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Does Smoking Marijuana Concentrates Increase Your Tolerance Level?


ganja jon dabsDoes Smoking Concentrated Forms Of Cannabis Increase Your Tolerance To Marijuana?

By Berry White

In my life, I have been lucky enough to self-medicate/smoke marijuana for over half of my existence; I have smoked sativa’s, indica’s and hybrid marijuana strains from all over the world. As one who grew up in the marijuana fields of the Central Coast, I feel as though I have a pretty good grasp on THC tolerance, as well as the other active cannabinoids that provide that feeling of bliss we all seek.

One might notice when they smoke copious amounts of marijuana, that after a time you need to consume more pot in order to offset your increased tolerance level. The other day a few of my friends and I were sitting around having a conversation about whether or not vaporizing wax (marijuana concentrates) further increases your tolerance to marijuana.

If it does… obviously this would not be a good thing for the old pot budget. While I love the instant elevation of vaporizing concentrates, I also like to smoke my favorite marijuana strains for their flavors or terpene’s. It’s not that weed alone no longer gets me high; it’s just that if I smoke concentrates, I can get to my desired elevation by smoking less combustible medical marijuana.

A Little Dab Will Do Ya’

By starting off with one or two waxes, budder, or oil dabs — I find that I can reach my desired elevation much more quickly. Then I just take one or two bomb hits of good weed — and not just purely for the flavor; rather for the other cannabinoids that are only available within the marijuana flower. The complimented high attained with the combination of marijuana concentrates and flower together, provide the ability to access additional cannabinoids which will give you a more robust and well-rounded high.

When looking at marijuana concentrates, the first thing we notice is that there are many subcategories. Most of your typical marijuana concentrates will fall within 4 classes: Hash Oil, Honeycomb Wax, Budder, and last but not least Kief. When looking at these four subcategories of marijuana concentrates, the one thing that they all have in common is that they are all created by disturbing the cannabinoids, causing them detach from the plant material.

The separation of the active cannabinoids from the plant is accomplished with either friction (tumbling the trichomes off) or extracting the active cannabinoids with solvents, such as butane. When one listens to medical marijuana patients speak about hitting the “nail,” it becomes quickly evident that there are many new and different terms used to descried the action of smoking concentrates… all of that aside, most are just different way to vaporize.

Not All Concentrates Are Created Equal

Waxes are an excellent way to preserve most of the important active cannabinoids provided by the marijuana plant; that being said — be careful. Much of the marijuana concentrates that we see on the shelves today at your local medical marijuana collective is a byproduct of grow room condition issues. As one who speaks with many mmj patients and growers alike, I cannot begin to remember how many times I have had the conversation with marijuana cultivators whining about “fucking spider mites covered my buds, time to whip up some concentrates,” or “the powdery mildew wiped us out, time to make wax out of it.”

Due to the greedy nature of this short sighted thought process, you’ll want to make sure you know who’s making the concentrates your consuming. When purchasing your concentrates from a medical marijuana collective – if they don’t already… ask them to test their products for contaminants!

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  1. concentrate means exactly that….so you end up concentrating everything. You have powder mildew on your leaf? Now you made a concentrate of powder mildew….not good. If you have any of these problems look into polishing with Hexane and salt water. Ensure a good purge after. Pain in the ass but better than giving your patients a concentrate of a spray or mildew

  2. The first two hits of the day is the best. . There is a peak level and anything more will numb that cool high. A good dope needs no ‘alterations’ but poor strains is better when concentrated .

  3. The Hemp Viking on

    Although I enjoyed reading this article, it does not answer the main question of wether it does or does not increase your tolerance level. My opinion is that it does, but it’s just an opinion based on empiric evidence, not controlled tests. I came here because I thought you had an actual answer, but the article turned out to not even be about what the title made me think. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wanna sound like a d*ck, but the title is just misleading.

  4. Yes it raises your tolerance I am a seasond smoker of 30 years I grow my own medical marajuana and have for the last 5 years oil raises your tolerance for sure I smoke about an ounce a week. These days it’s to relax and the flavors. You don’t get the good flavor with oil or daps nearly. The green is the way to go ,a little dab on top never hurts. some times you just need a little extra jolt,but then don’t smoke the oil again for a couple of days.

  5. So… does it raise your tolerance or not?

    I would suspect it does, but… I don’t actually have any idea.

  6. As long as you have premium bud that you only have to hit a few times to achieve an effect, this plan works fine.

  7. You don’t want to increase your level, it’s really simple, if you smoke a few hits and get really stoned and you keep it up you will work up your tolerance to a quarter soon enough, but why? Now you’re spending money on a quarter everyday to get the same high you got off of a few hits when you started, so the better solution is this, work on using marijuana only when you need it, and not as much as possible, that way not only do you save a ton of money but you save a ton of product too!

  8. I’ve noticed an DECREASE in flower tolerance to be honest. Being in the Bay Area I have access to a wide variety of flowers and concentrates. Been dabbing pretty hard lately and it seems like the dab high is more (for me) of a head high, where when I smoke some really good outdoor flower or organically soil grown indoor flower it hits me like a ton of bricks. Used to be 1/4 would last me maybe a week. Now, with the concentrates a gram of wax and an 1/8 will last me almost two weeks.

  9. Itsbeenawhile on

    Okay guys so I haven’t smoked in a very long time due to work and drug tests but my wife and friends have recently been smoking dabs in the house while I am here with them now I know that contact high from regular bud is essentially and urban legend I used to smoke I know what being high feels like and occasionally I miss it but I digress my question to you good folks is my chance for popping in my drug tests increased from being in the same room as my family while they smoke concentrates any opinions or info found would be much appreciated thanks

  10. As long as my guy can different strains of marijuana…..ive never noticed and increase in use…..i go through about a quarter every 2 weeks if its a different strain….if its the same then my use might increase to an extra 8th over a 2 week period…..

  11. What I have notices going years back is that basically I don’t need to use as much once I get started, which helps the buget too. All the hybred around and the high quality of the hydrponicly grown strains allow me to really not need to roll a joint as it just too much and seems to waste it unless I’m sharing it with others too.

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