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operation grow for vetsI have a lot of friends and some family that serve, or have served, in the military. I always admire their hard work and sacrifice for our country. They give up a lot, and I think that America owes them a lot in return. That’s why I get so fired up when it comes to safe access to medical marijuana for veterans. These men and women put their lives on the line to protect our country, and the least we can do for them is allow them to use a substance that is safer than alcohol and pharmaceuticals.

A lot of veterans don’t have safe access to medical marijuana for one reason or another. Some don’t have the skills or resources to grow medical marijuana, and others can’t afford it. Keeping that in mind, I’m encouraging all TWB readers to consider making a donation to Operation Grow4Vets. Below is a brief description of the program, via the Grow4Vets website:

The Save 1000 Vets Project is designed to provide 1,000 Veterans with a free monthly supply of cannabis infused products.

The cannabis tincture we distribute to our Veterans has a retail value of $300 for a one month supply. It costs Operation Grow4Vets $25 to make and distribute a one month supply to a Veteran. You can help Save a Vet by making a donation of just $25 a month, or by making an annual donation of $300.

Inspired by the extraordinary bravery and sacrifices made by the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, Operation Grow4Vets was started by veterans and their family members and friends to help veterans obtain the herbal medicine they need to treat their service connected medical issues.

Operation Grow4Vets began as a simple idea to be the first organization to provide compassionate assistance to veterans by providing no cost medical cannabis. Thanks to our generous supporters, we are rapidly becoming one of America’s premier veteran support groups. Operation Grow4Vets provides veterans with both the knowledge and means to produce medical marijuana for their personal use. We also provide veterans with meaningful career opportunities in the rapidly-expanding cannabis industry. All of our programs are designed to assist veterans in transitioning back into civilian life.

Operation Grow4Vets continues to actively evaluate innovative programs that we can provide to veterans and their families.

Medical marijuana can help veterans that suffer from PTSD, pain, and many other things. Please make a donation. You can do so at this link here.


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  1. MiCreeNi QuashMah on

    The Kickapoo Indian Medicine COMPANY of family growers will certify that each and every grower uses nearly the same practices and methods from seed to packaging we mean to standardize the growers market, and certify our selves as the official Organic Medicinal Marijuana Practitioners. look for the Kickapoo Indian Medicine Label and then look for the growers signature. before you sample and before you buy ask the clerk for a sample the real OMMP the way it was intended from the elders hands to yours as safe as mothers milk. we will stand even in the acts of lawlessness and greed , we will be here always hidden in plain site.just visit any organic garden near you and ask them and know that every grower associated with this company of growers will place their signature on every packaged product from their garden as organically grown without saltwater fish emulsion or chemically enhanced nutrients…….grown outdoors naturally cultivated and hand selected for freshness and flavor and safe human/ family consumption.

  2. MiCreeNi QuashMah on

    which would you trust ……..a known families practice of decades possibly centuries or something fast and inexpensive……like bath salts? or incense?

  3. MiCreeNi QuashMah on

    just because the label says it organic does not mean it is ……SOLAR is the only source of organic medicine and cannot be grown indoors. extracts made from non- organically grown cannabis are not organic medicinal extracts . the art of growing organic medicinal cannabis is in the process NOT THE PRODUCT. you may eventually be able to purchase low cost cannabis products from WAL_MART but that wont make them organic or medicinal… it will make them cheap and dangerous to use.

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  5. Recreational users are mostly self medicating for PTSD.

    Plant taxes are as inane as air taxes.

    Every tax, every regulation comes with it an army of bureaucrats and behind that an army (with guns) of enforcers.

    He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.

    No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

  6. MiCreeNi QuashMah on

    I agree recreating life is good. and in some cases should be a prescription …. just like the prescription I have to return to traditional medicine for the Indian Health service…. type in kickapoo indian medicine and you will discover allot of interesting ideas about the history of patent medicine…..

  7. Your “Webster’s” definition is OK, but the problem seems to be that politicians either don’t have or don’t bother checking actual meanings of words when making laws or spouting off in front of a TV cameras. They tend to fabricate, or at the very least create their own word definitions with the assumption of being able to convince their voters to think of things in this new manner. In effect, it’s bogus, but who’ll know, or most important, who’s going to care enough to do anything about it…and in the majority of instances the answer is no one.

