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Donald Trump Is ‘Getting Some Very Negative Reports’ About Colorado Marijuana Legalization


donald trump marijuanaIn full disclosure, I would like to say that I am not a Trump fan. It’s my personal belief, and if you are a Trump fan, I respect that because we live in a democracy and citizens are by all means able to vote for whoever they want to. However, if you are a marijuana fan AND a Trump fan, I think you should be aware of some comments that Donald Trump recently made. Donald Trump has come out in the past and said that he supports states rights when it comes to marijuana. But he has also been cozying up to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has always made it very clear that he opposes all things marijuana related.

I don’t know if Chris Christie has been advising Donald Trump on marijuana policy, or if Donald Trump forgot what he has said in the past, but regardless, Donald Trump now appears to be opposed to marijuana legalization, at least in Colorado. Per Westword:

During his town hall meeting in Wisconsin last night, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump covered a lot of ground with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews — discussing immigration, the current campaign’s lack of decorum, and then abortion…again, and again. But even with all those subjects on the table, he managed to get into Colorado’s legalization of marijuana — in the middle of a question about prison reform. Here’s MSNBC’s transcript of that Trump exchange :

QUESTION: So my question for you is around prison reform. What do you see needs to be reformed with our prison system? And with that, what do you think about drug legalization playing into the reform?

TRUMP: I think that as far as drug legalization, we talk about marijuana, and in terms of medical, I think I am basically for that. I’ve heard some wonderful things in terms of medical. I’m watching Colorado very carefully to see what’s happening out there. I’m getting some very negative reports, I’m getting some OK reports. But I’m getting some very negative reports coming out of Colorado as to what’s happening, so we’ll see what happens.

The logical questions everyone is asking is ‘what reports is Donald Trump looking at, and where are they coming from?’ If Donald Trump truly looked at the facts in Colorado, he would see that marijuana legalization is working with great success. Public resources are being saved everyday by not enforcing failed prohibition, peoples lives are not being ruined by getting stamped with the ‘marijuana scarlet letter,’ jobs are being created, the economy is benefiting, and a number of other benefits are occurring. So what is wrong? For that matter, why is Donald ‘basically’ for medical marijuana? Either he is or he isn’t.

In previous articles I have stated that I didn’t feel that Donald Trump was sincere in his comments about respecting states rights on marijuana policy. I felt that he was just talking about one side of his mouth at the time, and that there was no way to know what he truly felt about marijuana reform. I think these recent comments hammer home that point. I don’t want to tell anyone how to vote, but if you are a marijuana reform supporter and you are supporting Trump, you may want to consider what a Trump presidency would mean for marijuana reform in America, especially if Chris Christie is involved in his administration in any way.


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  1. A vote for Hillary is more likely to be more of the same than Trump. There is no doubt abut that. Trump has been in favor of legalizing ALL drugs since 1990 at least. It was the Clintons that supported prison reform in the 90s that increased prison sentences for drug users.

  2. That’s why it’s a minor issue for me. There are much more important issues at hand, and I don’t like the idea of Bernie Sanders’ socialist economy.

  3. Total rubbish. If you’re going to post nonsense about cannabis, you’ve picked the wrong place to do it. We actually know something about the subject and you clearly do not.

  4. Christopher Barker on

    100 percent correct.
    If you are voting Hillary, and believe her B.S. about supporting medical marijuana, then you’ve not been paying attention to Bill and HRC for the past 30 years!

    Hillary’s “we need more studies” ia the same prohibitionist attitude that the republicans have. They’re all peas in the same pod.

    A Sanders presidency is the ONLY chance we have at descheduling. Descheduling is the ONLY way we will see a real end to the war on weed.
    Sandes 2016

  5. Christopher Barker on

    I do not attack others for their beliefs, BUT…With all due respect Miguel, that statement is ridiculous.

    If you’re counting onTrump to do the right thing because “once hes POTUS, I’m sure he’ll be swayed”….you will be sitting around for years asking what happened.

