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Does North Korea Have Better Marijuana Laws Than America?


north korea marijuanaI just read an interesting article about marijuana policy in North Korea. Marijuana is legal in North Korea, which is interesting considering just about everything else is illegal in North Korea. And not only is marijuana legal, but it seems that it’s use is very common and marijuana is easy to acquire. Maybe that’s why Dennis Rodman keeps going there?

I would never recommend anyone traveling to North Korea. North Korea’s track record on human rights is horrible to say the least, and if you travel there, you may never get to come home. However, it’s fun to talk about the differences in policy and enforcement in regards to marijuana between North Korea and the United States. I think it highlights just how dumb federal politicians are when it comes to marijuana policy in America. North Korea, arguably the strictest country on the planet, has legalized marijuana yet the United States still considers marijuana to be a dangerous drug. Very odd indeed.

So what is the marijuana like in North Korea? According to The Bohemian Blog:

Known in Korean as “ip tambae,” meaning “leaf tobacco,” it is grown in large plantations before being handpicked and dried for consumption. Enjoyed primarily by the working class and service industries, this ‘special plant’ is praised for its therapeutic properties. It’s often promoted as a natural and healthy way to relax, as well as soothing aches and pains resulting from hard physical work or active military service.

However, before you go thinking that Pyongyang is the next Amsterdam, it should be noted that the marijuana in North Korea is not very strong. This is cannabis which has been grown naturally in mountainside fields. While the flavour’s all there, it’ll take a few well-packed joints before one starts to feel anything approaching the effect typical of a Western crop. That said, at prices like these some might not consider this a problem.

I wonder if we will see ‘North Korea Kush’ popping up in dispensaries any time soon?


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  1. It would have to be pretty damn good for me to try anything with North Korea in the name. And since their bud is so weak, what self-respecting flower would want to walk around with that moniker? Maybe a good name for a CBD-only strain…

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