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Don’t Prosecute Medical Marijuana Related Offenses, Pennsylvania Lawmaker Says


daylin leach pennsylvania marijuanaBy Alizeh Siddiqui

As reported by PennLive.com, Sen. Daylin Leach has asked the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association not to prosecute offenses related to the medical use of marijuana.

“Given the likelihood that using lifesaving medical cannabis will not be a legal issue in Pennsylvania for much longer, I ask that you consider using your prosecutorial discretion,” wrote Sen. Daylin Leach, D-Montgomery, in a letter today to the association’s president, Peter Johnson.

Last month, the Senate approved SB 1182, the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act — a bill that would have established the rules and regulations governing medical marijuana in Pennsylvania — in a 43-7 bipartisan vote. However, despite overwhelming support, the bill ultimately failed to be taken up by the House.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Tom Wolf, has publicly stated that he supports medical marijuana legislation. Moreover, 80% of Pennsylvania voters support medical marijuana. Thusly so, there is reason to hope that the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association will refrain from prosecution of patients.

“I ask that you perform an act of compassion,” Leach wrote, adding that he hopes they will use their discretion by not prosecuting people who have demonstrated medical reason for using the substance.

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  1. Thank you Johnny Green, very nice job you’re doing. I never thought my home state, Willy’s Woods, would be this far along by now. So thank you Sen. Daylin Leach. Down here in Floriduh some things change and some things take more time. The obstructionists are just as mean spirited as the prohibitionists.

  2. A big THANK YOU to Sen. Daylin Leach, once again. No one should be prosecuted for using cannabis much less those that use it for it’s medicinal properties! Why cant other politicians follow Sen Leach’s lead?

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