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Don’t Be Fooled, Eric Holder Does Not Support Marijuana Reform


eric-holder-marijuanaThe marijuana world was rocked today by the announcement that Eric Holder is resigning. If that announcement wasn’t significant enough, Eric Holder stated that he would be open to the idea of rescheduling marijuana in an interview with Katie Couric. Per the Huffington Post:

Just as Attorney General Eric Holder prepares to step down from his post, he appears more open than ever to the argument for rescheduling marijuana as a less dangerous, more beneficial drug.

“I think it’s certainly a question we need to ask ourselves, whether or not marijuana is as serious of a drug as heroin,” Holder said in an interview with Yahoo global news anchor Katie Couric, released on Thursday. “Especially given what we’ve seen recently with regard to heroin — the progression of people from using opioids to heroin use, the spread and the destruction that heroin has perpetrated all around our country. And to see by contrast, what the impact is of marijuana use. Now it can be destructive if used in certain ways, but the question of whether or not they should be in the same category is something that we need to ask ourselves and use science as the basis for making that determination.”

I am not shocked that Eric Holder is stepping down. I’m also not shocked that he is making these claims about marijuana after the fact. What I am shocked about is the outpouring of love and appraisal from the marijuana reform community. One major marijuana media outlet referred to Eric Holder today as ‘cannabis friendly’ on Twitter, to which I had to respond with ‘cannabis friendly? um, no.’ Below is an excerpt from Fire Dog Lake from earlier this year:

During a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing today Rep. Steve Cohen (D) directly pointed out to Attorney General Eric Holder that the power to reschedule any drug, including marijuana, rests with his office.

When explicitly asked why he hasn’t even at least request the medical evaluation that would begin the rescheduling process Holder responded, “I’m satisfied with what we have done.”

What they “have done”  is actively stood in the way of change. Under Holder’s leadership the Department of Justice has not only refused to move forward with a petition from several sitting governors regarding the rescheduling of marijuana but has actually gone to court to fight against efforts to compel them to act.

If that excerpt doesn’t speak for itself, then I have lost all hope for humanity and logical reasoning. Eric Holder does not support marijuana rescheduling. If he did, he he would have done something about it during his six years as Attorney General. This is nothing more than political rhetoric plain and simple. As my boss always says, you are measured in life by your results, and the result of Eric Holder’s openness to rescheduling marijuana is nothing. Eric Holder is not ‘cannabis friendly.’ Eric Holder does not like marijuana. Actions speak louder than words, or in the case of Eric Holder’s ‘support’ for marijuana rescheduling, lack of action speaks louder than words.


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  1. Please support the movement for truth on my new Twitter page! I’m trying to inform people about CBD(Cannabidiol) curing cancer! With enough people we can change this world for the better! Respect&Love! C.C.C.

  2. I think Holder was saying he’s satisfied with the current policy instituted by the Department of Justice to see how legalization plays out first in these two states before moving to reschedule cannabis, and now as it’s been mostly positive his perspective is obviously changing. Since Holder made that statement in April he’s personally said that he is cautiously optimistic about legalization in Colorado and Washington and now is hinting maybe it’s time to finally de/reschedule cannabis.

    I would say his view has changed a bit since 2010 when he said “we will vigorously enforce federal law” in California if legalization passed there.

  3. Now that he’s returning to the real world, he no longer wants to appear the irrational tyrant that he may have been ‘forced’ to behave as. Who knows how or why these humans abandon all moral thought and follow the rule of capitalist, tyrannical law?

  4. Captain Obvious on

    Is it possible that was a setup to bring more evidence to the fore of what we have known all along? The US Government would never give weapons to the “enemy” to feed perpetual war entitlements, right? This has been a turning point for many members in LEAP.

  5. That’s the honest truth. NORML has been the next best thing to useless in my state — just a couple of chapters that would *maybe* update their website once a year (if they felt like it). Allen St. Pierre, executive director of NORML recently wrote off the entire state of Georgia when he said “No way Georgia is going to be adopting anything that looks like anything in Colorado or California” despite the fact that 54% of GA voters want to treat cannabis like alcohol.

