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Hear Federal Representative Earl Blumenauer Speak At The Cannabis Creative Conference


Earl Blumenauer marijuanaI have long admired United States Representative Earl Blumenauer. I am a lifelong Oregonian, and since 1996 I have been very proud to say, and even brag, that Earl Blumenauer is from Oregon. You will be hard pressed to find a federal politician that has stood up for the marijuana community as much as Earl Blumenauer has over the years, which is why I gave him back to back ‘Politician of the Year’ awards for the annual Weed Blog awards (started in 2013).

I remember when Jay Smoker got to go to the NORML annual conference in 2010 and got to hear Earl Blumenauer speak. I was so jealous at the time, but we were only given one ticket to cover the event, and I had to work that day, so Jay got to attend. If there was one thing that I can remember Jay talking about after the event, it’s how support Earl Blumenauer was of the marijuana reform movement. Keep in mind, this is back in 2010, when almost all federal politicians would not even whisper the word marijuana, let alone publicly support reform.

Since then Earl Blumenauer has led the charge in Washington D.C. for marijuana reform. He has pushed for medical marijuana for veterans, 280e reform, marijuana banking, hemp, fought for legalization in Oregon, urged the feds to not interfere with states that have legalized medical and/or recreational marijuana, and has been at the forefront of just about every other reform effort on Capital Hill. He is a true champion of the marijuana movement, and I can’t thank him enough for what he has done over the years.

Earl Blumenauer will be speaking at the Cannabis Creative Conference, which is taking place in Portland, Oregon on July 29th and 30th, via a video presentation. I have to work those days, so I won’t be in attendance, but the rest of the TWB team should be in attendance. I know all of them are pumped up for the event, and are particularly excited to hear what Earl has to say. Below is more about Earl Blumenauer, courtesy of the event’s website:

A lifelong resident of Portland, Oregon, Congressman Earl Blumenauer (OR-3) has devoted his entire career to public service.   Elected to the US House of Representatives in 1996, Mr. Blumenauer has created a unique role as Congress’ chief spokesperson for Livable Communities: places where people are safe, healthy and economically secure.  From 1996 to 2007, he served on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, where he was a strong advocate for federal policies that address transportation alternatives, provide housing choices, support sustainable economies and improve the environment. He was a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee from 2001 to 2007, and vice-chair of the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming from 2007 to 2010.  He is currently a member of the Ways and Means Committee and the subcommittees on Health, Social Security and Trade.

You can find out more about the Cannabis Creative Conference from their website, on Facebook, and on Twitter. The event is much more affordable than other industry events, which is something that I love to see. If you are serious about the marijuana industry, you should attend. Whether you have been in the industry for years, or are exploring the industry to see if it’s a good fit for you, you should get your tickets quickly before the sell out.


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  1. Kathleen Chippi on

    AFTER THE WAR – Polis, Blumenauer cannabis bills

    Let’s pause and think for hopefully more than a second: Its common knowledge that Hitler waged WAR on a people based on prejudice and lies. Instead of charging the Nazi’s for WAR CRIMES, after the WAR, should the Nazi WAR perpetrators have been given the power to ‘liberate’ and tax the Jews at their discretion, proceeds to the Nazi’s?

    AFTER the WAR would the rest of the world have found it acceptable for the Nazi’s to be able to:

    1. Require the Jews exist ONLY if they paid the Nazi’s for a federal ‘license’ and were put on a list in a national criminal database?
    2. Ban Jews from transporting kosher food over a state border, sharing any kosher food with anyone or practicing any Judaism in a state other than their residence?
    3. Ban kosher products that are not purchased prepackaged and sold by nationally licensed businesses?
    4. Ban Jews from vegetable gardening or animal husbandry?
    5. Tax the Jews $500/$1,000 yearly if they want employment/ownership in a Jewish business?
    6. Ban kosher food consumption outside private homes?
    7. Ban Jews who were imprisoned during the WAR (that was based on prejudice and LIES) for 5 years from applying for a Nazi issued Jewish/kosher business or employment license?
    8. Ban Jews who were not imprisoned during the WAR (that was based on prejudice and LIES) for 3 years from applying for a Nazi issued Jewish/kosher business or employment license?
    9. Ban the right to a jury trial by changing from the criminal justice system, where people are innocent until proven guilty, to administrative law where everyone is guilty and pays fines?
    10. Tax anything Jewish/kosher at 25-50%, proceeds to the Nazi’s?

