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Don’t Let The DEA Stand In The Way Of Marijuana Legalization


dea marijuana legalizationBy Ethan Nadelmann, Executive Director, Drug Policy Alliance

We’re making huge strides in changing drug policy throughout the nation, but the Drug Enforcement Administration is fighting to maintain the status quo. When Colorado and Washington passed their marijuana legalization laws last year, ex-DEA chiefs launched a campaign to keep marijuana illegal and they’re pushing the White House to block the will of the voters.

Donate now to protect our marijuana legalization victories from the DEA. Your gift will help us reach our goal of $10,000 by Thursday, October 17, to fight our opposition.

The DEA embodies more than 40 years of failed drug policy and stands for everything you and I are fighting against. It wastes our money going after marijuana distributors operating legally under state law. It abuses its power to block medical marijuana research and peddles propaganda about marijuana and other drugs. It’s an anti-science, anti-public health agency that gives federal police agents authority over substances that should be in the hands of doctors and scientists.

And that’s not all! It undermines state medical marijuana laws with militarized raids that have killed innocent people. It aggressively intimidates doctors at the cutting edge of pain management. And now we know that the DEA violates our civil liberties by illegally using NSA and CIA intelligence to spy on and arrest Americans for drugs.

Despite its systematic corruption and failure, it has largely escaped the scrutiny of politicians and the public. And even during the government shutdown, the DEA is still being funded as an “essential” use of taxpayer money.

The DEA must be reined in. That’s why the Drug Policy Alliance is leading a campaign to hold the DEA accountable. You can help us rein in the DEA by donating today.

Your gift will help us fight the DEA on every front. We’re working with members of Congress on several bills that would protect marijuana legalization laws from interference by the DEA. We’ve joined with more than 100 other groups to pressure Congress to hold hearings on the DEA to investigate its abusive enforcement practices. We’re educating the public, winning new allies, and planning to issue a series of hard-hitting reports. And we’re doing everything we can to cut the DEA’s bloated and wasteful budget.

For too long the DEA has been the major force powering the failed war on drugs, but it will not merely abandon its disastrous tactics and inflated position of power. Don’t let 40 more years go by: donate now to help us take down the DEA. 


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  1. NO! The DEA does NOT need to concentrate on other drugs than cannabis! People should be free to ingest whatever substances their hearts desire, what one puts in or on one’s body or do with or to one’s own body is no business of ANY government, local, State or federal. If one’s body is not one’s own property to do with as one pleases then one is NOT free in any sense of the word. Heroin and meth and other “dangerous” recreational drugs, were created BECAUSE of the “war on some drugs and users” , they would not have existed if not for prohibition. Nope, the DEA should be disbanded completely along with all those other intrusive, invasive and illegal (because they are all unconstitutional) federal alphabet agencies which have regulated most freedoms out of existence.

  2. To me, who is just learning about cannabis oil, it looks like heroin. But then, I don’t know a lot about heroin either. Or what veterinarians use or compounding pharmacies. Sorry about that. Thanks for correcting me.

  3. The photo should NOT be offensive to anyone, it is a picture of RS Oil in the syringes used to dispense it (no needles necessary). My veterinarian uses those same kinds of syringes for giving my dogs some kinds of oral medications, and my compounding pharmacy also packages my bioidentical hormones in them (a 10 day supply in each). A down vote may be correct for his spamming his products on the site, but not for the photo.

  4. It’s a good thought. But in looking at the overall picture, the people you describe in Chicago and the gang violence are more a product of the country being unable to provide people with adequate jobs. The drug war has allowed drugs to become an illegal commodity in a marketplace where people make good money. Although I haven’t read anything about this, I hope there is a legalization group that will focus attention on moving people out of the illegal marketplace into the legal one. Turning drug dealers into cannabis entrepreneurs. Now there’s an idea for the DEA! Aha! I’ve just solved the problem! I think, just maybe, I might be a genius! :)

  5. Maybe ‘security’ is the wrong word? When I used to live by Chicago they had low rent towers where violence ran wild. There was gangs like on each street but on floors. My thought was to protect and provide an alternative to gangs for the people of the building. To provide a safe, healthy life for everyone that lives there. Maybe more like Nannies or maybe better floor coordinators. The reason I thought security is to make a secure safe environment not as the guards you see today but people that work with families. Just a thought.

  6. I didn’t see Logan’s Run, but I looked it up and I get the gist of what you’re saying. But does the DEA have to stay in the “security” business? Don’t we have enough government agencies wheeling and dealing in security? And I think the DEA should do something new that will attempt to pay back what it has stolen from Jane Q Public. Try to make up for all the harm they have caused. (Thanks for playing my little re-tasking game. It was interesting to imagine the DEA in a good light.)

  7. Used to drink when I was young, but didn’t really like it. The brain really hates alcohol (as you can attest), but seems to really love, love, love cannabis. It used to worry me all the time that I would be unable to get my prescription medications, but with cannabis, I hope to never again face that worry. And, really, if I was unable to get or afford it for a short amount of time, I could handle that, no problem.

    Is cannabis an herb or a drug? Both I think, just like some “natural” supplements. But vitamins as a drug? I don’t know about that…

  8. It was my turn to misunderstand. Yes I do but I leave that for another show.
    Well the DEA could be like security for low rent housing like Cabrini Greens that was torn down. They could fight the crime that takes advantage of the poor. could provide jobs that would help the people while helping out the neighborhood. That could change a building that was crime ridden to a self sustaining little eco system. Just a thought. Well like in Logan’s Run well except for dieing at 25 or was it 35.

