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Drug-Testing Biz Partner DuPont Says Marijuana Led To Boston Bombings


Urine SampleThe bombings that took place in Boston were a heinous crime carried out by the Tsarnaev Brothers that killed and maimed American citizens.  It seems the older brother had become radicalized in his hatred of US foreign policy and his younger brother, called Jahar, seemed to be along for the ride.  How anyone could wreak such havoc and destruction is beyond the ability of most Americans to comprehend.

Unless you’re Robert L. DuPont, one of the principles in the firm Bensinger, DuPont & Associates, which is a major purveyor of drug testing management in America.  Then the reason for the terror is clear: marijuana. Writing for U-T San Diego, DuPont explains how marijuana turned a bright young student into a terrorist.

One of the most striking and consistent observations about Dzhokhar, or Jahar as he was commonly known to his friends, was that he was a normal college kid. Evidence of his normality was his heavy marijuana use as a party boy.

Less recognized among his friends was the academic trajectory of Jahar in college, including receiving failing grades over three consecutive semesters.

While Jahar’s marijuana use did not directly make him a terrorist, it closed the door to his dreams of being an engineer or physician and it opened the door to his suicidal violence.

DuPont laments the “endemic” use of marijuana in America’s colleges and the inflated rates of drop-out in America’s high schools (actual tables available at RadicalRuss.com).  I thought it might be fun to look those figures up and compare:

Year High School Dropout Rate (Overall) High School Dropout Rate (Black) 12-17 Monthly Marijuana Use College Graduation Rates 18-25 Monthly Marijuana Use
1979 no data no data 16.8% no data 35.3%
1985 no data no data 11.9% no data 21.9%
1991 12.1% (1990) 13.2% (1990) 4.3% no data 13.0%
1997 11.8% (1998) 13.8% (1998) 9.4% 33.7% (1996) 12.8%
2003 9.9% 10.9% 8.0% 36.7% 17.2%
2009 8.1% 9.3% 7.2% no data 18.6%

So it would seem that we had the most teens dropping out of school in 1991, the same year we had the least proportion of teens smoking pot regularly.  Now that pot smoking is at less than half what it was in 1979, we have the fewest kids dropping out of school.  And while the Dept. of Education didn’t have much for me on undergraduate degree completion, it does look like pot smoking among college kids increased from 12.8% to 17.2%, and the graduation rate increased by three points.

Naturally, DuPont has the solution to preventing the next marijuana-dropout-terrorist…

What if Jahar had been required to take drug tests to obtain and maintain a driver’s license? Might he have changed his behavior if faced with real and immediate certain consequences for his drug use? What about the tens of thousands of kids nationwide who are caught in similar drug-induced downward spirals? New technologies make minimally intrusive drug testing part of a practical approach to preventing and identifying drug problems early. Can our society afford to ignore the measures that are available to encourage young people to find positive drug-free directions for their lives?


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Executive Director: Russ Belville has been active in Oregon marijuana reform since 2005, when he was elected second-in-command of the state affiliate, Oregon NORML. After four years with Oregon NORML, Russ was hired by National NORML in 2009, working as Outreach Coordinator and hosting the NORML Daily Audio Stash podcast until 2012. Since then, Russ launched the 420RADIO marijuana legalization network and is the host of The Russ Belville Show, a live daily marijuana news talk radio program. Russ is also a prolific writer, with over 300 articles posted online and in print in HIGH TIMES, Huffington Post, Alternet, The Weed Blog, Marijuana Politics, and more.


  1. Chris Furney on

    People dont realize- Robert Dupont feels JUSTIFIED in poisoning and innocent American kid solely because he smokes marijuana. That animal thinks that kid should die. And if you give him the chance or let him near you, he’ll feel perfectly justified in killing YOU, too. “War Criminal” fits exactly. If Chemical Ali had murdered a thousand innocent American kids like DuPont has, we’d burn down his country. This monster does it and gets treated other than the murderer of innocent children that he is. By those who don’t remember, anyway.

  2. Chris Furney on

    Paraquat Bob is at it again, huh? How many more people are we going to let him murder with his lies and his poisons? War Criminal. Chemical Ali.

  3. Michelle Travis Le Favor on

    ROFFLMFAO@Dupont …wondering if he realizes there is no such thing as “REFER MADNESS” his ancestors made it up to scare people so dupont and Wherehauser could monopolize the chemical and lumber buisness. LMAO this dupont sounds more like Fred Phelps.

  4. Isaac Curtis on

    Considering all the cellular death and environmental destruction DuPont Chemicals has given the world….

  5. It’s true, smoking weed caused these guys to become radicalized, bomb-building Muslims. In fact, Pearl Harbor and even Fort Sumter were probably caused by cannabis-crazed fanatics. As anyone who smokes occasionally knows, this stuff makes you want to go out with your trusty MAC 9 or Stinger missile and mow down a bunch of law-abiding Americans (or drive through the nearest Wendy’s for a bacon cheeseburger and a chocolate shake – either way, it’s a tragedy).

