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Drug Use in Pop Culture Infographic


Drug Use in Pop Culture

It’s hard to glance at a magazine cover in the grocery store without seeing a headline about so-and-so celebrity in rehab. You also hear references to alcohol or drugs in popular music, even if now you don’t even notice. Are these references really as prevalent as we think? Look at where substance references are popping up, as well as public figures on drugs, who we’ve lost to substance abuse, and how our youth may be impacted.

Drug Use in Pop Culture Infographic
Via: Rehab International


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  1. Lumping marijuana in with the hard drugs is a prohibitionist deception designed to cloud the issue and cast the harms of the hard drugs onto marijuana.   FBI statistics show 80 percent of all “illegal” drug sales if of marijuana.
    It is not a war on “drugs.”  It’s a war on marijuana consumers.  The issue is not “drug” policy. It’s marijuana policy.Marijuana is also radically different from the other “illegal” drugs.

    Every major government commission on marijuana concluded it is not addictive and is FAR less harmful than alcohol.  NO ONE has ever died from consuming marijuana.  That makes it safer than aspirin, coffee, and peanuts!

    It is therefore criminal to force people who like to alter their consciousness to consume dangerous, very damaging alcohol instead. – Let’s not let the persecutors talk about “drugs” any longer.  It’s marijuana policy we are fighting over.

    No one thought it was necessary to discuss opium when we were ending the miserable failure of alcohol prohibition.

  2. As noted by others, Jim Belushi is alive and well, not an overdose victim.

    I pointed this out to the creators of this infographic early this morning, and they neglected to make it right.

  3. It’s all so scary! Especially the part about Jim Belushi – dead - I didn’t even know he was sick!
    More people die from Propaganda – than marijuana.

  4. Klaus Vorman on

    Mistake in High profile overdoses section: John Belushi died from coke and herion. Jim Belushi less talented brother.

    Apparently this info graphic  did not proof read. titties

  5. Some of my best memories of my childhood occurred when my mom or stepdad smoked pot, so I highly resent the idea that kids “deal with” use of so-called “drugs” at home.  I didn’t deal with anything; it made our family happier.

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