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Donald Trump Asked If He Supports Marijuana Legalization On Recent Campaign Stop


Many in the marijuana world got what they wanted yesterday when Bernie Sanders finally came out officially with his support for marijuana legalization. Prior to yesterday’s announcement, Bernie had been asked about Nevada’s marijuana legalization initiative and he said he would support it, and has made other comments in support of reform, but until yesterday he didn’t make it a point to express his support for ending federal marijuana prohibition. Bernie Sanders also announced that he would be introducing a bill soon that would end prohibition at the federal level and leave the issue up to the states.

Today, former GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump was asked how he felt about marijuana legalization. Donald Trump largely echoed what Bernie Sanders said the day previously, but with a kind of backhanded comment about problems existing in Colorado due to legalization there. Trump has made similar comments in the past at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference in regards to ‘big problems’ in Colorado. I don’t know that he’s ever specified what those problems are, but to be fair, I don’t know that anyone from the media has asked him. This isn’t the first time Donald Trump has said these things before as far as support for states’ rights, and especially medical marijuana, but never this strongly. Below is exactly what Donald Trump said today, via YouTube (thanks to Tom Angell for tweeting about this!):


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  1. There’s no rational reason for holding the financial success of his father against Donald Trump. He’s a tenacious, resilient, straight shooter in his own right. And a good friend of Israel as well.

  2. Jörn McKnight on

    “Someone doesn’t go from a $1 million starter loan to a net worth of $5-10 billion net worth by being a reckless loose cannon”

    You’re right, they do it by inheriting their fathers 260+ million dollars in 1990’s currency value, along with all their parents’ thriving businesses and assets.

  3. Good enough for me. Cannabis has been a Food, Fuel, Medicine and Building Material for thousands of years it has only been illegal for the last 75 years.

  4. All the more reason to legalize marijuana for people who have addiction problems it is the best alternative to alcohol or other drugs! It is not a gateway drug that is all a bunch of bs. People who smoke shouldnt be discriminated against by employers or the government leaving them no other alternative other than alcohol or prescriptions.

  5. Doc – uh…no they are socialist programs, do you know what socialism is?? we are already a quasi- socialist country now…

    If we had no socialism in our country…there would be no “SOCIAL(ist)” programs to speak of….anytime you rely on the government to provide a service that technically could be done by a private company..its a socialist program…

    I know..it’s scary to think..ooohhh boogity, boogity, booogity..we have socialist programs in place….but we do…sorry

    ref: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/socialism

    Full Definition of SOCIALISM


    any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or
    governmental ownership and administration of the means of production
    and distribution of goods


    a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state


    : a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

  6. The illuminati is a boogie man we invented to use as an excuse not to take personal responsibility for the condition of the world.
    Grow up.

  7. Hansje Van Dykhuizen on

    He’s such a ham. He’ll say or do anything to get headline news. Anything goes and nothing is too obscene on Donald’s path to become president.

  8. Being undecided myself, I won’t tell anyone else how to vote in ’16.

    But if one is going to judge Trump, doing so on the basis of his television persona alone would amount to drawing conclusions without first amassing all the facts. His written corpus as well as his construction / real estate track record paints a much more conservative, focused, level-headed picture than one would gain from The Apprentice or his exchanges with pop culture TV personalities.

    Someone doesn’t go from a $1 million starter loan to a net worth of $5-10 billion net worth by being a reckless loose cannon.

    My personal opinion is that (now days) everyone aspiring to be President of the United States is a narcissist to some extent. It comes with the territory.

  9. And Bernie will give more control to the oligarchs through regulatory capture. The more government controls the better for the oligarchs.

    And don’t forget all the enforcers more laws will require.

  10. I agree to this. I believe Trump will legalize Marijauna, but he has to “Dodge” these questions to win Republican voters who are set in their “Marijauna is wrong” ways! I truly believe this. Trump is more independent running on republican ticket because he needs the support of one of the major two political parties to actually win.

    A true hero and Dealmaker. Will he say no to the prospective income of billions of money “Staying in the US vs being sent to Cartels”

  11. saynotohypocrisy on

    I wouldn’t vote for Trump if he agreed totally with me about weed, and about hard drugs too. Way too volatile and out of control to be commander in chief. He could be narcissist in chief, no problem.

