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Does Marijuana Help Epilepsy?


medical marijuana blogWhat is Epilepsy
Epilepsy is defined as ‘a tendency to have recurrent seizures (fits).’ That simple sounding definition is misleading; epilepsy is an astounding complex medical condition.

Seizures are caused by a disruption to the electrical activity in the brain, causing the brain messages to become confused or even to stop temporarily.

What causes epilepsy?
For the majority of epilepsy sufferers — 60% of them — the cause of their illness is unknown. For other sufferers causes are varied and include: traumatic birth, severe blow to the head, meningitis or other brain infection, or a brain tumor.

How is epilepsy diagnosed?
There is no test that can conclusively diagnose epilepsy, although a recording of brainwave patterns (EEG) can provide useful back up information if a physician suspects that epilepsy might be the problem. Diagnosis is based on the patient’s description of their symptoms and the expertise of the doctor.

Treatment for epilepsy
Conventional epilepsy treatment involves the use of anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs), which act on the brain and suppress or reduce seizures. If these drugs don’t work (and they don’t always) brain surgery, vagus nerve stimulation and a ketogenic diet are possible alternatives.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation
Vagus nerve stimulation involves the implantation of a small generator under the skin just below the collar bone. The generator sends electrical impulses to the vagus nerve via a small coil that wraps around it. The impulse passes from the vagus nerve onto the brain, helping to lessen the frequency and severity of seizures.

The Ketogenic Diet
A ketogenic diet causes the body to go into starvation mode; it is high in fat, low in carbohydrate and provides just adequate protein causing the body to go into a state of ketosis. The diet was developed early in the twentieth century and was used to treat seizures in children. As anticonvulsant medications were discovered the diet went out of favor but it is once again widely used in the management of children with epilepsy.

Medical Marijuana and Epilepsy
Drugs such as Tegretol, Dilantin, Klonopin, Mysoline, and Zarontin are notorious for their appalling side effects, which include: anemia, headache, hair loss, depression, psychosis, gum swelling, impotence, and loss of libido. It’s truly a case of the cure being worse than the original condition. Given these problems it’s no wonder that patients, doctors, and researchers are exploring other avenues of treatment.

Marijuana patients report reduction in headaches as well as reduction in seizures when using cannabis instead of conventional medication. And, as we reported just yesterday, researchers have found that marijuana use may indeed be beneficial for the epileptic patient.

A recent UK study has discovered that marijuana could used to treat epilepsy.

Epileptic seizures are caused when bundles of nerve cells in the brain send the wrong signal and are characterized by strange sensations and/or behaviour at the time of ‘misfiring.’

The exciting news is that researchers at the University of Reading have found that some of the compounds contained in marijuana are effective at relieving these seizures. The compounds undergoing assessment are Cannabidiol (CBD) and GWP42006, both of which have been highly effective at preventing seizures in animals. Trials into the effect on humans are to begin within the next three years.

Dr Ben Whelley, who heads up the research team, commented, “There was a stigma associated with cannabis that came out from the 60s and 70s associated with recreational use, so people have tended not to look at it medical benefits.”

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  1. Rude dog 50cal on

    I don’t smoke but I used to when I was younger my dog just
    Having seizures yesterday morning in all I counted 5 within a period of 4 hours and she hasn’t been right since so I blew Hal half a bowl in her face she seems to finally be sleeping ok how often should I
    medicate her and how much

  2. Lucas Taylor on

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  3. Aaron Foster on

    NATURAL & EFFECTIVE TREATMENT TO SEIZURE (EPILEPSY): Our son has temporal lobe epilepsy, He has seizure and had a grand mal with rage episode (8 men to hold him down), Our son’s seizure is constant throughout the day according to EEG results. We had used several medicine which include: 600 Epilem 100 topolex 150 Epitec X2 Daily Dopoquel and cilift, Keppra, Topomax lasted for about 3 days, but I put an end to that due to my son losing weight and being lethargic. I recently got a natural medicine that handle Epilepsy with no side effect. It is an herbal medicine. William Herbal Product is the only effective treatment I have ever used.
    Note: There is no cure for epilepsy yet but effective treatment of Epilepsy is available. for more info, contact Dr.William with this Email: drwilly37@gmail.com

  4. I’m 20 years old and have seizures as well.
    If I wanted to start smoking to cure my seizures because I don’t like the side effects of the medicine I’m in now, what kind of weed would I be smoking? Is it like street marijuana like kush or corn or is it medical marijuana with diff kinds of names that Iv never heard of?
    That may be a dumb question but I would just like to know..

  5. fuk you i have a masters degree omw to a phd. i have epilepsy from a head injury your prolly just some ged ppick up….continue.

  6. Trollll….you need to learn how to spell, that is of course, if you went to or completed school in the first place. If the answer is no? I guess then I shouldn’t bring up your piss poor use of capital letters.

