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Donate To Help Save Washington State’s Safe Access To Medical Marijuana


washington medical marijuana gofundmeThere is a crowd funding effort that is going on to help save Washington State’s medical marijuana program from Senate Bill 5052. The purpose of the crowdfunding effort is to pay for legal fees for a lawsuit against the State of Washington. You can donate at this link here. Below are more details from the GoFundMe page:

The Joint Blog ( TheJointBlog.Com ) is going above and beyond to show their support in stopping SB5052. They have offered to give the largest contributor of this campaign ONE YEAR of featured ad-space on their website free of charge. TheJointBlog will contact the donor when the goal is reached. Thank you so much for all your continued support, especially everyone at the Joint Blog. This means so much to us and MMJ Patients all over Washington State!

Help Support Lawsuits Fighting for Injunction Against SB-5052 Signed by Gov. Inslee, a law that has proven harmful to the MMJ patients it should be helping, in Washington State: Laywers Jeff Steinborn, Aaron Pelley, and Douglas Hiatt are joining forces to attack the recently passed law that decimates medical marijuana rights and access in Washington State. Passed as 5052 and partially enacted, the remaining provisions are unacceptable to Doctors, Patients, and the folks who help them with growing and access points. The lawyers plan to seek an injunction to stop the law from taking effect, and then continue to pursue the lawsuit to determine the ultimate constitutionality of the law. As many as three or four separate lawsuits are possible, including a suit to stop the “Enforcement Priorities” ordinance soon to be at the City Council in Seattle. This lawsuit could stop the closure of over 60% of Patient access points in the City which is currently planned under the Mayor’s proposal. These lawsuits represent the best chance to stop the law from taking further effect, resulting in devastating consequences to Patients and Doctors. Please help save meaningful access and legal protections for Patients. All donations help and will be put towards the lawsuits.


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  1. It’s either this or there’s the other way – there’s the patient registry (whatever that is. I thought I “registered” when I got my card but regardless that’s ALL you’re getting from me) so you won’t have to pay sales tax on your medicine when you go to the recreational store to buy it. Gee…their generosity here is almost overwhelming!!
    I’ll tell you what…I’ll support the dispensaries until the day they close and then I’ll be glad to go back to my so called black market connection and the land of sub $200 ounces. Hint for Olympia: To eliminate the black market Economics 101 says you have to UNDERCUT THE PRICE of the black market and by the looks of things here there’s not a chance in Hell that’s going to happen. The black market IS alive and well in the state of Washington and with actions like this that trend looks to continue…

  2. And where is Norml in all this? I guess there must not be enough money in it for them.

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