  12. I thought he was legit until he made that remark in the debate the “damn emails” remark, he handed the nomination right then and there (along with his balls) and how does Hillary repay him? She calls him a sexist. This is ruthless shit and you have to fight against real opponents sometimes and not just yell at the clouds.

  13. It’s kind of hard for Bernie to take on Hillary when most main media streams won’t give him the same exposure. Although he’s doing pretty damned good at overcoming that.

  14. Haha. Lovely thought! Would love to hear that from any of their mouths. But alas, a state should be doing it the way the state believes they should do it. The Federal government should remove it from the Federal schedule drug list so that states can do this without interference. States currently face too many hurdles between taxes, banking, employment, housing, etc. They’re being asked to swim (by the people) with their hands tied (by the government).

  15. Trump lost an older brother to alcoholism. He and his children are straight-edge.

    I’ve been waiting for him to take a position on cannabis re-legalization. This alone won’t win him my vote. But were he (or Sanders) to choose someone such as Gavin Newsom as VP he’d earn my support.

  16. like what? world peace, go to a miss america pagient , you hear all you want there with the same results.

  17. Trump is the only one that can take on the illuminati. Bernie can’t even take on Hillary and i like Bernie i would vote for him as governor of my state.

  18. I smoke and support legalization. I also support Trump for many reasons. We have a lot bigger problems than marijuana legalization. The fact that he said leave it to states is great. I think more states will come around. He is right about so many things & ur really high if you think he’s racist. So from one stoner to another let’s support #Trump2016

  19. You vote on or before on Nov 3rd, please vote, only by inaction will we fail, thus continuing the same failed policy. The country is looking to us to make this giant step. the only problems i see in Colorado is lack of housing and possibly high mmj prices.

  20. But that IS States Rights! CO has a provision in their constitution that affords citizens the right to PASS laws upon the citizenry through initiative/proposition. Texas constitution is different. It’s set up to keep the citizenry FROM doing that! It’s got to rely upon their elected representatives to do it.

  21. What Trump means by Colorado having problems, is that they are too tightly regulated and he would simply remove all restrictions on cannabis cultivation and sales and let the free market reap the rewards with the people enjoying a new freedom and liberty they deserve.

  22. Denmark and Finland have a combined population of about 11 million. The United States has a population of 320 million. What will work for one will not work for another.

  23. You’re totally clueless and definitely not a psychic.
    But there more to running a country than saying you’ll legalize weed.

  24. His opinion does matter , he could possibly become president whether you like it or not . How does his opinion not matter , you sound like a hater lol

  25. stellarvoyager on

    Denny is a Republican. He’d vote for a hippie puncher like Ben Carson before voting for someone like Bernie who actually cares about the cannabis community and the American people.

  26. stellarvoyager on

    I’m sure all those people in Denmark and Finland are living in servitude, having the highest standard of living in the world and all that.

  27. ok if you don’t want socialism:

    1) your kids must go to private school you pay for
    2) if your house catches fire..you have to pay an imaginary private for profit fire department ?? to get it put out..good luck with that
    3) if you get robbed..you need to go to a for profit security firm or pay a private investigator to handle your case
    4) when you drive to work..you must build your own roads
    5) oh and if our country get’s attacked…unless you have your own private army..your screwed..
    6) Does this mean you are going to refuse social security checks when they come after you retire?? You don’t like SOCIALISM remember…


  28. I’d be curious to know, if even today, a 14th amendment route could be taken at the SCOTUS level…

    If AMERICANS are protected under the law in Colorado, why shouldn’t me..an AMERICAN be able to benefit from the same law in Texas?

  29. What exactly is it that you think makes socialism so terrible? Who would be your choice, and why?

  30. Bernie won’t be on the ballot next November if he doesn’t win the Democrat nomination. It matters if Hillary is the nominee instead of Bernie, in my opinion. I won’t vote for Hillary. I might vote for Bernie.

  31. Bernie is a self-professed socialist, so you might want to take a look at scenario before you vote yourself into servitude.

  32. I’d say punishing people for their lifestyles is pretty Naziesque.

    Or did the Nazi not punish drug users in their society along with the gay, the jews, the derelict, etc…?