  7. AnDreigha Mihaly on

    I’m 21 years old n epileptic. I’ve suffered from seizures since I was alil girl. I go into combultions, stop breathen n could die from the seizure disorder I have. A couple months ago I went into an 3hr seizure thanks to stress n a hit in the back of the head n almost died from it nthanks to my epilepsy n medication that I take that supposivly is suppose to stop my epilepsy made me hava miscarriage. So now I can’t hava job, can’t drive n can’t hav kids n my seizures hav worsend for the past few yrs, but ever since I started smokin marijuana it seems as if it helps my epilepsy n doesn’t make me go into combultions. I told my drs that it helps me they told me to stop so I did n went into a bad seizure. So I went back to smoken n said fuck the police, fuck the government, fuck the law, I kno my body n lived w epilepsy all my life n marijuana is the only thing that helps my epilepsy. I wish it was legal in Pennsylvania because marijuana is the only thing that seems to help n treat my epilepsy, the main marijuana that helps me is called ” sativa “. So if ur epileptic n hava bad disorder to where u can die from one simple seizure I wuld smoke sativa marijuana because I personally found out that smoken marijuana does help n save epileptic people. Jus wish other people could see that. No more medication….smoke marijuana…legalize today!

  8. I took kepra and it work for a little while now I’m taking vimpat my seizures just started after i had a stroke today my seizures are extreme. So far I only have them in my legs back and arms they don’t go away. So I must be having several I’m willing to try anything. I use to smoke marijuana years ago and if it takes smoking it again I will.

  9. How is it our fault that we have epilepsy?? Last time I checkd its unpreventable n there is no way to stop neone from getting it. I was diagnosed as a child n I just found out that it runs in the family. We have a right to explore wat could help us!! Don’t be such a closed minded ass


  11. Youdontknowwho on

    Sucks to live in Merica! . And I’m sorry but personally health of YOUR body should come first in your life. If using marijuana as a form of relief , by all means do it, Dont live your life scared that the big bad FEDERAL laws will throw you away.

  12. disqus_BKygc7qwoc on

    Hi I’m 29 and have been experiencing extremes numbness in my hands to my shoulders and from my feet to my hips. I have had every test under the sun done and have officially been ruled out for MS. Two months ago my pcp filled out the paperwork for my mmj license here in CO to help with the nerve pain and inability to walk on my bad days. Yesterday my neurologist told me that she thinks I am having migraine induced still seizures and wants me to start taking clonazepam (0.5 mg twice a day)and gabapentin (100 mg once a day for a week and increasing by 100 mg every week thereafter until I’m at 600 mg day). I did not tell her about my mmj card as this is all new to me and I am unsure of which doctors if any I am to tell. Obviously my pcp knows but my neurologist is a specialist in Denver. I am also on a small list of other meds while trying to discover what is going on with my body (sertraline 100 mg daily for OCD; carisoprodol/soma 350 mg daily for painful muscular knots; meloxicam 15 mg for rheumatoid arthritis; minocycline 100 mg daily for acne). I have searched and found many many conflicting sites about potential interactions and my pharmacist didn’t mention anything, but I’m curious if anyone else should know before i speak with my mmj provider. Thank you for your time!

  13. You have no choice but to have seizures. You are not living in a free society. FEDERAL law prohibits cannabis. It takes precedence over state law. I am epileptic, and I don’t want to be placed in a concrete cell.

  14. I take a medication called Kepra, it’s a little pill I have to take twice a day, I have Epilepsy, the last seizure I had was in December of 2011, before that it was January of 2009. Now many of my friends that smoke say it’s good for you if you have epilepsy, I kinda believe them but I haven’t tried it for myself to see if it works.

  15. I have had seizures 4 the past 8yrs, I have been through hell with medication, tests and now there talking possible surgery. I’ve also been smoking pot for yrs and the times my seizures are the most controlled is when I smoke. When I don’t have any or don’t smoke I almost always seizure. I don’t no how to confront my Doctor about it, or tell my mom there is a reason I smoke if any suggestions I’d love to here from you.

  16. Njfirstblood on

    HI Aunya..ive been having partial and full seizures for ten years now..i do smoke cannibas everyday..and the days i dont smoke i usually get my partial seizures..just last week..i didnt smoke for 2 days and was a little stressed about it..then i got a full migrain then had a full seizure..just got back from my doctor told him about it..he told my the pot causing the seizures.the guy obviousely wasnt paying attention to me ..and just didnt care..i highly beleive that marijuana helps my sezures…..matt

  17. I had brain surgery for epilepsy I never had a attack for 6 months but it’s back will weed help or can you get a liquid form … Please assist I’m from South Africa

  18. hi my mame is Aunya’ I am 21 and hve epilesy I had my 1st seizure at the age of one which caused a stroke on my left side after that one I never had another until I was 15 now I hve thm all the time if not just about everyday I started smoking marijuana at 18 when I was with friends and I felt so much better no seizures or migrains but soon as I go a day without it my seizures and migrains come right back any suggestions wha I should do or say to my doctor it will be truely helpful please and thank yu

