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Drug Policy Alliance Schools Ex-Drug Czar On Fox News


Drug testing people to qualify them for welfare benefits has been a hot topic in recent years. Fox News tries to cover the topic early and often. In rare instances, Fox News allows people on their shows to argue against drug testing for welfare recipients. That happened recently when the Drug Policy Alliance’s Sharda Sekaran debated Ex-Drug Czar John Walters on Fox and Friends. Below is the video:


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  1. Im living in colorado. funny thing about legal weed is it is priced so high that it is still cheaper to buy from the mexican cartel, Dispensary,$600 per oz plus 35% tax, on the street corner, $150 oz no tax. Caregivers can supply marijuana to us at $150 an oz also. So what is the agreement between the USA goverment and mexico? The cost to grow 1 plant indoors is about (clones) $40 per 112 grams (1/4 lb) thats about $10 an oz, do the math we are F’ ed at every legal turn. Im 59 and have smoked from the time I was 22. Make it legal dont make it legal that doesn’t make a sh=t to us smokers, Fact is you cant stop us. We are declaring a Victory on the war on drugs, one more loss to another pathetic war waged by the goverment.

  2. Wow Walters where do you get off saying that …..

    Most meth and hard core drug addicts won’t waste their money on weed, not enough kick ….

    And when was the last time you heard of two guys smoking weed and then punching each other out or going out and robbing or killing someone …. Most weed users stay home and slide into the couch and watch a movie or at very least, like myself, chill out for a little and then back at it until bedtime and the sweetheart and I will enjoy before bed, we sleep good and NO hangover!

  3. A sign of lieing is stuttering…….Listen to rascist black hating John Walters says………His biggest lie is saying people get ADDICTED from weed……..I think he is addicted to young boy cock

  4. I can’t believe he said SHE was living in the last century concerning cannabis attitudes amongst the American people. Just shows how OUT OF TOUCH, Fox news is with their new segment “Going to Pot”. I’ve torn them up SO many times over this issue.

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