  33. Why? He has got to be the most narcissistic least qualified person I’ve seen in the race for a decade.

    Or does he just play dumb all the time?

  34. You mean Bernie is the most honest and has the most integrity.

    No intelligent person who is honest with integrity could support prohibition- its Nazi Lite

  35. They are trying to turn the country into a dictatorship. Part of that is shifting perception of the president to a leadership/ruler type position. Like how the news always talks about president’s making “laws” happen. They just sign them at the end of the process and can only make emergency provisions (part of the way they get their dictatorship- progressively overreaching executive orders)

    The money in the industry is irrelevant. Its all about popular support

    Jim Crow lasted a long time despite being illegal.

  36. I don’t see why the nomination matters.

    The pubs got nothing and Hillary is shifty like the desert sands

  37. Trumps opinion on the issue are irrelevant.

    He doesn’t belong near important work. Let him continue to produce golden toilettes for the rich because they need to feel special.

  38. The next President, Dem OR Republican, will have ONE helluva time turning back the progress. Over these past 7 years, we’ve come to forget how our system works! Congress STILL runs the show as far as the War on Drugs goes! Congress has now 2 years in a row passed Farr-Rohrabacher amendment which STOPS the DEA from interfering with businesses abiding by State Law!

    Congress is getting the hint that the American people are tired of this bullshit law and want it changed NOW! Regardless of what the next President WANTS on marijuana, they’ll have a REALLY hard time shutting down a $100 Million/mo industry in CO alone! Especially one that’s collected $70+ Million for it’s schools, SO FAR!

    This’s the exact same thing that happened when alcohol prohibition ended. The State’s just QUIT participating in Federal Liquor raids! There’s not enough $$, nor manpower for the Feds to shut this industry down. Not WITHOUT local support! So it’s up to the State’s to write initiatives/bills that prohibit Local or State Police officers in your State be unable by law to participate in marijuana raids.

    They’re gonna have a helluva time winning this argument in THIS SCOTUS, I believe! Plus up to 12 States will have voted on Recreational or Medical Marijuana by Jan. 2017, putting the number of State’s allowing it that could be upwards of 34 of the 50 States COULD have some form of legal marijuana.

    Bottom line is… It IS mainstream America now!

  39. So legal alcohol is perfectly trouble-free??? I’d say if you weigh the problems, legal weed would have a lot fewer issues. Trump needs to drill into details on that comment. He just doesn’t want to come off as a complete supporter of legalization. It’s not mainstream enough yet.

  40. Nonsense. Any progress being made is done despite the Democrats, not because of them. The rest of the world is catching up with the US because we keep voting for the idiocracy or two old evil parties when almost all democratic countries share power with more than two parties with Canada and England recently adding another political party to the mix.

    But go ahead and keep voting Democrat and buying made in China crap at the expense of “progress” here in the US. If we didn’t buy half of our stuff made in China, then China wouldn’t have all that money to loan to us to pay for our wars all over the world.

    Besides, my fellow humans deserve better from me than to vote to kill them with drones in other countries, or spy on the phone and internet communications, or lock them in a cage for cannabis. Both old parties are going to keep on doing evil and holding back progress as long as they are still winning. Luckily more of us are waking up to the fact that voting for evil is just nonsense, as both old parties have their lowest level of support since the Civil War.

  41. That’s what you say until a Republican lands in office and undoes the bit of progress that we have already made. It’s fine to have favorites, but even if things don’t work out for them, there is always a lesser of two evils.

  42. Bernie has a long, long way to go before he makes it on that ballot next November. If he’s not on that ballot, and the odds are heavily against him winning the D nomination right now, there might not be anyone on that Presidential ballot worthy of a vote. Jill Stein or Gary Johnson are more likely to be the best options regarding cannabis laws on that Presidential ballot.

  43. My fellow cannabis lovers, on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, please put the pipe down and vote. I know I will be weed free that day…well at least until after I vote. ;)

  44. His response starts out okay but then he makes it seem like it’s going bad in Colorado because it was legalized there. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that really supports legalizing marijuana.

  45. while i support Donald Trump . i do believe he needs to be a bit more forthcomming on what these issues he is concerned about are so they can be addressed

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