    There is ZERO chance Trump would support legalization while sitting atop the republican party. If he were to win the presidency, the last thing he will do is pick a fight with powerful special interests, while trying to get things done. He doesn’t care enough about cannabis to make a stand. No way in hell he would do that. He doesn’t care if people are being arrested and lives ruined. He only cares about profit.

    If you vote for Trump, you’ll get more of the same. Guaranteed.

  6. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Only Bernie Sanders is unequivocally and unambiguously
    vocal about removing cannabis from the Federal CSA altogether!

    All of the other presidential candidates are mere vacillating flip-floppers,
    and / or do-nothing “incrementalists”, if not full-on prohibitionists.

    Bern Down Federal Cannabis Prohibition!!!

  7. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Have you seen the video where Donald Trump gets attacked by an eagle
    he was using in a photo-shoot? (verifiable).

  8. Peter Greene on

    Not a bad idea! Maybe I’ll winter in Barcelona and summer in Amsterdam. It will be the ultimate snowbird setup!

  9. Clarence Worley on

    Hillary = I’m smoking weed; Trump = I’m smoking weed; Bernie = I’m paying for everyone else to smoke weed. Either way weed is getting smoked.

  10. It’s hard to take anyone seriously when you back what the Republican party is selling. In fact it’s getting harder and harder to give you the benefit of the doubt . That you have empathy. Christian beliefs true to the faith or intelligence. Continuing to deregulate. Exploiting the environment . Exploiting another generation of victims and drug war casualties . Continue denial of science. And enable the bigotry that continues today. And .more F. @#.ING WAR. Cancer is a an all time high. When will you understand you were lied to. Fox news is a shell. Spend time fact finding. Pe

  11. When I first saw Christie standing behind Trump looking like a cop during one of his speeches, the first thing I thought was we’re screwed if elected and made Christie attorney general. The good thing is that Trump’s a business man and must see the potential with the legalization of marijuana

  12. Thomas Clark on

    This country doesn’t need anything from the muslims worshipers beyond there immediate exit from this country Superstorm250. WineO thinks being pro Trump and pro marijuana is an oxymoron, then what would you call muslim followers and marijuana, or musliams and woman, or musliams and science, or musliams and freedom. No democrats don’t care just vote for us, well read the fine print latter. Its not just about marijuana.

  13. Thomas Clark on

    I too
    am one of those people Superstorm250. I like a lot of things about Trump, but have crave concerns about his buddy Chris Christie. I refuse to vote for either democrat idiot on the ballet, But I will not support anything with Chris Christie attached to it.

  14. saynotohypocrisy on

    For profit businesses are not the only thing driving cannabis legalization. The change in public opinion about cannabis is a more fundamental reason.

  15. saynotohypocrisy on

    How can you be sure of that? Weed isn’t an important issue to him. He wouldn’t take on all the prohibs in DC on a subject he doesn’t care about. It would be a tradeoff, he gives the fascists what they want on weed, which is what’s really important to them, and they give him what he wants on something he does care about.

  16. The negative reports are fiction. They are coming from members of the Sheriffs Association in coordination with SAM. There is a hearing in Rhode Island today in the subject or reforming the law and a ”Colorado policeman” is going to speak. This is where is tells them that the sky really is falling the media just isn’t reporting it. He will say the roads are basically Mad Max. Denver is like an old Western town with shootout. They yammer about hundred of hospital visits implying that the first person to experience harm from the plant has been found and there are hundreds of them. They read a carefully written script that strikes on fear for the kids, more crime. pure hysteria.

    Trump is a wild card. Everything is a deal to him. We now that if Fat Christie were to become AG then it would set us all back. Anyone who has studied the electoral map can see any Republican is a long shot. I don’t see Trump winning any states that Romney didn’t and he could lose more. We still don’t even know if they will try to pull some shenanigans at the convention. They know Trump won’t just walk away. He’s more electable than Ted Cruz though. Cruz doesn’t win a single swing state. Colorado was set to be up for grabs but he GOP wrecked that by pushing Rand Paul down and going for the Alabama vote.

