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Don’t Let Cats And Dogs Around Your Marijuana Garden


Really?  You didn’t think your beloved pets were worth a spot in this section?  Hell, they hold a spot in your life, so why not here?  While your family pets can be a huge help in running off birds and mammalian intruders, they can conversely pose a threat to your cannabis plot.  Unless well trained, they have a propensity to choose your lovingly tended gardens as their defecation spots.  Perhaps they suppose they are honoring your efforts.  More likely they are marking the territory as their own.

Domestic animal poop is not recommended for compost piles due to the parasites that may be present in the stool.  Fido and Kitty’s poop is toxic to compost.  That being said, it can only be assumed that defecating in the cannabis patch will cause more harm in addition to having trampled upon plants.

There is no viable evidence that domestic cats and dogs are attracted to marijuana plants.  However, they both have a habit of wallowing through gardens, damaging plants and in the case of cats, pissing in your plant bed, regardless of its contents. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more tips about growing marijuana.

Cat urine has a high concentration of ammonia and nitrogen which can burn your plants.  If you find your (or someone else’s) cat pissing in your garden, give the soil a good douse of water to dilute the urine.

The best defense against your cats and dogs destroying your marijuana garden is to train them to stay out of them.  Yes, this can be done; even with cats.  Sprinkling hot chili pepper over the soil can help deter them from entering.  The benefit will be two-fold, as it will deter other pests as well.

Make sure your cats have a clean litter box in the house, or if they are strictly outdoor cats, have a sandy area they can claim as their own.  Keep it clean or they’ll go elsewhere to relieve themselves; cats are very persnickety when it comes to cleanliness and their potty areas. Tip from Rhonda; Lay chicken wire down on top of your soil across the planting bed. Why? Because cats disdain walking on chicken wire. Using wire cutters, you’ll be able to open up pockets in the chicken wire sufficiently large for installing your plants.

Dogs are diggers.  Give them an area where they can get their jollies.  If you can’t keep them from areas you don’t want dug up, keep them on a lead when outside.  Give them enough room to roam but not enough to do no harm to your gardens.

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Robert Bergman is a master marijuana grower. Robert Bergman is the author of 'Marijuana Plant Care' and 'The Marijuana Grow Bible'.


  1. Aaron Kennedy on

    Although, there is SOME experience evident in this article. The Author is off base on a few things. For one, many cats are attracted to pot leaves, and will eat them. Much like they do grass. I leave one runt plant for Him to eat, away from the patch, He gets his fix, and leaves the rest alone. Also, even a cat, especially a dog can be trained to stay out. A simple few “No’s” will do it. No need to torture your own pets with peppers. Nice..!!!

  2. Forgot to mention that pets are the #1 delivery source of bugs to indoor operations, if the grower is foolish enough to let pets in the same structure as your nursery, veg or flower rooms.

  3. You should also make sure to make it high enough that if a cat decided to climb it would be rather difficult. I use 8ft 2inch wire mesh with rebar posts driven into the ground with a post driver. Then use tie wraps or wire to affix the mesh to the rebar. You can make a gate or buy one from home depot or whatever. It’s not pretty at all, but it will keep your babies alive. Plus it will help keep humans away too. :)

  4. The best way to keep cats out is with a well trained dog… best way to keep dogs out is to use chicken wire or else 1-2inch wire mesh, this will prevent the dog from sticking his nose through and grabbing a yummy bud, and it will help deter cats because as others have said chicken wire is hated by cats.

  5. One thing I’m surprised that was left out of this article is pet hair. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say; I don’t want hair in my weed! For me it’s worse than finding hair in food, just the mere thought of smoking hair makes me feel ill. I understand that it’s nice to have your dog around but you have to remember that your growing a commodity that people expect to be pure.

  6. Several years ago my friends mum used to have a cat that would hunt down her weed before eating it all. It would then spend the next 6 hours passed out in the washing basket. She didn’t have to worry about it going after any plants after that.

  7. My dogs like rosemary. The like to rub up on them and come into the house smelling great. One of our dogs loved basil, and would stick his head right into the middle of the bush when it was flowering. Marsh Mallow is another plant my dogs are attracted to, and sometimes they eat it. Perhaps giving them something they like, in a different area, will keep them away from our special plants. It works here.

  8. lots of dogs are smart enough to figure this out. On a hot day, take your pooch on a walk to the plants(bring lots of water). Let the dog see you water(plants), then give him a drink, too. I only had to do this once with my black lab/pit and she knew that the plants were something to be treated kindly and protected.

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