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Does Medical Marijuana Help Treat Diarrhea


Purple NugDiarrhea treatment using Medical Marijuana

What is Diarrhea

Well, we’ve all had it, that’s for sure. For those of you who are not familiar with this river of fecal matter, think of diarrhea as a casual turd, not very compact but quite fluid. This turd flows around the end of your digestion system in a very loose manner, resulting in a watery stool. Diarrhea rarely comes alone and is usually combined with cramps and in more severe cases — fever. It may be a result of an infection, heavy drinking or just bad food.

Still, even though it looks, sounds and seems harmless, around 3.5 million people die from it each year. Most of them are kids under the age of five and they can’t really smoke a joint and feel better, can they? Luckily, there are many cannabis-derived products that reduce the effect of diarrhea and don’t leave you stoned out of your mind.

Cannabis and Diarrhea: The Research

When we dug deep down all the way back to 1886, we discovered a December edition of the Indian Medical Gazette which provides actual evidence on how cannabis is used to treat diarrhea. Dr. Turner, who worked at the Holloway Dispensary, came across a number of cases in which diarrhea was not only the main but also the underlying problem of many illnesses. He came up with a formula whose main component was cannabis. And it worked.

How Does Cannabis Help Diarrhea?

This formula specifically consisted out of a cannabis tincture, chloroform and morphine. Diarrhea is most common during the summer, followed by a fair amount of depression, cramps and nausea. With the usage of cannabis, these symptoms have not only subsided but the overall condition of the patient improved greatly. Still, to be fair, temporary weakness and debility were common after using cannabis in combination with morphine and chloroform. Specifically, cannabis works as a motivator for the anodyne part of morphine, stimulates the central nervous system and serves as a wicked appetite booster. Morphine usually makes you lose appetite, but weed makes a phenomenal comeback in that department and speeds up your digestive tract so you actually recover faster.

Therapeutic Cannabis Dosage for Diarrhea

Again, this depends on the smoker. If you’ve never tried cannabis before, get a weaker strain, put a small amount of weed in a bong, joint or vaporizer, and go for it, a couple of hits should be just fine. Don’t mix it with tobacco; get it in your system in the cleanest possible way. Make sure you get an indica dominant strain though as they have been proven best as painkillers and best appetite boosters. Out of many terrific indicas out there, there are a couple of them that work wonders for diarrhea. Try out strains such as G-13, Master Kush and OG Kush. In fact, any Kush is pretty much a dominant indica so you won’t fail either way. Oh, and if you’re under five years old and your parents are reading this — make sure you get a cannabis indica tincture as Dr. Turner suggested.

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  1. Got me through an 8hr train journey in India while suffering from diarrhoea – swallowed a small ball of hashish (size of a pea) before boarding and another one 4hrs in, didn’t need to go once and made an otherwise uncomfortable journey pleasantly mellow…

  2. oral steroids after surgery left me w/ diarrhea for about a year. Cure oil treats it when I have the oil- quite unexpected result of my using a tiny bead in a gel cap daily. I wanted to sleep better and control pain, so the benefit was pretty amazing!

  3. Works as a tincture, in my case did not work when inhaled, if ingested it slows
    the intestinal tract. Have been diagnosed with crohns for 23 years and this
    stuff has kept (also conventional meds) alive during the last 15 years, was only
    recently able to be licensed to grow own supply.
    My finding is some strains work great, others not so much.

  4. Johnny oneye on

    well if it dosnt help, dont panic .the side effects are only dangerous to twinkies!
    read some side effects of prescription drugs. now decide!

  5. i can tell from experience that it works great for both diarrea and constapation.

  6. Dude thanks for the 4-11! But how can I get marijuana if I don’t got my Med card:(

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