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Dr. Julie Holland Speaks On CNN With Sanjay Gupta About The Merits Of Medical Marijuana


Below is video of Dr. Julie Holland talking on CNN with Sanjay Gupta about the benefits of medical marijuana. Dr. Julie Holland is the author of the book The Pot Book: A Complete Guide To Cannabis.


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Johnny Green


  1. In my experience, eating cannabis increases the lethargic effects. A vaporizer on the other hand, seems to increase the ‘high’ but you’re awake and use less!

  2. I’m pleased to see Dr. Gupta reversing his opinion on cannabis as medicine. I’ve watched this esteemed physician attempting to refute cannabis as a viable alternative to dangerous and fatal prescription drugs… for years.

    It’s relieving to hear him tout the benefits of medical cannabis… finally.

    Whether vaporizing cannabis or eating it, cannabis consumption is benign in nature while being vastly superior to pharmaceuticals and their ghastly side effects.


    Cannabis and the wealth of other cannabinoids are better use when cannabis is consumed orally and digested via the gastrointestinal track. Some, if not many, of the medicinal benefits are only available when cannabis is eaten (even juicing the leaves and stems of fresh female and male plants contain a wealth of live nutrients and medicines – no psychoactive effects).

    Yes, there are some tricks to make THC and other desirable active constituents viable, but it’s not that difficult (heating in oil, tinctures made with alcohol). You may want to eat your edibles on an empty stomach to speed up absorption, as well as, taking some cayenne pepper with your edibles can increase absorption and increase circulation there by increasing what you may refer to as potency.

    Smoking cannabis is a waste (over 50% of the inhaled smoke is wasted) compared to eating cannabis. It may take a little longer to feel the effects , but your beloved psychoactive effects last much longer.

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