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Donate To Medical Marijuana Patient Shona Banda’s Legal Defense


shona banda medical marijuana kansasOn April 16 I posted an article about Shona Banda and her son. Ms. Banda’s son was at school participating in a D.A.R.E. program session in Kansas when he spoke out against what was being said about marijuana. The son’s mother Shona uses medical marijuana to treat her Crohn’s Disease, so the boy knew that marijuana has medical value, which is why he challenged what was being said. That resulted in the school calling authorities, after which Shona was prevented from going to her house while it was being searched by police. Police found medical marijuana in the home, at which point they removed her child from her home.

A GoFundMe page has been started to help Ms. Banda with her legal defense. I urge every reader to make a donation if they are able. Below is more information from the GoFundMe page:

On March 24, cannabis oil activist Shona Banda’s life was flipped upside-down after her son was taken from her by the State of Kansas. The ordeal started when police and counselors at her 11-year-old son’s school conducted a drug education class. Her son, who had previously lived in Colorado for a period of time, disagreed with some of the anti-pot points that were being made by school officials. “My son says different things like my ‘Mom calls it cannabis and not marijuana.’ He let them know how educated he was on the facts,” said Banda in an exclusive interview with BenSwann.com. Banda successfully treated her own Crohn’s disease with cannabis oil.

After her son spoke out about medical marijuana, police detained him and launched a raid on Shona Banda’s home. “Well, they had that drug education class at school that was just conducted by the counselors… They pulled my son out of school at about 1:40 in the afternoon and interrogated him. Police showed up at my house at 3… I let them know that they weren’t allowed in my home without a warrant… I didn’t believe you could get a warrant off of something a child says in school.” Banda continued, “We waited from 3 o’clock until 6 o’clock. They got a warrant at 6 o’clock at night and executed a warrant into my home. My husband and I are separated, and neither parent was contacted by authorities before [our son]was taken and questioned.”

“They subsequently conducted a raid and then called me when the raid was over letting me know that there was a list of items they took on my kitchen table, I was allowed to go home, and [an officer]gave me his word I would not be arrested in person or at work and that charges would be given to me in a postcard in the mail. I have not been charged with anything at this point, but I have a hard time believing that it’s OK for them to interrogate my child without parental consent for hours,” said Banda. A report by The Human Solution International notes that officers found 2 ounces of cannabis and an ounce of cannabis oil during the raid.

Banda then described the actions that the State of Kansas began to take in an effort to take her son from her, “On the 24th, he was taken into custody. That was on a Tuesday. He was taken out of town Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Friday we had a temporary hearing… and temporary custody was granted to my ex. Now the only reason why temporary custody was granted to my ex is because the judge said something to the effect that the amount of cannabis found in my home was going to possibly be felony charges and it was pointless letting the child return home to his mother.” She believes that the state is trying to take her son away and said, “The state is trying to deem it to where [Shona’s ex-husband] is not fit and I’m not fit and they’re trying to take custody of our child.”

“For him to have spoken up in class I can’t be upset about because he hears me daily on the phone talking with people, encouraging people to speak up and speak out. We did have the talk about how it’s not OK to bring this up in Kansas, because it’s a different state [than Colorado]. It’s very confusing for a child,” said Banda, noting how difficult it can be for children to understand how something could be considered legal medicine in one state and contraband in another.

Authorities have yet to charge Banda with a crime, and her next custody hearing took place on April 20.


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  1. nathan jones on

    Since a lot of people don’t understand uc or chroma I’m posting a pic of myself. I have uc and I “HAVE” to use cannabis for debilitating spasms and nausea to the extent of having to be placed on iv nutrition. this lady will be forced to undergo the same surgeries if placed in prison and denied her medicine. Funny how the gov force medicated us without informed consent in our drinking water, a hint…..It’s POISON, they call it fluoride, but we can’t use something natural and free. We are not free, what we think is freedom would make our forefathers turn in they’re graves. To ms Banda my love and prayers go out to you. if I could give you a hug and just let you know that you are so far from being alone! sincerely Nathan Jones

  2. Is that supposed to be relevant? They took a child from his family because his mother uses a plant for legitimate medical purposes. That’s all that matters here.

  3. Why do politician always fall back on the we do not have enough research card? If this is the case then why allow the publishing of articles on how cannabis lowers IQs in teens or how cannabis causes obscure memories and how the products in cannabis cause cancer…etc. Or shall we restate that we don’t have enough research on the beneficial aspects of cannabis. The government seems to make it easy for folks to publish negative articles on cannabis no matter how baseless they are. The articles often start with “a new study suggests”, “It is possible that”, “it may the cause of”, “it could cause” …etc then what follows are a bunch of manipulated statistics to fit the status quo. If the government does not have enough data then it is at fault for not having it. Since people have continued to use cannabis regardless of it’s lawful status. Then there are also have the hard core prohibition that no matter how many beneficial facts are present to them they refuse to acknowledge them. To them folks that use cannabis are potheads, stoner and other stereo typical adjectives. Much the same as some folks refuse to acknowledge that there maybe some risks with cannabis use; however, as adults we are willing to accept the risk much like an employee in the nuclear or chemical industries, when we drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or when they take legal pharmaceutical that have side effects. People are accepting the risk cannabis presents knowing or not, what may come. So far CO, and WA, have proven that cannabis use is very safe and that cannabis is pretty harmless. GIVE THIS AMERICAN WOMAN HER SON. She is an adult and is well aware of the health risks as well as the health benefits of cannabis use. American Adults do not need babysitters. We want to be free to continue to make our own choices. Sorry for the long post but like many concerned Americans on this issue there was a lot on my mind. Good Luck Shona I hope you are reunited with your son.