  9. How can I include alcohol? I hope you never have a problem with it. I almost died from drinking more then once. There was a time that if I had one drink I could not stop and a blackout was a common thing. Now I can have one drink but if I have more then two I start getting sick. I gots to have my coffee thats not a drug, LOL.
    I’ve been told Cannabis is a Herb not a drug but if you look up drug then Vitamins are drugs. Its so vague to not really mean much. Now I’ve heard the worst drug is legal and used by a majority of people daily and can cause blockage in arteries worse then cholesterol and that is plane white table sugar.
    No worries, I too find its hard to read intent here. I’m really bad with rhetorical questions.

  10. Yeah, it would be great if people weren’t interested in using more harmful drugs like coke, meth, or whatever the latest designer drug is. But how do you include alcohol in your analogy? All we need is alcohol, oh and weed, and don’t forget caffeine…

    Before you begin any argument about cannabis, you have to first define the word “drug” for your audience. I think most people have a general idea that caffeine, nicotine, and sugar could be considered drugs. But until you link them all together, then we’re still talking about “illegal” drugs.

    Sorry if I thought you were arguing with me… sometimes it’s hard to read intent inside one of these postings. :)

  11. Not arguing with you, agreeing, just saying if people go from coke to weed then lets just skip the coke and use weed. We don’t need any other drug then weed. I have tried this on the opposition and they usually say “No that is a reason to not use Any drugs at all.” which I say does that include aspirin too?

  12. I have only given two “down” votes on this website to date, and they are both for you. To me, this picture is a little offensive. Can’t you change it?

  13. Why are you arguing with me when I agree with you, dude? Why don’t you try that argument on the opposition and see if they fall for it…

  14. I see you have a problem with undocumented immigrants. But since this is not a website about immigration, I’m going to put that issue aside.

    I was hoping other people would have an idea of how to re-task the DEA. If I had one, I would have mentioned it with the first post. I used the issue of poverty just as an example. And since poverty and the war on drugs is so intertwined, I guess this was the issue that came to mind first. Also, it is my opinion (backed by statistics that you will have to look up yourself) that the majority of Americans living in poverty actually do work, sometimes more than one job.

    I suggested if I worked as a DEA agent, day in and day out, that I (just me, and no one else) would welcome a complete change of mission, from harming people to helping people. I guess you don’t agree. That’s okay. We’ll find something else to agree about. :)

  15. Protecting our boarders and deporting illegals from this country is not positive? How can the DEA fight poverty? Can they go in with heavy arms and force people out to get a job? Can they go in business and tell them they have to hire all these people that don’t have the drive themselves to get out of the house and find a job? I think the most positive thing is to remove the illegals in this country then there will be more jobs and less poverty.

  16. Then it would even a better idea to skip all the other drugs and just go to cannabis in the first place. Why experiment with any thing else and end up on cannabis when you can start and end with that?

  17. Don’t we want the DEA to be re-tasked into something, you know, positive? If I was a DEA agent, and I learned that the mission of the agency had been changed to fight poverty, I would be ecstatic.

    Disposable income is all of that income that isn’t used to buy pot. But seriously, it has been so long since I had any, I don’t think I remember (we’re still talking about disposable income here).

    Maybe you could ask someone from the 1950s about disposable income. Or have one of those guys on Wall Street explain it to you. Until I heard the term from a Harvard-educated economist, I didn’t realize that there was such a thing. :)

  18. Here, I’ll play the other side for you… Yes, but that would mean that cocaine is a gateway drug to cannabis. Which is true, because the majority of people who use an “illegal” substance for the first time in the form of cocaine, but have never used marijuana before, always follow cocaine use with the use of cannabis.

    See, I can twist arguments with the best of them! Ha ha! This is fun!

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  20. What is “disposable” income? I thought of a new job for the DEA Deportation Enforcement Agency.

  21. Yes like in Portiguel treatment, help. I did hear something interesting. Even though Cannabis is not a gate way but if it was and its schedule 1 being the worst and cocaine and morphine is 2 then Cannabis is a gate way to a less dangerous drug. Is this what the Government is saying? We are supposed to trust people that think this way? No wonder this country is in trouble.

  22. That would sure be a major shift. Eventually the country will realize that users of those heavy drugs have medical, psychological and social issues (like poverty), instead of treating them as criminals.

  23. If it was not for Cannabis all the other drugs combined is not enough of a problem to keep the DEA going. According to the show the war on drugs they talked about how Cannabis paid for the shipment of all other drugs into this country.

  24. That’s what happens when ‘federal jobs programs’ like the DEA get desperate to keep their funding and jobs.

  25. I thought I had a post here about being scared of the DEA… man, I am not liking this Disqus software.

  26. We all have a certain amount of “disposable” income to give to the causes we believe in. Legalization is my #2 cause. Just saying… Perhaps we should retask the DEA completely. Wouldn’t that be great? We should take the DEA’s strengths and apply them to… the exact opposite of what they do now, right?

  27. I gave them a little money, and you should too. The DEA needs to concentrate on heroin, meth and other dangerous drugs, not cannabis.

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