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Does Shaq Smoke Marijuana?


shaq weedIs Shaq Smoking Marijuana In This Video?

Clearly, there is smoke coming out of Shaq’s nose, but what kind of smoke? I’ve never seen someone hold a drag that long of tobacco smoke. But, I have seen many, many people do it with marijuana smoke. I’ve also never seen someone blow tobacco smoke into someone’s ear, but I have seen it done with marijuana smoke (admittedly it was with a cat!) many times before. What do you think TWB readers, is Shaq smoking marijuana? Shaq is retired, so maybe he doesn’t give an f anymore. He would clearly be eligible for a medical marijuana card with as many injuries as he has. Of course, Shaq is also a notorious prankster, so this could just all be a farce. I will leave it up to the bloggers to decide.


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  1. no! its his gf just blowing into his ears and its coming out his nose!! DUUH.. its clearly there.. its her that smokes weed not him.

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