  19. Donalddavis5519 on

    robin if you have a fb account please send me a friend request what the doctors told you angers greatly

  20. Karolmenco83 on

    I’m 27 years old from Col. and I being suffering with simple seizures for 17 years, I came to the US and after a couple of test I found what I had and got prescription for Keppra I had never taken it, I’m afraid of the side effects; a couple of month I tried a smoke of marijuana and I can’t be 100% sure ’cause is too early to say, but I being waiting for a seizur since then like normally happen, after I go to the movie theater or a night club with flashing light, but so far nothing yet.

    It is possible that with one time smoking … I will wait more time before I come with a conclusion but so far this is amazing me.

  21. Yes! I went from being told to wait for my death to complete control. It ended all of the pain, misery, and suffering too, as well as the depression. I was fortunate in that where I had lived, IA, the police are decent folk. They leave medical marijuana patients live in peace. It’s not legal in IA, but the police don’t arrest people who have a clear medical need. It would be stupid to arrest someone would be dead by the time that they were arraigned.

  22. I have epilepsy. My doctors had told me that they had nothing to offer me. Go home and die, they had said. I had tried marijuana. It worked (Note high levels of THC trigger seizures. A great high from some nice bud is too much THC). I was living in a small farm town in IA. The local police are decent folk. They knew that I was using marijuana. They leave medical marijuana patients live in peace. The police stop the people from addicting little kids on meth and oxy, and the police stop the sex perverts. Nice folk. I know a lot of medical marijuana patients. Most of the people that I know do NOT want to be stoned. You can’t function if you are impaired by a THC high. We just want to live, and live without pain or depression. Today I have Rx drugs that work. We don’t need medical marijuana laws if we had the common sense that of the mid-west. The mid-west lives by a code of common sense.
    It makes no sense to arrest someone for using a medicine (even if it is illegal). If it saves lives, and ends misery, leave people live in peace.
    Recreational use is another matter.

  23. Hey guys I’m 14 and marijuana has stopped my seizures due to bilant rolandic epilkepsy I started smoking when I was 11 and I had no idea weed prevented my seizures which brought me into semi depression. When I started smoking more frequently and eventually everyday my seizures stopped and I honestly can’t exactly remember the last time I had a seizure. This may not be the case for everyone but it worked for me and even though my parents don’t like it (they are extreme Hippocrates) I continue to self medicate myself.

  24. My name is Jessica and im 18 years old throughout my whole life one of my oldest brothers has been suffering from epilepsy. My brother is 24 years old and was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of three and has taken so many different medications. Hes gone through so many surgery’s he had the Vagus Nerve Stimulation, he had Corpus Callosotomy, and other things. i see what the different medications do to him, the way they make him drowsy, irritable, tired. And it hurts to see that none of his surgery’s are making it go away. They’ve helped, at least for a period of time but then things go back. And i know he wants to be independent and get a job and support himself but his epilepsy wont let him. I just want to know if this could really help. are there any trials in Florida that he may try to be part of to see if this culd be his solution ?

  25. I’ve been a smoker for 30 yrs.I found out 5 yrs ago I had epilepsy, and as the years have went by they have gotten worse and worse.I I’ve noticed that when I run out my seizures get more, and more . And more, and more violent. I’ve been being having up to 20 or 30 a day. But with the smoke I may have 2,3 a month.I live in south Carolina and and need support. How can I make this work? I’ve already been disabled because of the epilepsy! So why can’t I get the medicine that helps me the most? Marijuana!!!!! Is my life not worth saving, just like all the other guys and gals just like me. Should not matter what state you live in if there’s something that helps us that the doctors can’t make then give us what God made for us.

  26. hi, im 30 year old male from the uk. i had epilepsey as a child and started to smoke cannabis at the age of 14 and found that i was no longer haveing attacks anymore. i stoped takeing my aed’s and carried on smokeing up untill 2 years ago when the job i am in started doing drink and drug tests and i came to the conclushion that my job was more important to me than my recreational use of pot.now in the last 2 years i have had 3 attacks and am now stuck in a limbo as i want to start smokeing it again but i dont want to loose my job in these uncertain times. where do i turn? how far has the research into pot gone as far as epilepsey is concerned? any help would be greatley appreciated..

  27. Jeff Swenson on

    I started trying that about a month ago( I’ve had seizures for about 12 years, I’m 32 now) I was wondering how long it took for you to notice that it dose help ?

  28. Joanne Robinson on

    I have smoked weed for 30 years and have been drug free of the epliepsy drugs Phenobarbitol and dilantin for 25 years and have not had a seizure in 15 years except for the ones I have during my sleep I have been sezure free for a long time thanks to weed

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