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DPA’s Tony Papa On VOA: “Breaking the Taboo”


Anthony Papa notes that illegal drugs are available even in prisons and questions if they can be controlled in a free society if they can’t be controlled behind bars. See Breaking the Taboo :http://www.youtube.com/user/breakingthetaboofilm


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Johnny Green


  1. Awesome piece and thanks Papa for help spreading the need for change. The current system is not working and hasn’t worked in the 40 something years. The wasted resources are valuable for other areas that need assistance and prohibition causes senseless violence. It’s time for a change and thanks to everybody who speaks out against the distortions about cannabis. Science is on our side and every day it seems a new positive study is being released. All anybody has to do is look at Portugal’s 10 year model and results as it speaks volumes. It will be nice to live in a happier less violent world when more and more states and countries change course and legalize for recreational and medical usage.

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