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Does the California Marijuana Initiative Really Bring Legalization


As many of you know, I spend every day reading marijuana blogs and articles. I have seen a growing trend in the marijuana movement; people are speaking out against the California Control and Tax Cannabis initiative California Control and Tax Cannabis. I’m not talking about ‘the other side.’ I’m talking about marijuana consumers themselves; pro-marijuana activists that feel that the initiative isn’t really legalization. Here is a quote that I recently came across:

“I think people are going to make a mistake if they vote for this…If they think they’re voting for legalization, they’re not. They voted for restriction of marijuana.” Before you brush this comment aside, you must realize who said it. The quote is from Dennis Peron, do you recognize that name? You should, because he is the guy that authored Prop 215 in California, and is considered by many to be the ‘godfather of medical marijuana.’ I’m going to be honest, I don’t agree with Mr. Peron.

I am willing to admit that the California initiative is not a blanket legalization act. There will still be limits on the square footage of cultivation space allowed, and there will be a possession limit. But isn’t that still better than the current limits of ZERO? As it stands right now, marijuana possession is a crime in California, and cultivation of marijuana is even worse in the eyes of the law (non-medical of course). If this initiative became law, it wouldn’t provide unlimited protection, but it would allow MORE protection than there is now. Isn’t that worth it? I know if I were a California resident, I would much prefer SOME legalization, instead of NO LEGALIZATION, which is what California has now. Do any TWB readers agree? Feel free to sound off if you don’t!


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  1. California215Patient on

    yes, BUT …..

    hemp and cannabis (that you smoke) is NOT THE SAME THING. they are in the same family, but you cant get high off of smoking hemp. hemp generally measures 0.01-0.03% THC vs. cannabis, which is MUCH MUCH higher. i agree with you 100% of the benefits of hemp and hemp products ( which by the way, hemp seed is an extremely high source of protein and vitamins, you could literally eat only hemp seed and live a full healthy life).

    legalizing hemp and legalizing marijuana are two separate things.

  2. I’m currently living in Alabama but have lived in Texas, New Mexico and Nevada and I’m in full favor of the measure. Looking back on a broken policy of 1937 and the destroy pharmacy companies is a good way of natural meaningful reform in health care. It’s good for the environment with the production of hemp for paper, clothes and etc. Then, the reduction of crime with no more financial support of illegal business franchizeses in the country would do wonders for the criminal justice system. The tax revenue and regulation alone will generate a buzz of government income. The jobs created would also be good from tourism and advocacy lobbyst firms to support federal initiatives of a national scale. Unfortunately this will not occur in the deep south till well beyond my life expectency unless I move out of here with my computer science degree from Auburn University in like three years or so. Maybe San Francisco, California or L.A might be where I’ll move my future company as well! Good luck with your initiative!
    Peter, AS

  3. California215Patient on

    the reason alot of medical marijuana patients are speaking about against pro-legalization is not because the limits are to low, its because once marijuana is legalized within the state for everyone to possess,grow and consume, the value of their “cash crop” with plummet. being a “215” myself, and knowing virtually hundreds of other MMJ patients, thats what the “big buzz” is. as an example, look at the reaction of humbolt counties growers and their local government. their local government has not only condoned the cultivation of illegally grown marijuana within their county, but HAS ENCOURAGED IT. their (Humbolt Counties) whole economy is based on an illegal operation rght now, and if its legalized, their local growers wont have the money to put into the community that they have now. all you have to do to hear it from “the horses mouth” is walk up to anyone in that area and ask them, they will freely and openly tell you. when the initiative to legalize was introduced, Humbolt Counties growers, police and sheriffs and local city council as well as their local politicians all got together and had a huge meeting. not to discuss the legalities of what they are doing, or how it might benefit their community as a whole, but what the could to to try to STOP legalization , which isnt going to happen. when it was made available via recomendation in california, the majority of californias growers procured a DR’s recomendation, which they ( the DR’s) are more than willing to issue, in most cases, without much or ANY medical history supplied or verified by the phoney patients. personally, i think the MMJ DR’s in california should be much better regulated, and HUGE penalties should be imposed on them for the issuance of a recoemndation without some sort of VERIFIABLE disability that would benefit from its use. as it stands now, the vast majority of californis voters are completely for legalization. the only ones who are really against it are the illegal growers within the state because within a few months of it being legalized, deveryone whos ever wanted to be able to grow and smoke legally will be, meaning the value of illegally grown marijuana will go down to virtually nothing.

