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Dumanis Continues Medical Marijuana Raids While Court Of Appeals Tells Her She Is Wrong


bonnie dumanis san diego district attorneySan Diego District Attorney Is Ordering Raids At The Same Time The Court System Is Saying It’s Wrong

By Eugene Davidovich, San Diego Americans for Safe Access

SAN DIEGO – Wednesday, October 24 a dozen armed, masked NTF agents stormed Next Generation, a legal medical marijuana collective located onSan Ysidro Blvd. inSan Diego.

The raid came just hours after the Court of Appeal for the Fourth Appellate District reversed Jovan Jackson’s conviction. In that case, Jackson was operating a collective in San Diego which was raided by the same NTF team. Following a year long trial, Jackson was acquitted by a jury of his peers. Refusing to accept the jury’s decision, San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis’ office raided Jackson’s collective a second time and re-filed all the charges.

This time Dumanis managed to get the case in front of Judge Shore, a vocal opponent of medical marijuana, who promptly denied Jackson a defense in state court. Without a defense or the ability to rely on state law allowing for collectives and cooperatives, the second jury convicted Jackson.

The decision to deny Jackson a defense drew outrage from the community and the attorneys in the case. Americans for Safe Access, the nations leading medical marijuana advocacy group, picked the case up on appeal and has spearheaded the effort to reverse the conviction since.

Less than two weeks after oral arguments were heard on Wednesday, shortly before the raid on Next Generation was executed, a unanimous decision was published by the court. The court of appeals reversed Jackson’s conviction and affirmed the legality of dispensaries. The narrow definition espoused by the Dumanis’ office that all patients must somehow be part of growing the actual plant for the dispensary to be legal under state law, was completely thrown out.

The raid on Next Generation was clearly a retaliatory attack against the community.

Without warning at 2:00pm on Wednesday masked gunmen rushed in with guns drawn, threw patients on the floor, confiscated medicine, the collective’s money, medical records, and anything else they could find of value. Not a single person was arrested at the raid, clearly proving the force used during the raid as excessive and unnecessary.

Minutes after the raid started, the San Diego ASA raid response team was on the scene with a bullhorn, protest signs, and a camera.

Watch the video to see what happened next:


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  1. J Jackson is a Vet , B. Dumanis is tyrant . People who served a nation in

    the military deserve better.

    This action by Prohibitionist is about as Un-American as you can get.

    The people in Ca and 17 other sates have clearly Voted for safe access

    to cannabis and BD has made a point to undermind prop 215.

    Cannabis is a miracle drug for PTSD .

    Veterans can benefit the most from this plant.

    To quote A Dr. “the ability to forget ” is one of the most healing treatments in the world.

    Vets should be in charge of the distribution Medical Cannabis. Jobs for Vets!

    I know that is a pipe dream , but why not?

  2. We are a Government by the people and for the people United we stand divided we fall. This is our right to answer to our conscience of what is right and what is wrong. Where are those who treasure freedom and gifted to understand The Constitution of the United States and the Liberties that Almighty God has given to us whether you recognize it or not. Or must we loose them, are you fighting for the pot or the right to choose. Return your Dr. Recommendation, your StateID. The pot belongs to them. They need your business.

  3. Dunamis, that is a Greek word . Meaning power your responsibility is to know what kind of power is being spoken of.

  4. really gets my blood boiling! These raids are raids on patients not criminals.
    Tyranny at its finest

  5. Ky Vet for Medical MJ on

    This is a woman out of control. She needs to be replaced. What ever happened to double jeopardy? You can be acquitted of murder and never retried but you can be tried over and over for cannabis.

  6. It’s NOT just Dumanis… Look at the JUDGE who in State Court REFUSED the guy’s AFFIRMATIVE defense, that IS State law. We NEED people in office who RESPECT the people, not PROGRESSIVES. NOT DEMOCRATS, NOT REPUBLICANS, but people who RESPECT the LAWS of the people! We need to bring Federal Statutes in lunge with State status regarding drug policy

  7. nygratefulfred on

    what is wrong with people like Dumanis?are they so wrapped up in special interests they ignore the courts and the will of the people?Time to vote out all the anti progressives and only vote for pro legalization candidates.

  8. IN THE SONG SYMATHY FOR THE DEVIL,IS A VERSE THAT SAYS EVERY COP IS A CRIMINAL, has anyone looked up laws made by a president whom was impeach by our legal system(NIXON)to see if any laws passed by such an offender of the United States,and its citizens holds a grain of salt,i know dupont like what nixon did for him,AMERICA is the monkey in the middle CANADA,HAS LEGAL MMJ,AND MEXICO WILL LEGALIZE IT.our poor misguided DOJ ,IS TRYING TO HANG ON TO THEIR CASH COW BEFORE IT FINDS THE LOCO WEED lol just saying

  9. It is amazing, 100% legal, following all the laws, dontaing almost 2 million a year to the city of San Ysidro. Paying State, Federal Taxes, and all the legal bribe crap to State, being on top of everything, doing weekly street clean ups, getting rid of drug dealers who may give you want you want, or shoot you and take you Wallet..

    They provide safe Access to customers who are all 100% legal,

    Take money away from Mexican Mafia which is taking over San Diego by Storm.
    Funding as they say, Terrorism..

    they would rather grow that business, then a business that is actually helping the community in a really bad time. How many business’s are doing well in San Ysidro? I would say, 10%. and 90% going under, or just getting by..

    They need to be investigated! Not the Legal Pot shops!

    Guns drawn? Tackling Medical Patents to the floor wearing masks?

    Who are the terrorists here?

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