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Does Marijuana Help Grow Brain Cells?


Marijuana brain cell growthCourtesy of The Joint Blog

new study published recently in the journal Neurochemistry International has found that a compound in cannabis can help grow brain cells.

“We tested three compounds: cannabidiol, cannabigerol, and cannabichromene (CBC), and found that CBC has positive effect on the cell viability of mouse NSPCs [adult neural stem progenitor cells]during differentiation in vitro“, states the study’s researchers.

The study, which was conducted by the Institute ofBiomolecular Chemistry and funded by a GW Pharmaceuticals grant, is one of several studies which has found that cannabis can stimulate brain growth.

Researchers conclude that; “Taken together, our results suggest that CBC raises the viability of NSPCs while inhibiting their differentiation into astroglia, possibly through up-regulation of ATP and adenosine signalling.”

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  1. The original article above is talking about various cannabinoids and a quote from the actual research paper says this: “This study aimed at elucidating the effect of major non-THC phytocannabinoids ”

    I don’t know how this can become any clearer. Oh yeah, maybe it’s a good idea not to light up when reading and discussing this subject. Brain cells may be effected in other ways like reasoning ability.


  2. There was a hour and a half discussion between the participants of Sanjay’s CNN Documentary and they all agreed that they wished the program had spent more time on the actual science than Pothead Culture. They also acknowledged that the Medical Cannabis movement has to separate itself from these Woodstock Era Stoner Cultures if they are going to be taken seriously. And I simply agree. Any substance can be abused and/or misused.

  3. I wish Sanjay would have explained it better. While other drugs consist of one main ingredient (alcohol is just alcohol, tobacco is nicotine), cannabis is a giant cocktail with over 85 different cannabinoids that each have their own unique medical value. He never should have described Charlotte Figi’s medicine as medical marijuana. He should have just said medical CBD.

    And p.s. THC is a cannabinoid.

  4. We have the resources so that anyone may enjoy cannabis and all other plants. Watch Jacque Fresco.

  5. Him and his friends or any human should have the right to grow anything they want being parsley, kale, cannabis for personal consumption. Using cannabis medically and using it for pursuit of pleasure and/or happiness in no way should be prohibited to anyone.

  6. In response to an earlier post: the sale of marijuana is illegal in the state of oregon and this person with the ‘Hemppoil’ avatar sounds like a narc, not an alchemist.

    everyone who wants real information about hemp oil should be directed to phoenixtears.ca and anyone who wants it should’t be desperate enough to take contact information from an unknown source online. very unsafe. look around your area for resource centers that stock it. HB3460 just legalized dispensaries to register in the state of oregon, but certainly not the sale or purchase of marijuana. please be safe everybody, we’re not out of the woods yet as medical marijuana patients.

  7. Robert Dewayne King on

    You should do a little more research before posting mate !
    Yes there are some strains bred for more of the other cannibinoids than THC , But THC is one of the most effective for a lot of problems that you would be taking cannabis for !
    Singleing out any one compound for dismissal or preference because of your prejudice against “stoners” just shows your ignorance and bias !
    Ignorance is curable with education , Stupid is terminal !!

  8. There really needs to be a separation from the common popular word/term “Marijuana” and Medical Cannabis. The medical cannabis plant referenced in the CNN documentary was not the same type sought after by Pot heads. It had the THC bred down and the canabinoids bred up.

    While the traditional name and common iconic artwork used in promoting catches the attention of readers, it can also distract from the main purpose here of medical potential as opposed to the legalization in general which would greatly help out our spammer friend below meet up with more pot heads looking for nothing more than a high.

    Does anyone else get this ?

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