  4. “$39,260 raised by 1,407 people in 13 days”

    Still nothing from the multi-billion dollar medical cannabis industry.

  5. $195 in the last 24 hours.

    “$39,115 raised by 1,404 people in 12 days”

    I must say I’m disappointed that the medical cannabis industry has not stepped up to help Shona with her defense fund. Medical cannabis is a multi-billion dollar enterprise and can well afford to be generous. I looked through all donations of $100 or more and I did not find one that could be linked to the industry.

    Where are the entrepreneurs? I would think a victory here would hasten the day when you can expand into Kansas.

    What about the dispensaries? If I owned one, the first thing I would do is donate $2,000 to the fund. This amount would put the name of my business at the top of the donor list. I would then grab a screen shot and show everyone that my dispensary stepped up when it counted. I think it would prod others to do so, as well.

    What say you guys?

  6. Donations have slacked off a bit. Maybe that’s normal for a weekend. $1K in the last 24 hrs.

    “$38,920 of $15k

    Raised by 1,394 people in 11 days”

  7. Hopefully they will drop these charges and this family will use these donated funds to get a good lawyer to sue these idiots. If this family could win a lawsuit maybe these dare clowns, cops, and school administrators would think twice about kidnapping a kid and getting a bogus search warrant for marijuana that is clearly helping this woman. These pricks have no common sense and no compassion.

  8. If I were her, I’d start counter-suits against the State. People need to DEMAND that the D.A.R.E. program being run by that Police Dept IMMEDIATELY. When you can’t even defend your assertions on marijuana against an 11 year old child. It needs to be shut down!

    You don’t take someone’s child b/c he challenges your propaganda! Secondly, they didn’t call EITHER parent. They should’ve called the Dad immediately! Especially since they don’t live together! But he’s being called unfit as well? Isn’t that guilt by association? Isn’t that Guilty before proven Innocent” That’s just flat Unconstitutional!

    I see several Constitutional problems with this. They didn’t have a warrant for her house and detained her WITHOUT charging or arresting her. They can’t do that! Yet they wouldn’t let her in her home! She ordered them off of her property when they didn’t have a warrant and they didn’t leave. They’re required to leave if that happens. There’s a 4th Amendment violation.

    I’m really not sure if you have “probable cause” when an 11 yr old tells you “my mom calls it cannabis”. It’s NOT been reported once that he told them she uses it all the time. Just that his mom “used it to cure her Crohn’s disease.”

    I see a lot of problems with this. However with all that said. WHY did she EVER leave CO? Her comment that her “child doesn’t understand how it’s illegal in Kansas, but an HOUR West of us it’s not”. An HOUR West? That just doesn’t make sense, to put yourself AND your child in danger, especially when 1 HOUR, West of where she moved FROM it’s not a problem. 1 Hour away means that she’s STILL close enough to be able to handle a family member, if you’re looking out for your parent or something. An HOUR away means nothing! Honestly, that’s like me travelling from one side of Phoenix, to the OTHER side of Phoenix to care for someone.

    I’m behind her on this b/c of the (what I perceive to be) numerous Constitutional violations. But I’m not happy about the decision she made to move. I KNOW she probably had her reasons, that I nor anybody else really KNOW about. But, I don’t see any reason to do that. Especially knowing Kansas stance on the issue. They joined w/NE and OK against the State of CO about legalizing marijuana!

  9. Someone just donated $420. How cool is that?

    “$38,418 of $15k

    Raised by 1,371 people in 10 days”

  10. Just shy of $38K at the end of the day =>

    “$37,938 of $15k Raised by 1,367 people in 10 days”

  11. I hope these fucking assholes actually have a heart and do not charge her in this case.its bad enough this shouldn’t be a crime at all, but then they dont see the marijuana is helping her with crohns disease.have some fucking compassion and drop this case it’s the right thing to do.as far the custody situation that should be dropped as well, there’s no indications that these are bad parents.i think they did a great job raising him they showed him to Speak out when he hears something that is wrong. Unfortunately these idiotic Da.r.e. clowns and cops and school administrators treated him like a troublemaker and his parents like criminals.these pricks need to drop this whole situation or they should get sued.they should be ashamed of themselves.its good to see that people are stepping up with donations, hopefully she won’t need it, but that is heartwarming just the same.god bless this family, clearly they have been treated unjustly and this shit needs to stop.

  12. “$36,930 of $15k

    Raised by 1,316 people in 10 days”

    Keep it coming!

  13. I’ve followed this story from other sources, and the amount of weed confiscated keeps growing. The last one I read listed a pound of marijuana confiscated.

  14. Lawrence Goodwin on

    This story is more solid proof of the Anti-Marihuana Tyranny hard at work rendering the U.S. Constitution utterly meaningless. These actions against the very peaceful Shona Banda and her bold son in Kansas epitomize tyranny in its purest form. Kansans, please unite in huge groups and stand up to defend this brave lady and her child! Organize rallies at the offices of ALL public officials involved, call them daily, and demand justice. It makes so sick and tired to keep reading about arrogant public officials who are hellbent on ripping apart families and depriving people of their liberty–all over the cut-and-dried flowers of a PLANT. America itself is dead.

  15. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    Story in a nutshell.

    legalized kidnapping. Schools making humans suffer. Cops terrorizing innocents.

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