  8. You ignorant people that post comments that take away from the fact that this is a rally cry for our wounded warriors. Should you forget that they made selfless sacrifices for you and me to be free and to have free choice. So when there is a organization that is made by our veterans for our veterans that is asking the american people for help. We should stand together and not bicker over stupid shat. We should come together for our military personnel past,present and future and support them any way possible.

  9. The Other LA on

    For your edification and for others who malign and hijack the word “recreational”. The word “recreation” was first used in late England in the 14th Century, it meant refreshment or curing of a sick person. Re(Latin): again Creare- bring forth. Recreation is an essential element of human biology and physiology. Recreation is not a dirty word. Recreation is Joie de vivre. Sante’

  10. PhDScientist on

    According to Neurosurgery Magazine, Dr. Sanjay Gupta just received the duPont for his reporting on Medical Marijuana. Ever minute that goes by that Marijuana is on Schedule 1 is an eternity of suffering for Americans who need Medical Marijuana. Please call and email everyone you can in Washington to get the federal laws changed.

  11. MiCreeNi QuashMah on

    we do not need another department or agency or clearing house …. keep the home garden grow sites licensed without taxation the OMMP works leave it alone cancel the measure 91 if it does not honor what it originally stated which is that IT WILL NOT CHANGE the ommp………. Kate brown was appointed not elected and the law is out to make a dollar on your illness, by becoming your worst dealer in history 65.00 dollars per ounce just to transfer and at least 100 dollars per ounce. unless the home grower just throws it away…..
    this is a very bad law very very bad.law especially since Kate Brown gets to read it and implement it how ever she wants …..because she is appointed not elected. wake up the war is still going!!!!!! read what the Brownies think is good for you the sick and poor and stupid. yes that is correct recreational drugs …..recreational drugs?……..the recreational use of mind altering substances? is stupid and ignorant. do not licence the use of recreational use of cannabis it is a very bad idea……..
    I know because I use cannabis daily almost hourly……….cannabis totally masks pain…….so lets say you smoke cannabis for nerve damage due to extreme weight and diabetes……to control pain………which works wonderfully, you lose weight and your blood sugars become more normal…….. if you happen to not have good dental health……. and develop a cavity……. you will not notice the inflammation nor the the pain of the infection as it spreads to your heart and brain and KILLS you. recreational use of cannabis is fine under specific observation and random occasional exposure. However THIS IS STRONG MEDICINE and should be understood and controlled but not TAXed as a commodity bought and sold it needs to be protected from exploitation .

  12. MiCreeNi QuashMah on

    every program that asks for donation of cannabis from urban family home grows is a scam….. looking to gather and collectively abuse the people it is claiming to support… NO MORE CONTROL Cannabis is a vegetable just like a tomato is a vegetable/fruit . no taxation because when laws isolate people … people get neglected and abused by those laws. DO NOT go to dispensaries for your cannabis go directly to the grower , we don’t need recreational it is a scam there are no recreational user only undocumented medical patients…. stop the abuse stop the commercialization of cannabis it is a very bad mistake force commercialization of cannabis out of the home family garden make it impossible to commercialize cannabis BUY only from YOUR LOCAL GROWER let growers be licensed for individual 6 plant grow sites …. stop the profit of commercial indoor growers. cannabis is a photogenically sensitive plant without the actual sun , it is not the same medicine. and should not be brought to market in the same way….. keep your chemical processed products where they belong .

  13. PhDScientist on

    Every instance where patients who need Medical Marijuana are denied safe, legal, access to it is a crime. They are being denied their human rights. Prohibition of Medical Marijuana is a crime against humanity, because people who need Medical Marijuana and are denied the right to use it, and because of being denied medicine that would help them, they suffer and, in some cases die. They are being denied vital medicine because of the arrogance, dogma, and ignorance of the prohibitionists. It’s immoral to leave Marijuana illegal for even one second longer. Its one of the most important moral issues of our time.

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