  4. i gotta agree with you on a lot of points.
    I live in CA , grow my own.
    I will vote for this even disagreeing with the content, A closer step to de- stigmatizing.

    the weird part is up to 1 ounce is legal.
    If you have a doctors note your allowed 7 ounces , that wont change,

    to truly legalize cannabis it would have to be rescheduled

    google “don duncan , ASA” he has something to do with asking the feds to let up on medical MJ
    something i personally think they are incapable of.
    and a link to the propaganda ads

    and all the collectives that have been shut out. here , san Diego ,santa Barbra
    and all the towns enacting moratoriums

    like a snowball , Montana gathering signatures to repeal MMj

    can the geenie go back in the bottle?

    I doubt it

  5. Get it DONE! on

    PLEASE! WE MUST PASS THIS INITIATIVE!!! We’ve GOT to come together on this one, folks. We live in the real world – no initiative will be perfect. We’re closer now than we’ve EVER been since prohibition began – let’s not stumble now!!!!

    You know the expression, “divide and conquer”? Well our opponents are just loving us squabbling and disagreeing amongst ourselves. I respect people who are disappointed in this initiative. In fact, all political activism is motivated by frustration and anger. But we will always be frustrated and pushing the boundaries. No matter what passes – we’ll have plenty of work to do afterwards, fighting for justice and what’s right.

    So say it with me, now – YES WE CAN!!

  6. Marijuana has never been truly illegal. Conceding rightful jurisdiction is a major legal compromise I’ve never been willing to make.

    Essential civilian demand is where it’s at. The rest are just pot wankers.


  7. Marijuana has never been truly illegal. Conceding rightful jurisdiction is a major legal compromise I’ve never been willing to make.

    Essential civilian demand is where it’s at. The rest are just pot wankers.


  8. I sure hope Washington can do it! I know a lot of GREAT people in WA that are fighting very hard on behalf of I-1068. Like Philip Dawdy said to me once, ‘imagine if the entire West Coast was able to have a legal vote at the same time…the feds would be powerless!’

  9. I agree with this article. California will not have legalization but will have better laws than they have now.

    What we need true full legalization somewhere in this country to start the dominos tipping, and Washington State in the place and the time is right now. We have a FULL LEGALIZATION initiative that is fighting for its life against the established powers brokers at the ACLU.

    We need your support and we need it today, not tomorrow or later this week but right now.

    We have slightly over 2 weeks to get this on the ballot and no paid signature gatherers. If you believe in legalization, I mean really believe in it, please donate what ever you can at SensibleWashington.org, RIGHT NOW!

    If you live in Washington find someone anyone that is carrying I-1068 and sign it. Together we can get this done.

    Once marijuana is truly legal anywhere the rest of the world will tip like dominos.

  10. I am a 72 year old regestered voter in Humboldt,County, California and I am against any statute that taxes or regulates marijuana because I consider it a gift from God and free as rain.
    Yet I will vote for the November bill because it will help remove the paranoia and stigma of crimenality.that keeps law abiding folks away from the safest non toxic medicine on earth
    Farmers and gardners must have their personal right to cultivate cannabis, hemp, marijuana protected. by US.
    When everyone of us who smoke marijuana in California can have an ounce of good bud with us at all times a lot of us will make a lot of money entertaning friends from all over the world..
    I say “thank you Jesus “,for giving us cannabis, marijuana

  11. The important thing for any California voter (and all others) to consider here is, “What will be the consequences for the movement if this initiative DOESN’T pass?” Nationwide, the perception won’t be, “Oh, I guess the initiative wasn’t liberal enough.” NO. Instead, the mass media and DEA and all the marijuana-haters will come out of the woodwork and declare that, “Not even CALIFORNIA wants MJ legalization; the people have spoken… Now, moving on, let’s reconsider this silly ‘medical’ marijuana… Maybe it’s not such a good idea after all.” A failure for this to pass will be all the ammunition the anti-s will need to stop marijuana legalization efforts in its tracks NATIONWIDE, and even endanger medical marijuana efforts. It will be a terrible blow to any MJ activist, even those of us not residing in California. As previous posters have stated, progress usually comes in fits and starts, not all at once. This initiative is a HUGE step in the right direction and it’s up to us to encourage as many of our California-residing friends to vote for it.