    NORML raised the white flag and ran away from Georgia. It never occurred to them that flipping one or two Southern states would flip the rest of the nation within four years. Also, their negligence is what allowed the rash of CBD-only bills to spring up around the country — NORML could have headed off the first CBD-only bill here in Georgia (the progenitor of them all) last winter, but they could not be bothered to do so.

    All and all, NORML’s short-sighted nature and unwillingness to take on an up-hill battle is the reason they’ve been around for over 40 years *spectating* while hundreds of thousands of people have gone to jail for cannabis.

  6. after the drubbing of his colleagues on whether mj is a more dangerous drug than coke, he finally decided to ’emulate’ the f**k u i quit’ incident….a gutless moron taking a cue from a woman with lots of balls

  7. Do you mean something in the section of the “FDA, MEDICAL FOOD CLASSIFICATION” ??. Of which requires a Rx to get, not a recommendation letter. As Metanx is. If so I agree. CII or CIII, even CIV, is not the answer. Metanx falls under this class ( medical Food) because it can result in Hypervitaminosis.

  8. I get the irrational fear of big pharma and other business interests, but what did you mean by “secret offshore account that was provided for him”?

  9. Captain Obvious on

    Marinol is a Schedule III and actually kills people. However, we can count on prohibitionists to keep herbal cannabis a II for as long as their propaganda machines can muster. I bet the soon to be approved herbal cannabis medications from big pharma get a higher schedule(higher number=less relative red tape to prescribe) than herbal cannabis from a dispensary. That way doctors and patients have as much red tape as possible and the military-industrial-complex may be fed.

  10. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    As people who are not medical professionals, you may have all cheered at a rescheduling cannabis to C-II, but you would not have even opened one prison door!!! C-II is what the opposition wants as it is the most restrictive class for prescription drugs. The tightening of restrictions in this class will make cannabis nearly impossible to prescribe, and this is exactly what anti-drug supporters want. I have discovered cannabis to be a preventative substance thereby making it unfit for the prevue of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (the BNDD). So he should not change it as the opposition would have the BNDD charge that it was improperly scheduled if anything below C-II is decided. We must gamble with the time remaining to avoid this, add states that see it as a legitimate preventative medicine, a drug with ZERO deaths from ingestion, and a medicine that cures many diseases as well. C-II includes Cocaine, Morphine, all but one Amphetamine, all but one Barbiturate and drugs known to be lethal at moderate doses as well as highly addictive. As cannabis is none of these things, let us hope the next AG will not be so afraid of a non-medical president to make cannabis “by prescription only,” where a preventative substance such as this belongs.

  11. Captain Obvious on

    Maybe he, along with other politicians, are all awaiting info from the FDA trials. I think he is all about big government like the FDA red tape machine. Also, it would substantiate publicly further the reschedule to avoid claims that it isnt a willy nilly reschedule. Hopefully, the next Attorney General will be hired to facilitate this reschedule properly.

  12. My “Gut” tells me, something gonna give very shortly.
    We have a very vicious mid-term election coming.
    Obama needs the Senate or he gets to sit on the small bus.
    Why not let Holder take the weight for the rescheduling. He’s taken the hit for everything else. ” He did it. not me ” scenario.
    Reschedule it under the “FDA, MEDICAL FOOD SCHEDULE”, of which requires a Rx to get, not a recommendation letter.
    For info, Google “Matanx FDA Medical Food”
    Matanx, I take it and need a Rx to get it. It’s for Neuropathy. And it’s only a strong combo of OTC vitamins.
    (gonna = going to, in Brooklyneze)

  13. NORML= NoReformingMarijuanaLaws
    A Useless org…been around since the late ’60’s-early ’70’s and hasn’t done shit except take membership fees and pat itself on the back,all sound and furies signifying NOTHING!
    Don’t waste one penny on this abnorml and self-serving passel of lawyers and losers.

  14. We have no real knowledge of the pressures our politicians are subjected to. Everyone is vulnerable in one way or another. I think his comments comparing Cannabis impacts with opioid and heroin impacts are very articulate. That is a mind opening comment for an ignorant person to consider. What ever his record, this represents some progress. It is a shame that he hasn’t done anything about it – and interesting that he is making noise on his way out the door.

