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Dr. Dustin Sulak Discusses Cannabis Dosing Strategies


I have had a lot of talks lately with people about cannabis dosing strategies. It’s a concept that wasn’t really around in decades past for the most part, at least not in any widespread way. However, cannabis consumption is getting more and more sophisticated, and people in regulated states can (and often do) measure and monitor the amount of cannabis they are consuming in a day. I’m not talking about if they smoke one bowl or two bowls – I’m talking about specific mg intake of THC and other cannabinoids.

I know a lot of people that don’t consume cannabis that often because they get too high too fast, and it doesn’t always sound appealing to them. Yet some of these same people definitely want to benefit from cannabis’ medical properties. Those are the people that I try to explain the concept of micro-dosing too. You don’t always have to consume cannabis to the point of intoxication. Spreading out cannabis consumption throughout the day, broken up into very small doses is a good strategy for those that are new to consuming cannabis, are coming back from a long hiatus, or just have a very low tolerance.

Dr. Dustin Sulak talked about this concept recently at the Virtual Cannabis Health Summit. Below is a video summary of his presentation. You can get a copy of his full presentation, as well as presentations from every other presenter, on DVD and on digital format at this link here:


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  1. Give them undecarbed Cannabis. They will experience the most medical effect and the least high….most notably a rat thc/cbd variety would be best.

    With raw Cannabis, a naive consumer can easily tolerate 100mg of THCA/CBDA. The raw cannabionoids exert the most anti-inflamitory effect and have far broader biochemical interactions which includes COX-2 down regulation.

  2. In NC if you have a very young child with epilepsy you are eligible for med cannabis, otherwise you are SOOL!

    Makes you wonder which NC state senator had a relative with epilepsy!!!!

    When NC had a bill up for consideration he complained that he was sick of seeing pro-C emails in his inbox.

  3. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Right on. Here in New York fewer than 500 out of roughly 18,000 doctors have signed up to “recommend” medical cannabis under the oppressive dictates of the 2014 Compassionate Care Act (no sales of actual flowers or edible products; only 10 “qualifying” conditions as determined by heartless politicians, who basically require patients to be days away from dying; only 5 cannabis growers vertically integrated to distribute very expensive products of questionable effectiveness through 20 dispensaries in a rather large state, etc.). New York’s doctors consider themselves a “conservative” lot, so they are loath to run afoul of federal Schedule I “marihuana” law by recommending cannabis treatment. Every passing day without abrupt change in New York boils the blood of cannabis advocates and breaks the hearts of countless supporters.

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