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Drugged Driving Laws Throughout The United States Infographic


Does Your State Have Per Se Or Zero Tolerance Drugged Driving Laws?

In my home state of Oregon, we don’t have any per se or zero tolerance drugged driving laws thank goodness. If a person is impaired, they should not be driving. But if someone is fully sober, yet has trace amounts of drugs in their system, I don’t see the point in arbitrary per se laws…But then again, those making money off of prohibition obviously feel differently.

Drugged Driving (DUID) and Medical Marijuana Laws Across the U.S.
Source: Law Offices of Daniel R. Rosen.


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  1. concidering thc stays in the system 30days., I gota believe that our hiughways should be clear, and productivity should be ata an all time low. nobody can drive so nothing gets done. Sure, that makes sense…NOT

  2. Yes, but that still doesn’t stop all of those states from pulling people over for no reason and claiming a smell of marijuana and getting almost the same result. Even if you haven’t used it, just having it is enough. Have too much and you’re a drug dealer. While I still think the limits are ridiculous, at least people who are legally driving are fairly unlikely to be near the limit they set and won’t get arrested for simply carrying their medication on them, which is not the current case.

    Per se limit in mmj states= You get pulled over because you were “profiled”, tested, and have a high chance of passing.

    Current law in most states= You get pulled over, cop says he smells marijuana, proceeds to rip apart your car. Two results – you don’t have any on you and they say “Oh well” and you have to waste a ton of time and money to fight it, or you get arrested for even having a dirty ash tray/cup holder with some in it.

    I would rather support legalizing it for the people who need it and giving them an actual defense decided by science in court. It would also open up more subject availability for the research studies to determine proper measurements which are difficult to get currently.

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