    If Trump is the actual nominee then we are going to see a mudfest. Red states like Texas and it’s extremities are going to vote red even if the name is left blank to be filled in later. They are irrelevant. The fight comes down to Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Three swing states that all have close to or more than 20 electoral votes. Florida has 29. Trump’s circus act doesn’t play well in any of those states. Hillary might not be a first choice for many, but she is most likely the next president. I think Trump is just pandering something Sessions put in his ear here to appeal to the extreme right wing. He’s not going to be president anyway but we hope it pushes the topic.

  17. Yes, I love marijuana. However, I think Trump’s positions on other issues are much more important. This is why I am a Trump supporter. Besides, once he’s POTUS, I’m sure he’ll be swayed and just say “Why not?”

  18. saynotohypocrisy on

    Not Barcelona? That’s where social clubs that allow weed use are tolerated on a large scale, from what I’ve read. Nicer weather too.

  19. saynotohypocrisy on

    So does Shelly Adelson, who poured money into defeating the 2014 Florida MMJ initiative. Alcohol is made to order for casinos, it makes some betters extremely reckless, just one of the ways it is notorious for making people act irresponsibly, and by no means the worst. It is a nasty drug in the wrong hands, and the far safer alternative is desperately needed everywhere alcohol is legal. I’m sure you know all this, except possibly the part about Shelly.

  20. saynotohypocrisy on

    And it’s getting similar reports on all the Republicans, they’re all in denial mode about the threat from climate change. They take the science about climate change as seriously as they take the science about medical and recreational cannabis.

  21. To set the record straight, she has called on multiple occasions for rescheduling to schedule 2, and has said that she supports states’ rights to decide whether or not to legalize recreational mj. Basically, it sounds like she’d be a continuation of the Obama administration’s policy with the Cole memo.

    However, in the past she has been an ardent drug warrior who was opposed to even decrim, and her change of position only came around recently around the time that Bernie Sanders came out for descheduling. I don’t trust her either, but she’d be better than Drumpf.

  22. Apparently you don’t understand what I’m talking about I’m about supporting local businesses not corrupt corporations and obviously you are a fan of Donald Trump otherwise you would not have that stupid name… Donald Trump is basically the Antichrist and for you to even have that name on The Weed Blog makes you the real hypocrite because he is not pro-weed he might claim occasionally that he is, but obviously it’s all for show.

  23. I hear you! Nationwide, there are so many so-called “activist loons” (a term coined by a commentator on Cleveland.com about Ohio’s current initiative) who simply do not understand that it is the commercialization of cannabis that is driving the legalization of cannabis.
    Or, maybe they understand it, but they fight against it, and in doing so fight against the very thing they seek, which is legalization.
    They are driven by idealistic notions that somehow cannabis will be legalized via some yet-to-be- identified Utopian plan, and everything will be peace and love and free pot for everyone.
    In Ohio, these same “activist loons” are currently fighting against the MPP’s amendment initiative. In California, they have repeatedly sabotaged perfectly good efforts to accomplish job one, which is the simple legalization of cannabis, period.
    These are probably the same people out attending some “occupy” protest.

  24. I suppose we will never know what he knows, but I don’t get the idea that he is someone who even watches or reads the news to know what is going on politically in the world.
    I certainly don’t see anyone who would qualify as a national security or foreign policy expert among his entourage.
    In fact, I don’t see anyone but a bunch of “salesmen” advising him on anything, and their only concern seems to be collecting votes, not making sure their candidate has deep knowledge about the issues he will face as President.
    That doesn’t mean the other candidates have such advisers – even though they all should – but as he has not ever been in the political arena, his personal knowledge base would seem to require more expert advise than the other candidates.

  25. I agree in your analysis of his moves. Reviewed your link, thank you, found it and other articles of interest.
    I only wish that he would hint at it somehow without showing his hand.

    Very “Machiavellian”, as any deal maker would be. It’s in his blood. Just look at all the free media attention he amasses, almost like advertising when he makes these sometimes off the wall statements. He has spent less than anyone else in this cage match. He gets much more media attention than Billarys E-mails and Bill’s/Hill’s affluenza syndrome of corruption (except for Fox). All the others must spend 3/4 of their interviews answering what Trump says.