    Of course excessive taxation would be necessary to maintain the cost of the new Nazi bureaucracies that would become necessary to police the now ‘legal’ Jews.

    This all hopefully sounds Orwellian, outrageous and even inhumane. And of course “we the people” would have never let the Jews be treated this way by the Nazi’s AFTER the WAR.

    Yet somehow Democrats Jared Polis and Earl Blumenauer have submitted federal cannabis ‘legalization’ language that, if passed, includes every one of the un-American prohibitions listed above.

    If you haven’t read the new federal bills, just substitute the words cannabis, cannabis users or cannabis cultivation anywhere above where it says Judaism, Jew, Jewish or kosher food or vegetables. Substitute the American Government for Nazi’s. Talk about a knockout punch from the ‘democrats’.

    No American should be abused this way and no American should think this abuse is acceptable. Where is the disconnect?

    Why would Americans be required to get a ‘license’ to grow the safest therapeutic substance known to man from the PERPETRATORS of this 78 year CIVIL WAR on “we the people” that was/is based on LIES, prejudices and greed and has ruined the lives of tens of
    millions of Americans? If prosecution was what the Nazi WAR perpetrators deserved, why would “we the people” instead do a 180 and allow the US government to control and benefit in any way off of their 78 year CIVIL WAR on Americans? And why is it considered
    radical to prosecute WAR CRIMINALS for their WAR CRIMES?

    After the WAR, why would people with cannabis misdemeanors and felonies be punished (a second time) by being banned from participating in “lawful” cannabis licensure for 3-5 years when ALL other drug felons (meth, crack, heroin, cocaine), murderers, rapists, pedophiles and violent offenders can? What happened to ‘equal treatment’ under the law?

    What happened to medical cannabis? It sure seems the omission of medicinal cannabis, caregivers and patients reflects intent of the
    federal government to continue to deny medicinal value, science and over 8,000 recorded years of human use. Why would Jared Polis write federal laws that are completely contrary to and that override state laws? Why would Jared Polis take away Americans right to a jury trial?

    Why are democrats pushing the continued prejudiced persecution and over-regulation of the safest therapeutic substance known to man MORE stringently than regulation of the plutonium at Rocky Flats, fracking fluid, oil and gas pollutants in our soil/ground water, GMO’s on our dinner plates, mercury in our teeth and light bulbs, fluoride in our toothpaste or water that catches fire?

    I always thought gays understood prejudiced persecution. One would think openly gay congressman Polis would have considered the inhumanity and the hypocrisy his federal bill to ‘legalize’ cannabis is.

    Should gays who existed when homosexuality was in the DSM3 (wrongfully listed as a mental illness) be treated with any less right than gays in 2015? Should gays who came out prior legal gay marriage be banned from now legal gay marriage for 3-5 years? Should gays who work/own businesses pay the feds a $500/$1,000 tax? Should gays be required to list themselves in a national criminal database?

    Fortunately for politicians, most people don’t read or comprehend more than 140 characters so they are celebrating what they believe
    is a possible end to the WAR on “we the people”, the longest WAR in the history of the US. In reality….new inhumane, catch 22 federal abuses look like they have only just begun.

    If this is where Americans fix things and end the 78 year CIVIL WAR based on prejudices and LIES and it came from an openly gay congressman, good luck to us. The WAR on “we the people” (cannabis), brought to you by Big Government, Big Business and Big Media Propaganda, profiting for the last 78 years….and planning on continuing to do so for decades to come…

    The perpetrators of this 78 year crime/WAR on Americans and people across the world need to be charged for their incalculable HARMS to humans, not profiting further off them. “Legalize like tomatoes” because science, sanity, humanity and over 8,000 years of recorded human use require it.

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