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DPA Requests Sentencing Reprieve For Man Given 13-Year Prison Sentence For Two Marijuana Joints


drug policy alliance dea debate aspen ideas festivalThe Drug Policy Alliance formally requested the Louisiana Governor today to grant Bernard Noble a gubernatorial reprieve and release Mr. Noble from prison, where he has served more than four years behind bars having been sentenced to a term of 13.3 years of hard labor without the opportunity for parole for possessing the equivalent of two marijuana cigarettes.

Pursuant to Article IV, Section 5 of the Louisiana Constitution, the Governor has the absolute power to issue reprieves of persons convicted of crimes against the state.  Drug Policy Alliance has written Governor Jindal asking him to exercise his power of office by staying Mr. Noble’s unjust sentence and setting Mr. Noble free.

Legislation signed into law by Governor Jindal earlier this year would make Mr. Noble a free man today had it been the law at the time of Mr. Noble’s offense.  Because the new law is not retroactive in its application, a gubernatorial reprieve is required for Mr. Noble’s release.  Mr. Noble has been a model prisoner during his incarceration.

“The sentence inflicted by Louisiana on Mr. Noble for simple, low-level marijuana possession, on a gainfully employed father with absolutely no history of any serious or violent crime, is a travesty,” said Daniel Abrahamson, Senior Legal Advisor to the Drug Policy Alliance.  “Mr. Noble’s sentence does not enhance public safety.  It has devastated Mr. Noble and his family.  And it flies in the face of what Louisianans believe and what current law provides.  Governor Jindal should exercise mercy and use his power as Governor to advance fairness, justice and compassion by issuing Mr. Noble a sentencing reprieve.”

Mr. Noble’s prison sentence for possessing two joints will cost Louisiana taxpayers nearly one-quarter of a million dollars and will add to the majority of nonviolent offenders who currently fill Louisiana’s prisons.

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  1. I was a performer at the 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans. Awesome place! Wouldn’t mind being there when he does, except for the dark-ages marijuana laws there. =P

  2. But they sure can cook such tasty food in La.! And if Jesus comes back it won’t matter where you are. Just sayin’
    Set Mr. Noble free.

  3. New laws passed without the benefit of being retroactive clearly demostrate the laziness and backward thinking of the government. It would add too much paperwork to the ignored stacks of files they have. They put so much stock into right now that they don’t see how much work it would eliminate in the near future. And the greed: fewer prisoners means less money from the funds they “say” it “costs” to house them.

  4. Remind me to NEVER go to that shithole of a state and never spend s penny on any product from that state.

  5. This is where you wanna be when Jesus comes back? Taxpayers on the hook for all that room and board for a measly $10 in weed? Asstards!

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