    Machiavellian intelligence
    Machiavellianism is also a term that some social and personality psychologists use to describe a person’s tendency to be unemotional, and therefore able to detach him or herself from conventional morality and hence to deceive and manipulate others

    Billy Shakespeare
    I can add colours to the chameleon,
    Change shapes with Proteus for advantages,
    And set the murderous Machiavel to school.

  26. Peter Greene on

    I think the only logical choice for marijuana supporters is Bernie Sanders. No one else has come out in support of decriminalization and descheduling. I’m afraid Billary is stuck in the past when it comes to reform and if a Republican gets in the White House I’m moving to Amsterdam.

  27. Superstorm250 on

    Haha it kind of is. Even though I like him a lot less after this, I still like him more than Hillary. But I kind of doubt that he can beat Hillary, he’s alienated so many different demographics of voters like women, hispanics, and muslims. And this is 2016, you need votes from those demographics to win in the general election.

  28. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Imagine if Tom Paine had written similar disparagements, instead of inspiring his fellow Americans to revolt against the British. Or if Jedi Rey had run away from her calling and gone back to Jakku in “The Force Awakens.” I guarantee that cannabis-hater Chris Christie as U.S. Attorney General would spark widespread protests. I personally will participate in many. There will arise 1,000s more thought-leaders like Paine to inspire a modern revolt. Any fascist forces deployed against us must further unify We the People to end cannabis prohibition. It’s a complete fraud.

  29. Bailey Ranks on

    Colorado is number 1 in teen marijuana use. Theres been suicides, murders, car crashes and emergency room visits. Marijuana fanatics cant accept the truth.

  30. Clarence Worley on

    And what exactly is HRC’s opinion on the subject? I don’t recall her calling for rescheduling or banking access for the industry. In fact I don’t believe she is in the record supporting the federalism approached either. Anybody but Hillary for Christ sakes. Trump is not going to enforce federal law and if he does he’s a douche. I’m medicating regardless of who’s prez.

  31. im sure he understands and im not a supporter but i think its a smart political move if you can win votes and not even commit to anything ever.

  32. Sounds as if you are catching on. I would think that this article would be a deal-breaker for you. Better come over to the “dark side.” We have cookies (edibles). LOL

  33. Jordan Silverman on

    He knows if he says it and it gathers controversy, that people will vote for him. I bet he looked at past presidents, said, “They’re all liars! But I’m a better one than any of them!”

  34. What those comments tell me is that he essentially doesn’t know the first thing about the entire topic.
    It is simply not on his radar screen.
    Frankly, I’m not really sure what is – and I’m a Republican!
    When asked hard specific questions about any particular policy matters, he gives answers that are so vague and non-commital, that it’s hard to believe he understands any of the details about any of the issues he would face a President.

  35. what we DON’T need in a Trumpotus! stick to what you know Donald.. build your empires, but leave ours alone.

  36. Superstorm250 on

    I’m one of those people, but I’m definitely not as pro Trump as I once was ever since he started cozying up to Chris Christie, and even less now after I read this article.

  37. Kenneth Aaron on

    One negative report from a schoolmarm would be enough to make Drumph say overwhelming evidence against CO marijuana scene exists. He is a pathological liar and puppetmaster. Wealth makes for sick minds sometimes. Talk about feeling entitled, He;s the worst.

  38. Kenneth Aaron on

    Americans are not courageous enough to do this, and are unable to match the power of the militarized police forces we now have. Pretty much a lock on power.

  39. Kenneth Aaron on

    People on these forums are intelligent enuf to make their own decisions. Author makes it clear He is not a Trump fan. THat’s enough. Everyone shoving their beliefs down our throats gets real old real quick

  40. Kenneth Aaron on

    No they have also been more concerned with retaining their positions. ANd NOt going out on a limb for Cannabis. Trump is a cancer, period though, never can be trusted.

  41. Kenneth Aaron on

    If He opens His mouth, He is either completely uninformed, pandering or outright lying. Can;t be trusted on ANYTHING, and changes his tune each minute. If you dare Him to do something, based on that alone, He’d jump off a bridge.