  6. In fact… the only drug that keeps me from just going off and killing my enemies is Pot. Its the only peaceful drug, I am a happily peaceful person looking for something funny to watch when I am high. Shit I have gone to work high and done a better fucking job then if I had not been high. Booze is a violent drug, least for me, I never know what to expect when I drink, I no longer drink but when I did, I could do anything bad or good you just could never predict, plus alcohol is way worse for your body than cannabis. Cannabis is much more healthy and less harsh for you than booze. I start thinking about the people that have ultra fucked me over thus far in life and start fantasizing about torturing and killing them, I know if I smoke a little I will be find and I do and yes, I am all good. Had I drank booze, you just never know I might get in the car and drive to their house and fucking beat them with a hammer… and that is legal, booze is bad for bi polar…bad, but its legal cuz the bar league has all the fucking people with pull in their back pockets. I know some dip shits would speculate that OMG ITS THE DRUG WITHDRAW MAKING YOU THINK THAT WAY YOU WOULD NEVER HAVE THOUGHT TO THINK THAT WAY HAD YOU NEVER EVER TOUCHED THE SHIT IN THE FIRST PLACE! BULLSHIT!!! There are no harsh withdraw symptoms with pot, no fucking big deal to go a couple days without it. Might be cranky but that’s all and its medically proven time and time again! Besides, my thoughts have been the same since I was a kid!!! So really it was a favor to the world that I started smoking the shit, had I never started I know I would have a bunch of dead motherfuckers by the hands of me…That evil fucking cannabis, makes killers yeah right maybe people making killer shit to munch on. We come up with the best fucking foods and deserts in our house here when were stoned.

  7. Aren’t graduation rates rising along with the Cannabis usage statistics or am I reading that graph wrong? Analyzing the numbers gives you the impression that Cannabis usage motivates pupils and students to stay in school and graduate successfully. Any kind of drug usage is bad in a way, but I can make up shit stories like this every day, by example, linking Muslims with higher possibility of doing mass murder to prove a religious point or idea.

  8. how fucking retarded. He probably smokes pot himself and fucking sits around being a hypocrite all day long. This guy probably does cocaine… would not surprise me. All these fucktards profit from pot heads… its a harmless natural plant easier than tobacco to grow. If Pot was legal that would 86 one of the panels of the drug test and most people using such “illegal’ drugs usually smoke pot. He would lose money if pot were legal everywhere thats why he talks fucking bullshit

  9. Mr. DuPont & his partner, Mr. Peter Bensinger (former head of DEA & Illinois D.O.C.) make their riches off a failed drug war. Their company promotes and propagates drug-free work place programs, of course it is in their best interest to keep as many substances ILLEGAL as possible~~it’s THEIR business. They are stuck in the “reefer madness” mentality. At a recent conference entitles “the truth & consequences of marijuana as medicine” they attempted to convince legislators & statewide police chiefs of the evils on MedCann, after getting ill during intermission (non-medicating & smell of chicago style deep dish did me in) Mr Bensinger asked me what i thought of his two Doctors presentations, i told him” if your two Drs were MY doctors, I’d be dead by now~~left him stunned, lol

  10. All I will say is if anyone doesn’t see this as a money grab they’re too uninformed to make their own decision, unless Dupont is willing to admit to high treason, conspiracy to mass murder and terrorism AS A CORPORATION for getting the tsarnaev brothers high as an experiment and they went insane(which would make their theory antecdotal speculation). it stands to reason for even the most simple minded voter that this is merely slander on a plant they’re so afraid of because it will be a cost to adjustment to supply the increased demand, its all about money….. stop me if I’m not making sense

  11. How can someone that educated be such a fkn lying, selfish, asshole? It’s a pity some will think he’s telling the truth when it’s all about him lining his pockets imho…

  12. Fallibilist on

    It wasn’t a strain of weed that caused Tsarnaev to plan and execute his homicidal bombing attack. It was a strain of radical Political Islam that motivated his cowardly and murderous attack on peaceable innocents (including an 8-year old).

    The craven and idiotic DuPont is making an argument for “guilt by association” that is at once both tenuous and tendentious. If he wants to go the cause(s) of terrorism, he would do better to do large-n statistical studies. He’ll find a lot more to do with Political Islam and military intervention and literally nothing to do with Cannabis Sativa.

    Du Pont probably isn’t an idiot–but he definitely thinks the American people are easy to fool. Will we fall for it?

  13. All pharma’s are made by oil based technologies… just like paint and all the other chemicals dupont makes… Dupont doesn’t want people to know, the kid wouldn’t of went crazy if the government and lack of privacy wouldn’t of made him suicidal… so lets blame the weed instead of the drug testing and unfair treatment of people and unfair policies… obviously its the thing that makes you feel good, that is the problem… not the thing that made you suicidal in the first place, according to dupont. This isn’t the chicken and the egg… regardless of which came first, if you fry all the eggs there wont be anymore chicken.

  14. DuPont does not want you to smoke weed they have their hands in big pharma and want you on prescription meds. Same as when they were a name leader in the original Reffer Madness!!!!!

  15. stellarvoyager on

    I know plenty of regular cannabis users who went on to earn advanced degrees in physics, math, engineering, computer science, and many other fields. And they excel at what they do.

  16. that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. Once again the DuPont family is causing “reefer madness”. They are afraid of losing money as legalizing marijuana is on the rise. They are grasping at straws and are blaming marijuana of this horrible crime. I am horrified to think this huge company can once again throw their weight around and try and deceive the American public.

  17. Cyrus Palmer on

    That’s an incredibly duchey move. Trying to use a national tragedy to push their product and strip us of more freedoms.

  18. I guess this is what to expect from the Nazi War Profiteers… see I.G. Farben!

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