  15. He’s still playing the political game whether he admits it or not. If he really believed it should be rescheduled he’d have already done it. The odds of him doing it before officially leaving office are slim.
    The question all politicians and others who oppose rescheduling it should be constantly asked is whether or not cannabis is present at a comparable or similar percentage of time as alcohol, heroin, meth, crack, etc. in violent crimes and traffic-related incidents. Of course, the answer is no, but they typically jump off track and board the “gateway train” which also has no merit. Interestingly, some politicians and law enforcement officers cite “a trace of cannabis” found in drug tests of those causing fatal traffic accidents as evidence against rescheduling it, but we all know that it can stay in one’s system for a month after use. A more definitive drug test is needed to determine the level of THC indicated and whether or not that amount could cause any type of impairment when one is behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. If someone consumed some cannabis a month ago and hadn’t consumed any again for 30 days, it doesn’t seem reasonable to assume they are still impaired because of it.
    I’m willing to bet that if alcohol was removed from the store shelves for a month, traffic accidents and violent crimes would plummet. It’s surely something that’s never been tried, so arguing against it doesn’t have much merit. It would be an interesting experiment even on a small scale.

  16. “I think it’s certainly a question we need to ask ourselves, whether or not marijuana is as serious of a drug as heroin”. And therein lies the crux. Isn’t this a question that we all know the obvious answer to? Isn’t this a question that Eric Holder should know the answer to without having to give deep thought, or even a second thought, to?

  17. Hemp and cannabis products are a tremendous benefit for the man in the street. Big business is threatened by this and they don’t want the man in the street to have any advantage they want to always keep the deck stacked in their favor. Big business acts like spoiled children and it is past time to take them down about 15 notches.

  18. Irrational fear or big pharma and other business interest money piling up in a secret offshore account that was provided for him may be the problem.

  19. Consumer buying accounts for 70% of the US economy. We can impact big money interests by putting the brakes on our spending or by changing our buying patterns. We can buy less gasoline or buy or lease an electric car. We could sign the “Move to Amend petition. We could just buy our clothes at a secondhand shop or buy hemp clothes instead of cotton or synthetic fibers. The “Move to Amend” petition would nip in the bud two items that big business has rammed down the throats of the American public. We can bring about change by getting political and by joining groups that are trying to make sane changes in an insane world. We can do this unless we are too lazy,too comfortable,too spoiled,too selfish,or too greedy.

  20. If he wants to be remembered on the right side of history he with his own signature can reschedule cannabis.today.

  21. Just an FYI,, something to ponder and possibly add to the equations..

    Special Agent Posts In Drug Enforcement Administration Open
    The U,S. Drug Enforcement Administration has openings around the country for
    Criminal Investigators (Special Agents). The application deadline is Oct. 2.
    There is no application fee.

    Something is very wrong with this picture ????

  22. Wait until about a half dozen countries around the world start dropping from the STC,,then we will her screams coming from Wall Street and watch the US beg for sanctions to bring them back in line,,,,things should come to a head before turkey day,,right after the elections.

  23. PS: that is rolling around in every politicians head right now like a b-b in a box car,,,you did forward that article to every politician’s facebook page,,didn’t you?

  24. I don’t argue that Holder could order the DEA to remove cannabis from Schedule 1 but it seems some people forget just whose chains we are tugging on with legalization,,,we are not fighting a federal government over weed,,we are fighting the richest corporations in the world,
    Greed of a few rich industrialists created hemp prohibition and greed of the many is the only way to end it,,,and the article on the state of IL already taking in over $5 million in non refundable fees just drove another nail in prohibition’s coffin,

  25. If NORML and the Drug Policy Alliance cant get any governors, state legislatures, senators, congress people, presidents, vice presidents, attorney generals or any politicians of either party to support marijuana reform.. Something is wrong with the organization.

  26. If Mr. Holder was smart, he would reschedule cannabis before he quits, become a hero, and then run for president…

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