  42. Trump is a Hitler wannabe. You can’t trust anything he says, he’ll take it back the next day.

  43. Do you think that there really ARE any pro-Trump/Marijuana people who read The Weed Blog??? Just a hypothetical question. Also, pro-Trump/Marijuana kind of sounds like an oxymoron,,,

    Besides, at this point who could really care WHAT that asshat says. He’s proven himself to be a complete idiot when it comes to…well…actually, most everything.

  44. Trump used to hold the Democrat position on Drugs. He will find a way to destroy the Republicans by agreeing with them. As he has done with abortion.

  45. I have been doing what Trump did about abortion for years. It works. You agree with them. Then follow it to its logical conclusion – which is morally abhorrent. Clever boy.

  46. How Trump Might Destroy Drug Prohibition

    Donald might say, “Drugs are bad for people. I don’t even drink alcohol. But we should do it the right way. We need to pass a Constitutional Amendment. Just like we did for Alcohol Prohibition.”

    And that would be the end of it. Except for the wailing and gnashing of teeth.


    He destroys Republican positions by agreeing with them. Clever boy.

  47. saynotohypocrisy on

    Utter hogwash because he wouldn’t make Krispy Kreme his AG or because we have nothing to fear from the prohib food junkie (and Bridgegate thug) as AG?
    What’s utter hogwash are the reports La Donald says he is getting out of Colorado.

  48. Don’t be so hypocritical. This blog is about weed and the legalization of it. Do you think states would be legalizing it if there was no money to be made? what do you think the states are doing? They see it as a cash cow for taxes on the sale of the goods as well as the profits of the businesses.

  49. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Let him. We will storm his offices everywhere in nonviolent wave after wave of civilly disobedient groups—even if he directs federal thugs to arrest us every time. We will demand Christie’s ouster as said U.S. Attorney General until he shuts his fat mouth and gives America’s cannabis growers the freedom they so richly deserve—one that should’ve never been stolen from them to begin with.

  50. TheSinnedAngel on

    Re “I don’t want to tell anyone how to vote”
    That comment is very disappointing.
    You are a leader/spokesperson in an unjust war.
    Don’t go getting PC on us now.

    Still true now as in the 60’s;
    “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

    If one is anti prohibition, the only choice for President is Bernie Sanders.
    ..no wishy-washy about it.
    ..we are at war..pick a side.

    The Sinned Angel

  51. Stupid Chris Christie. A Trump presidency would be bad enough without adding on the fact that Christie could be the Attorney General, or be granted some other position. If Christie could have one thing, there is no doubt in my mind he would want to shut down the recreational marijuana industry. I really don’t like that guy.

  52. You’re forgetting Project SAM and Kevin Sabet are giving the negative reports out of CO as well.

    They took what was actually GOOD NEWS from the Teen Usage rates study that showed overall teen usage is down across the nation. But they cherry picked ONE number from the study and made it bad news according to them. It’s NOT just that “FAT Bastard” Christie! But he’s definitely ONE of em!

    That right there’s enough to keep me for voting for him!

  53. saynotohypocrisy on

    Trump’s caving in to Republican political correctness, like he did on abortion when he became anti, and again just the other day when he first said penalize the woman, but very quickly recanted when informed of the politically correct Republican line. And so many people like him because they think he’s a straight shooter who doesn’t worry about political correctness.
    The possibility of Krispy Kreme Kristie becoming AG is scary to contemplate. Having that obese junk food junkie lead a jihad against cannabis would give new meaning to the word hypocrisy.

  54. Trump is a fascist authoritarian who pals around with Krispie Creme and Sherriff Joe Arpaio. Who do you think is the source of all those “very negative reports”? Wanna bet it’s Krispie Creme? He’d likely be Drumpf’s attorney general. Remember, Krispie Creme also said he was “100%” for medical cannabis, just like Drumpf says today. Don’t be fooled! A Drumpf presidency would be an unmitigated disaster for legal cannabis everywhere.

  55. The only reason that a man like Donald Trump would agree with marijuana legalization is in order to attempt to turn it into a corporation and cash in on the profits, hopefully marijuana consumers will be smart enough to recognize and not buy any products made by those corporations.

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