    If you haven’t already seen this, I highly recommend you read Marc Emery’s no-holds-barred take on the opposition: http://www.cannabisculture.com/v2/content/2010/06/05/Why-You-Should-Vote-YES-California-Control-Tax-Cannabis-Initiative

  12. Ten years ago when I started writing letters to editors
    about 70 to 80 percent of the letters to newspapers
    advocated “getting tough on drug dealers.”

    Now at least 70 percent of letters to editors and comments
    on newspaper web sites advocate for drug policy reform.
    We have won the battle for the hearts and minds of the
    educated and informed voters.

    Now we need to win the hearts and minds of the uninformed
    voters, usually called “swing” voters. They make their political
    decisions mostly from TV ads and bumper stickers. Yes,
    bumper stickers.

    Billboards are an effective way to get the anti-drug war message
    out but very expensive. A large billboard can easily cost several
    thousands of dollars each month. On the other hand, an 18″x24″
    yard sign costs less than $2.00 each if purchased in volume.

    And labels cost just pennies each. To be effective the message
    must be short and simple. Suggested yard signs and labels:

    Alcohol is regulated, controlled and taxed.
    Why not marijuana?

    Marijuana is unregulated, untaxed and controlled by criminals.
    Just like alcohol was when it was illegal.

    Law enforcement didn’t get rid of the alcohol cartels.
    Ending alcohol prohibition did.

  13. I sincerely hope that Washington gets I-1068 on the ballot, then those who think that TC2010 is ‘not enough’ will be able to see how weak the probability of getting what they think they want is nil in an honest election. I’d love to be proven wrong, but it isn’t bloody likely. It’s actually going to be a tough row to hoe to even get I-1068 on the ballot.

    Nathania, CA does not allow the Assembly to muck about with citizen placed ballot initiatives. CO is going to have enough problems with lawsuits based on their State Constitution.aimed at the laws recently passed.

  14. Denbee is right. Change generally does come in small spurts.

    Plus, I think the most important part of the California initiative is showing what the people want. If it passes, we know that politicians will try to restrict (here’s looking at you, Colorado!), but it’s important to show the will of the people!

  15. Esoteric Knowledge on

    Of course it’s not completely legal under the bill, we would have to live in a sane world if we were ruled by adult individuals who knew they didn’t have the power of God to illegalize a plant in the first place.

    But we live in cukoo land, where the FEDS and the DEA are acting as our God! Just feel good your not so cukoo in the head and such a coward to fear a plant so much to bring a bunch of your immoral, unthinking thugs, to invade people’s homes at gun point for a pay check to curb existence and reality from asserting itself. Think: “OMG, I’m such a wimp I can’t handle all the species in the world!”

    Yes, we will have to grow up a little at a time. Can’t grow up all of a sudden! Got to go slow for the weakling Conservatives! The weaker of our species is holding us back from adulthood! Booga Booga: ADULTHOOD!

    I wish I could live in the adult world, but there doesn’t seem to be one. No planet I can go to to find an adult existence. No country to go where the cowards of the land, the ruling elite are not afraid of a plant.

    Mankind is not ready for living along side all species yet, they say. But what are they afraid of? Will consumer capitalism fall if 1% of the population can smoke marijuana? What are they afraid of?

    Are all the governments in the world so weak that they can not stand up to a single plant? Or a single fungi?

    Fact is these people who imagine they have power over you, have no power over you at all. They never did. They simply use a system of laws and legalized thugery (idiot, psychopath thugs with guns and no brains, no guts, and no hearts) to create a control system that is based solely on violence and intimidation. The weak rule the strong. The cowards rule the brave. America.

    Fact is no organization has the right or power of God. These people are liars and cowards. Only cowards are afraid of a plant.

  16. Change most often comes in fits and surges, never all at once. Our fight to legalize cannabis is a war against 72 years of brainwashing. I am amazed at the progress over the last 5 years but I grok the word patience. Time will fill.

  17. The pure empirical view is this is not enough, it’s “Hell, why we even having this conversation.” But we must accept and recognise so now us present and future average joes will have a choice….Choice. isn’t that all we’re asking.

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