I’m a light weight.

  3. dude.. i have a hangover right now and was looking for a simple YES or NO answer… this is way too long to read

  4. I rarely consume alcohol but will a couple times a year. So last night went out with the guys and had a few to many for me. I’m a light weight when it comes to beer, I had like 6ish in 4 hours. I threw up on the way back to my house (was not driving) and continued pretty much the whole night, Water would instantly make me throw up. I had some Gatorade and threw that up. The whole time I was thinking if weed would help but in my mind I felt it would make things worse so I didn’t smoke this is at 5am. Urgent Care opens at 8am so I was trying to sleep till then. Woke up at 10am which a very sore throat, headache, nausea , and felt weak. But that was an upgrade from the night of threwing up so much. Found this blog post and took a hit before going to Urgent Care and …BAM problem solved, My nausea is gone, headache is getting better, and I can keep down food and liquids!!

  5. I am no Rookie (been smoking about 10 years), and I do get Marijuana hangovers which my group of friends tend to call ‘stone overs’. There not anything really like hangovers, you might have a bit of a headache since weed is a diaretic and so you might be a bit dehydrated but besides that there are no other PHYSICAL effects. However, mental effects are found, in that I often feel detached from the world around me like I am cocooned in a bubble that is my bed, never ever wanting to move from it… LIke it’s harder than usual? It’s not unpleasant as such, but still. I also tend to feel lazy and unmotivated (No surprises there, but what I mean is more than usual), I can also find it hard to concentrate and no matter what I do all day, I just can’t seem to wake up. My theory is after a particularly heavy night’s consumption, your dopemine levels are through the rough, and these symptoms are caused by your brain-chemistry still being a bit hay-wire. It’s funny, ’cause when I am like this and I smoke a bit more, I find I actually have motivation which makes sense since it is dopemine that controls it.

  6. Thanks for the advice, I said bye to my hangover within 5 minutes! I also feel that weed could help if you’ve been feeling shitty like I have all morning, so that when you feel something good, it feels really good in comparison.

  7. I’m an alcoholic with lots of hangover experiance.been soeber 26yrs.now.I go strictly weed now,trust me its the ONLY way to go!

  8. Unfortunately I always feel the effects of alcohol the next day, even if I consume a small amount. I’ll do what’s suggested with water, food and B12 the night before and still feel something unpleasant the next. No nausea for me just a mild heading and a feeling of irritability the day after. However, if I consume a small amount of weed in cookie or brownie forms about an hour before bed, I wake up feeling super happy. I’m convinced it’s the most effective hangover pain killer out there. Highly recommend this wonderful hangover treatment.

  9. last night I had waaay too much whiskey. WAY TOO MUCH. I feel like death, to the point where weed just sounds like it would make it worse, I may just dip into my stash.

  10. Last night drinking budlight and 5’oclock and who knows what else! Woke up had to get the medicinal! Always works! Its the best thing next to a bacon sandwhich no lie!

  11. TLDR. When I’m hungover, I don’t wanna read a long-ass article like this. Just say yes or no.

  12. I dunno i was out drinking captain morgan black last night and i just felt reallly really groggy and sick and gross feeling this morning. just riped a bowl of sour d and i feel so much better and i can definetely eat.

  13. Actually, a big factor in a hangover is the constriction of blood vessels. Yes, this is often related to dehydration, but marijuana does help prevent this.

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